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  1. Some insight into the airport I came across today.
  2. Gentileking

    Midtowne Little Rock

    That would be disappointing. I am crossing my fingers for something new to the market but I never hold my breath. I keep hoping for a Trader Joe's but I know that's a pipe dream.
  3. Gentileking

    The River Market

    I agree, I think our skyline has aged okay, I think we have gotten so used to seeing new buildings being all glass (see Stephens) and it does look nice and modern. I wholly agree with the Memphis skyline, every time I drive through there I can't help but think how old and ugly (I think) the skyline is. My wife is from Tennessee so I get to see it quite often.
  4. Has anyone been through LIT recently? Just curious how the concourse/gate renovations are coming along, I know they started back in October.
  5. Gentileking

    The River Market

    Would be nice to see a new office tower downtown, however unlikely that may be. I could see Simmons waiting to build when they finally move all their operations from Pine Bluff to LR.
  6. Gentileking

    Midtowne Little Rock

    Right behind the walgreens up on the little hill. I haven't driven up there to see how big the lot actually is but that's where it's going.
  7. Gentileking

    Midtowne Little Rock

    I have been told the Dairy Queen is still a go and will be open by April.
  8. Gentileking

    Little Rock Growth

    Thanks for the link, some interesting data there, will be nice to break the 750k barrier in the next couple years. Looks like NWA continues to be one of the fastest projected growing metros in the nation.
  9. Gentileking

    West Little Rock

    They closed and remodeled it several months ago and it's now just a Taco Bell.
  10. Gentileking

    The River Market

    Agreed, I don't see any chance an In N Out comes to Central Arkansas, especially before the metro even has a Whataburger.
  11. That is a lot of potentially exciting developments and current developments. Will be fun to see which ones come to fruition over the next year.
  12. Gentileking

    Broadway Bridge to be replaced

    Thanks for the pics Skirby! My office faces away from the bridge so I don't get to watch it go up although I do get to witness those steel beams being driven down Broadway and man are they massive!
  13. Gentileking

    Broadway Bridge to be replaced

    I have to assume there will be some type of lighting in order to match what all the other bridges have.
  14. Nice to see some of the projects were completed and to see additional ones underway; are the K Lofts/Main St held up due to all the shenanigans that have been going on? Doesn't seem that it would be due to lack of demand with all the other projects being developed. I am still disappointed the Aloft never got off the ground, would have been a nice addition to the downtown area.
  15. Gentileking

    Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    There was supposed to be a Movie Tavern going in behind the mall, construction was scheduled to start in 2016 but that is looking unlikely. I searched as best I could and found nothing other than the original announcements back in January. I looked on their website through press releases but it mostly seems to be when locations were opening/renovated. I don't know if anyone else has heard anything recently.