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  1. Crown

    Charlotte Off Topic

    This was surprising, but sounds like they are on the road to rectifying the issue. Owner calls it a "misunderstanding" Charlotte restaurateur racks up $360K in tax liens, says payments made Several Charlotte restaurants owned by Deedee Mills face numerous federal and state tax liens. The Mayobird, The Summit Room — both at 1531 East Blvd.— along with The Packhouse at 500 E. Morehead owe nearly $360,000 total in unpaid taxes, according to state and federal public records. That breaks down to $196,551 in federal tax liens against The Packhouse LLC and The Mayobird LLC. Mills says she has been in communication with state and federal officials and a plan addressing those liens is in place. "It was a misunderstanding," Mills says. "When it was brought to my attention, it was immediately on the road to being rectified."
  2. Crown

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Per the Agenda Kickstand Burgers in Plaza Midwood is a goner. On a similar thread, I'm surprised Pint Central has hung on as long as it has. If there was a restaurant death pool, it would be my next bet.
  3. Crown

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    They had a long history of berating their customers. Good Riddance.
  4. Crown

    Good New Restaurants

    Just going to pop in and say that Sweet Lew's in Belmont is creepin' up the charts for best BBQ in Charlotte. If y'all haven't had the chance to stop by, I highly recommend it. The owner is there day in and day out working his a** off and is cranking out a top notch quality product. Love that they just season the pork itself and let you choose your own sauces. Tried them all and the White BBQ (for chicken but i'd put it on everything) stood out to me. They have rotating daily specials including Turkey Tuesdays / Hash Wednesday / Sausage Saturday and Fried Chicken on Sundays. Get the banana pudding. They are doing a brunch now too, so if BBQ Brisket Burritos are your thing you can get that from 10:30 on. Go try it and tell me it's not some of the best BBQ you've had in Charlotte. I'm going back to try the chicken this weekend.
  5. Crown

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Can someone recommend where to find monthly ridership numbers?
  6. Saw some clean up going on again inside the JLC - anyone got the scoop?
  7. Anyone know why the old twenty-two gallery/art space under soul has remained dark for so long?
  8. National coworking group signs on at new building in west Charlotte Another national coworking group has signed on to open its first office in Charlotte. Serendipity Labs, based in Rye, New York, is leasing 22,694 square feet at The Refinery, a new office building under construction immediately west of uptown Charlotte. Serendipity is the first tenant to sign on at the five-story, 109,060-square-foot building, which is on track for delivery in January. The Serendipity Labs franchise at The Refinery will include team rooms for up to 80 employees, shared offices, dedicated desks, coworking and day passes, and swing space. Offices include private rooms, wellness rooms, a work lounge and studios with full A/V capabilities.
  9. Crown

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    the liberty has closed in blakeney
  10. Crown

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News Wework inks deal at first citizens
  11. Crown

    Good New Restaurants

    on a scale of 1-10 busy how bad was it? Was thinking about swinging by there at 5pm for some nachos.
  12. Crown

    Wesley Heights Projects

    more refinery
  13. Crown

    Good New Restaurants

    Unreasonably excited for this. I love the roberts st. location in asheville. hope they are ready for BIG crowds here, as we all know charlotte loves "new". Taco boy.... where you at?
  14. Crown

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Does anyone know if there has been any updates on this story? checked all the facebooks to no avail
  15. villani's bakery is moving into this spot on pecan