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  1. Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Does anyone know if there has been any updates on this story? checked all the facebooks to no avail
  2. villani's bakery is moving into this spot on pecan
  3. Good New Restaurants

    thought this was interesting. bang bang bites pivoting to original bang bang concept
  4. Mural on the side of The Nook apartments finally going in (Mat Moore)
  5. Refinery construction video
  6. Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    Not Laurel Market
  7. Southend Living

    besides hollar & dash - is there another restaurant / retailer going into the HT development? I can't seem to remember where I thought I saw it....
  8. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    crane up at 300 west summit .
  9. SouthPark Mall

    Brookstone is closing Brookstone, a specialty retailer that’s known for gadgets such as massage chairs and personal drones, filed for bankruptcy protection in April 2014 as pressure mounted from e-commerce and as customers began spending less on non-essential items. The company was purchased by a Chinese investment firm that summer.
  10. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    this is gold
  11. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Just curious if you've walked around PM or South End and seen it first hand? I'm genuinely curious to hear everyone's opinions. I'm all for increased mobility and Charlotte being more bike-friendly but the amount of bikes seems excessive compared to how many i've seen in use.
  12. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    From my balcony in Plaza Midwood I can see with my naked eye over 10 bikes. At least in this neighborhood, we have way more bikes than demand requires. At least for me, they have already become an eyesore.
  13. Carolina Panthers

    I'd be down for a "local" pool of investors including any of the following: Rick Elias, Smith Sons, Closes
  14. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Summit should have a crane in the next month or so
  15. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Has anyone heard further word on the openings of either of these two restaurants? Tandur Indian Bulla Gastro