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  1. Stoked for Ace #3 to take over boston market in myers park.
  2. There was a development in Elizabeth that had a bunch of huge stock lifestyle shots of people's faces and someone had blacked out a tooth one of the "models". It was just so subtle and perfect
  3. For me - Target, Nordstrom, and online shopping.
  4. Macy's has two Charlotte stores at SouthPark and Northlake -do we think they will both make the cut? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/04/macys-to-close-125-stores-sees-480-million-in-restructuring-costs-to-2000-corporate-jobs.html
  5. How does the Wegmen's footprint compare to earthfares?
  6. Organic grocery chain Earth Fare has begun closing its stores, including all of its Charlotte stores via @KatiePeralta on twitter. Employees found out this morning.
  7. Infinity's end going into the old JLC space...gotta wonder how long that lease is signed for
  8. Southpark has a Stuart Weitzman source: I love shoes.
  9. Whoops I went Thursday night, not over the weekend. Still trying to get a grip of what day it is after the holidays. Quite possible they had booze by the weekend.
  10. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/191623/peculiar-rabbit-has-closed-after-eight-years-in-plaza-midood/ All I want for 2020 is Rob Nixon to let go of this property
  11. The crowds at lost and found and pins are IMPRESSIVE. Maybe it's just the newest and hottest thing but these two places are where everyone wants to be in the 20-30 crowd. Literally half of my social feed was at Pins yesterday. Uptown is an afterthought.
  12. Went to white duck taco in belmont over the weekend. No booze yet. Tacos were good I had the Steak and the thai peanut and they were really delicious with double wrapped tortillas. Chips and queso was unremarkable. Still kind of feels like you're eating at the bottom of a storage facility.
  13. Signage was up for the chocolate shop next to candlebar this morning
  14. First wind cycling is out of their space ....anyone know who's taking it?
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