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  1. They spent like six dollars on deciding their name as 'Truist' so naturally they spent thirty dollars on the sign. It's not surprising. I think some good pranks could of been made with the picture too... "post presidential trump to have new 'Trump Tower' in Charlotte, NC."
  2. Eh, saw a wreck and was about to make another groaning post but look at dis! YYYYaaay.
  3. Turning right on Pegram street again to head home... just need to go two blocks. Guess a car was in a blind spot behind a truck on the inner lane, didn't see it at all when I turned. He swerves into my lane and again I wonder if I'm gonna be smacked from behind at 40. What's gonna happen first, me getting run over and killed or the road diet beginning?
  4. I still approve of the project even with the mediocre façade. I am in a 100% agreement. Just trying to push the developer to make a few changes. If not, then the battle is across the street with the proposed commercial building.
  5. Bruh, don't trigger me. The igits already are trying to build a 1,000,000$ home in Belmont. They built and sold a 700,000$ home a block from me. Blegh.
  6. Yup. The developer and architect need to remove elements on the facade. I think it looks better simplified. It's like the architect panics and tries to add as many colors and elevation changes as possible and it just back-fires. Less is More. I did this screwing around in photo-affinity, hopefully they can change a couple facade details. I care this much because it's a good missing middle project and then to hatchet the facade is like grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.
  7. Okay so I saw the facade to 2020-05 and I don't like it. It's not ugly, it's just really generic and I think Belmont deserves a little better. It looks appropriate for garden apartments farther from the core of the city than in a neighborhood like Belmont. Worse, it's the vanguard for the main-street that might be forming on Parkwood. The biggest problem is the roof, it's too large and throws the building's proportions off, especially on the multi-family section of the building. A flat roof is completely appropriate for a three-four story building. I also talked to some architects or folks with design backgrounds. There's too much visual clutter. One of the biggest secrets of architecture is that simplicity can look gorgeous. The developer might actually save a little money by reducing the details on the building and yet it will still look okay if not better. Finally, most developers screw up the brick portions of their apartment building. The brick detailing should have a consistent height across the facade. This tip given to me by a lovely architect. I'm not very good at affinityphoto but I'll show what a few small changes can do.
  8. mazman34340

    Charlotte Urban Studies

    Amateur drawings showing land-use, design patterns in the city of Charlotte.
  9. Harill Street and Pegram as well. It's 3,000 feet without a cross-walk.
  10. Cycled to area 15, cycled back home partly through the greenway then cut through Belmont. For the last short stretch from home I went on Parkwood. In that whopping 60 seconds on the road, a motorist some-how managed to perhaps not see me and blared it's horn at me from behind. For two seconds I thought I was gonna get crushed at 40 MPH. Then he passes me... not entirely sure what happened. City Council and CDOT have dragged their feet for too long.
  11. Honestly at this point, I don't care how controversial this is... Charlotte should really end single family zoning in this area. I mean no longer permitting the construction of a single family home on a single lot. It's just going to be a 600,000$+ house at this point. I've seen it too many times now, especially at corner lots. Smaller homes being scraped and what-ever replacing it. The first million dollar home listed in Belmont (Or about 980,000$) with a 5000$ mortgage. That's not the housing that Belmont needs. The good news at least is seeing some decent missing middle projects being proposed on Parkwood. It's urbanization and at least seems to be decent urbanization. The key is they are missing middle projects, like 20 units. So we don't have the honor then of hosting those 100+ unit TOD garbage apartment blocks. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Documents/Revised_Site_Plans/2020_005_SitePlanRev_2020_07_27.pdf It's a good site plan... all the developer has to do is hash out a decent facade.
  12. I've met some folks that tried to fight the river district. I see it as the last few thousand acres of intact forest. Granted it was farmland fifty years ago, but still. It's a forest. It follows the city's logic that all the hinterlands must be developed. The fight against it I guess was pretty one sided, too much money and interests. They get subsidies thrown at them, the city passing bonds to help bank the project. Infill snubbed at the same time. It represents everything that is wrong with land development to me. The suburban ponzi scheme.
  13. There was a nifty wooden detail over the front-door I wanted to grab. Don't know what they would call it. Probably removed by now.
  14. I couldn't get a definite answer if they were going to tear her down or not, scared me for a moment. They'll keep the building thank god. Sure, expand the building and modernize it.
  15. *SIGHS* I knew Belmont was going to explode. I know taxes were going to increase. I was mostly at peace with that.... BUT 400% on the lot! Call me naive, I feel the city definitely needs a tax boost. I just don't want the taxes to outright double.
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