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  1. I hope this is true, but I have a feeling it is the pizzeria that is on division out by 76th street. Any details?
  2. Is this the huge parking on the sw corner of Fulton & Market? Parking lot*
  3. I love this idea. It will add diversity and is something we definitely need in the city. I would definitely go with my significant other. Hopefully this works out. Thanks for the update.
  4. Because houseman field does not have a pro feel to it imo. Although it seats 10,000 it still does not have pro amenities like a more sophisticated scoreboard, video screen, concessions, etc. houseman field is more of a high school stadium for the most part.
  5. So we're going to make a stadium specifically for the usl at about 8,000 seats? Idk if it's just me, but that's not that exciting seeing that we are virtually building another minor league stadium/arena. But it's better than nothing..
  6. Hopefully the possibility if for a potential professional team not minor league. I have no idea how they would find space for something of that stature though.
  7. How many units and stories will this be?
  8. Does anyone know if this project is still slated to be 12 stories or has it topped out?
  9. I agree, a brick or stone facade would be more likely to satisfy the HPC imo. Can't wait to see the new renderings.
  10. An updated pic I took this morning from the women's health ramp..
  11. Although I believe that some concerts going between Chicago and Detroit will stop here because of the new venue, I realize that we are still a ways away. When I looked at Detroit, I realized that 20 Monroe Live will basically get the same concerts as the Fillmore in Detroit. But there will still be a gap because Detroit has many more venues like the Fox Theatre, Masonic Temple, the Palace, Joe Louis Arena, Ford Field, and Comerica Park and even Cobo. Motor City Casino even hosts big concerts Artists will still skip over gr because we do not have a specific venue that can hold for example 5
  12. I spent some time researching the other house of blues around the country including the fillmore in detroit which is operated by hob and live nation.. What I noticed is that they all for the most part have the same concerts booked (which may be obvious to some, but I just wanted to see). Idk if gr's will be the same with our ability to create a flex space, but time will tell. If they really go through with 20 Monroe live, then I believe the tower will follow suit with 20 Monroe tower..
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