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  1. injuredvan

    Coal fires?

    Bumping this topic in case anyone has an answer.
  2. injuredvan

    Coal fires?

    I'm very slowly putting together a map of underground (and, in some cases, above-ground) coal fires in Canada. In many cases, these are old coal mines that caught fire at some point and are still smoldering decades later, while in other cases, these are sites like long-burning slag heaps and natural sites of coal-seam smoldering (after lightning or spontaneous combustion, for example). In the United States, there is a government-maintained database called AMLIS that tracks these sites. Does anyone know if there's an equivalent national data set for Canada? I have so far pieced together a pretty good data set by talking with provincial officials and local geologists, but it seems odd that there wouldn't be a national way of tracking these things. As a secondary question, I would love to hear about others' experiences with these sites. You or a friend may have been to a place that I don't know about yet. Disclaimer: While these sites can be fascinating, I don't recommend visiting most of them without an official escort from a park service ranger or someone similar. Local police and rescue workers in most of these places have enough to deal with, without a bunch of curious tourists melting their shoes and asphyxiating themselves on coal fumes (among other dangers).