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  1. Definitely seems like something we shouldn't hold our breath on, unless more solid details are released. Do renderings like this usually serve a purpose outside of property speculation and resale value? Fingers crossed that this isn't "vaporware" like in the tech world, so does anyone have more information whether this is feasible by the developers who own this spot? Beyond what's already been said? Until more is known, I'd suggest keeping snarky complaining to where it isn't infectious.
  2. Believe it or not, but some people, even those in urbanized areas decide to have families and find devoting time to raising a family easier easier if they buy more than 3 days of groceries at a time. When that option is accessible for most in the area due to a combination of factors (i.e. not living in Manhattan, without a car), all will take it. That reality is likely far more important to nearly everyone than the subjective aesthetics of a small portion of said building.
  3. Kane is involved in 2 of the 4 projects you mentioned. If he's willing to compete against himself, there's likely very good reason. Optimistically he knows some things the general public doesn't. All recent office projects have filled up very quickly and people and companies moving here hasn't slowed in the 2010s, so demand should continue as it has.
  4. Why would anyone not in the hotel business assume they should get to have input on star classification of hotels? Even just theoretically that oozes arrogance. People with the money to create hotels, which are expensive no matter how many stars of course are the ones who decide what qualifies.
  5. Thanks for the info. I work in healthcare, not anything related to architecture or city planning. I've wondered the reasons for buildings being labeled historic. Also maybe try some yoga if you get wound up so easily about questions. Ashwagandha is excellent at mellowing out too.
  6. We know the buildings in question were built in the 19th century, but what exactly about each of them actually makes them historic? Is there anything memorable/specific the public is supposed to know or could know? Is each of their architectural styles unique to their era that they should be preserved or is 'historic' simply based on being pre-1900?
  7. It's unfortunate that various people from Duke can't admit they are trying to kill the project because they think it's a boondoggle, as that would be a huge PR problem.
  8. The Durham-Orange LTR comes off as a desperate "let's build something" just to be able to say the area has a transit system. Good points made by others that avoiding the airport is tenable. Will this LTR alleviate traffic? Not at all. The most optimistic projections make that clear. A small fraction of 1% of car trips will be saved. While that's the main advertisement to voters and to gain general public support, those are not the real reasons for the LTR. While people here (myself included, despite my ragging on this LTR) are fans of urbanity, we are in the minority among the general p
  9. I've lived in this area for 15 years and followed this website (to see what exciting new developments were coming about) for 12-13 years. I'm a massive fan of public transportation. I've used Amtrak multiple times, used subway systems in 20 or so cities around the world, and actual high speed trains. I am truly amazed people believe the Durham-Orange light rail project is going to be built and completed....before 2060, when half the population will be working from home and the roads will be mostly filled with self driving delivery vehicles. One need not be a CPA to realize it's a money pi
  10. Kudos to them for seeing the obvious changes coming in the near future. For people with children born in the last 5 years or so, your children will likely not have to learn how to drive. It's a bit of a blessing that as much as people complain about parking garages in urban settings, they are small footprints here in Raleigh that can be pretty easily converted to adaptive use in the near future or torn down without much fanfare.
  11. I'm always curious what is to come of said structures in 15-20 years time when at least half of all short drives and likely 3/4ths of drives to downtowns are done by self driving ride-sharing vehicles. Half converted to recharging bases for self driving vehicles?
  12. I'm curious as to the thoughts on the following article from The Economist. While 'smart growth' is far more present here than it was a decade ago, there's still plenty of room for improvement. Essentially, supply and demand are not allowed to run free, which by itself shouldn't be surprising, but there's more. Thoughts? http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21647614-poor-land-use-worlds-greatest-cities-carries-huge-cost-space-and-city
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