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  1. oklahoma75

    Main at Falls Park Dr

    I suspect it will be very successful - - it's just not for everyone johnpro318.
  2. oklahoma75

    Main at Falls Park Dr

    It's REALLY cool for those on here who haven't seen it. I took a tour and the views of Falls Park and Main St. are incredible and cannot be duplicated. The pool is just right with awesome cascading waterfall stairs and an infinity edge...also a swim up bar! Dinky isn't really a fair assessment at all! Seems like a pretty good deal for $80/month.
  3. oklahoma75

    Rivers Edge

  4. oklahoma75

    Rivers Edge

    the DRB has grown into an uncontrollable monster. There are A LOT of small town across the country that would LOVE to have this kind of investment in their central business districts so why does the City make it more difficult for people to invest?!?! I understand downtown Greenville was an absolute train wreck not more than 15-20 years ago and now it seems to me they their heads have gotten too big. From what I've learned the DRB was instituted to prevent big purple fallace shaped buildings from being erected downtown - - not for giving a group of people the authority to spend other peoples money and reject approval of a project because a window sill is 4" too low. That's how absurd it is - it's not hyperbole. If I were Trammel Crow (or any other developer) I'd tell the city that we withdraw our plans and will go develop and invest money in another City. I went and sat through a DRB meeting to see how the process works and I encourage everyone who has interest in this topic to do the same. The comments made by the board can be jaw dropping at times. Having design guidelines isn't a bad thing - but they have to be reasonable, clearly defined and not subject to what one board member thinks looks good. City council, the Mayor, and city staff are no better. I have friends back home who ask about Greenville all the time - and I can't brag enough - but as I learn more about the dysfunctional way the City does business I really start to worry about how long Greenville will stay this good!
  5. oklahoma75

    Rivers Edge

    When is somebody going to push back on the DRB - Design Rejection Board. It’s a good looking building and a great addition to downtown. They seem to reject everything! I heard they turned down the Greenville News building too.