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  1. At about 2:20 in that video, there is a lot of running/activity on the pool deck at the Vue.
  2. Reminds me of the Spiderman 3-D ride at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Love it!!
  3. Please tell me this has a car elevator 'cause it's gonna take FOREVER to get to any floor above say 5, no?
  4. I was under the impression that Publix was looking at the Chadburn site....were they not?
  5. Those SB Townhouses may have out priced themselves for the neighborhood. They start at $499k and reach $575k. I don't know many folks that can swing that to live in (new millennial/hipster) NoDa.
  6. ^Yes, but will the parcel (for affordable housing) be built in our lifetime?? Seems Charlotte/Mecklenburg has some real timing issues with infrastructure and the like. Prior to my work transfer to Charlotte in 2008, I lived in other major cities where projects almost never resulted in the monumental delays we have seen here during the last decade. Fun fact tho....I never lived in Beantown for "the big dig" and that thing went on for years.
  7. Fun fact....Ford's 1908 Model T changed the way Americans drive replacing the "right-hand" steering wheel over to the left. Virtually every car in the United States placed the steering wheel on the right. In fact, Ford only made the change to make it easier for people entering on the passenger side to avoid oncoming traffic.
  8. So....what happens to the park n ride spots? Are they being relocated in one of the two parking garages?
  9. Wish the webcam had a live stream, looks like a top quadrant of the pyramid is being hoisted up.
  10. I will hold off on my opinion of LU until the pyramid is complete, but from what I tell from the webcam this a.m., I'm not holding my breath that we have proportion.
  11. Great, that earlier pic made my hungry for KK. I miss seeing the "Hot Now" red neon sign out front when driving by other locations in the a.m.
  12. If we are supposed to be the home of KK, why are there only two (2) KK's inside the 485 beltway? Seems strange. Not really a food comparo, but my hometown of Cincy is home to Skyline Chili and if you Google map the area, there are over 40 locations. Do Charlotteans not like KK?
  13. It's had to believe that 277 hasn't had any changes in 30 years.
  14. Maybe if they rethink the pyramid spire and top it off with something equivalent to the likes of 40 Wall St or even BofA Atlanta...would this help our poor retro 80's building? source: medium.com/Bank of America
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