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  1. ^This same scenario played out back in the early 90's for the Tampa Bay Rays. Although the stadium was placed 30 minutes outside of  Tampa in St Petersburg, it never quite drew the crowds they were expecting. Many people believed that it should have either been  built  near the Bucs stadium or somewhere near Ybor City (Tampa's entertainment district) to keep it in the larger of the three metropolitan areas.  Based on the pre-pandemic number of fans in Tropicana Field, one must concur that this is why they are in the dire situation now with regard to an out of state relocation.   I guess we'll see what their fate is post pandemic  and we are back to a somewhat normal baseball  season.

    Fun fact, when Tropicana Field was completed, it captured a Guinness world record for the most NHL fans in attendance at a TB Lightning game prior to their new facility being completed in downtown Tampa.   Go figure

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  2. This market is long overdue for a correction. These home prices won't sustain themselves with the amount of unemployed folks we have out there. 

    After the forebearances and moratoriums are up in Dec, the banks will be flooded with millions in inventory. 

    "Buy low, sell high"    -  Warren Buffet

  3. On 12/17/2019 at 10:14 AM, SgtCampsalot said:

    That's the N Davidson corner at Jordan PL.

    I could have sworn a year or two ago someone said there was no retail in this project

    Confused... where is this development?    Does this sit in the empty parcel in front of Chadbourn or across the street replacing Buck's Oil and the small church and the old Crossfit?  

    From the rendering, it looks too large to be either.

  4. It's always in the top 10 coasters to ride, but it depends on the individual. If your a coaster geek, its a "must do" coaster.    325' high, looooong drop, smooth as glass and speeds of 95mph, on the other hand, I'm not convinced your grandma would ride it unless she's used to high speeds and LOTS of wind in her face. LOL!

    I would advise a visit to YouTube but no video can do it justice, it's just that good.

    Scale: 10's, 10's, 10's across the board!!   ( Coaster geek hint.... grab a front row seat for your first ride and you will thank me later. )

    Hope this helps. 

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  5. On 5/16/2019 at 12:24 PM, go_vertical said:

    Are annual attendance numbers for the park ever made public? I'm curious to know how well it's doing since Cedar Fair began all the improvements. 

    No real numbers for 2019 yet, but this link to Screamscape allows you to see several years back in attendance globally.


    Unfortunately, it is broken down by company then region. That being said, Carowinds is owned by Cedar Fair and their attendance (park wide) for 2018 was 25,912.000 up 0.7% from 2017.

    I too would like to see a breakdown of all Cedar Fair properties to see what impact (if any) it has on attendance when a new ride is opened at any particular park.

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  6. ^Yes, but will the parcel (for affordable housing) be built in our lifetime??

    Seems Charlotte/Mecklenburg has some real timing issues with infrastructure and the like.  Prior to my work transfer to Charlotte in 2008, I lived in other major cities where projects almost never resulted in the monumental delays we have seen here during the last decade.


    Fun fact tho....I never lived in Beantown for "the big dig" and that thing went on for years.:tw_mrgreen:

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  7. 6 hours ago, Urban Cowboy said:



    Fun fact....Ford's 1908 Model T changed the way Americans drive replacing the "right-hand" steering wheel over to the left. Virtually every car in the United States placed the steering wheel on the right. In fact, Ford only made the change to make it easier for people entering on the passenger side to avoid oncoming traffic. 

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  8. If we are supposed to be the home of KK, why are there only two  (2) KK's inside the  485 beltway?  Seems strange.

    Not really a food comparo, but my hometown of Cincy is home to Skyline Chili and if you Google map the area, there are over 40 locations.   Do Charlotteans not like KK?

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