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  1. The project is a 50/50 mix with market rate and LIHTC and some commercial.
  2. The open house is this Tuesday from 4 to 6. There are 2 projects planned, the north half has 300 luxury apartments in 30 buildings, and the south half is planned for assisted living.
  3. The cost of constructing underground parking is typically about 4 times as much as the cost of building structured parking.
  4. The developer does not call it a tower, that's the editors work. The decision to make the article about price instead of quality was also the editors work. There is a lot of quality there though.
  5. The phase II tower and the office building design was not near complete when these renderings were done and don't reflect the final product.
  6. In a world where it is not easy to find effective economic development people, I feel Kris did a great job. He will be missed, but it is hard to fault someone for going home. He had a common sense approach and really would make things happen when it meant new jobs for downtown.
  7. In my opinion, to dislose the proposals the way the county did at 82 Ionia would dicourage bidders. It also creates leverage for the winning bidder to retrade if they know what others bid. Ferris bid $10,000,000 to see that Franklin Partners bid $6,000,000. It would have been surprising if their board would have approved of the $10,000,000 price. When the county put the property back on the market, Rockford bid $7,000,000 and Franklin lowered their offer to $3,000,000. Not a smart way to go about selling real estate. I agree that the restrictions the city placed on the other bidders holds very little weight.
  8. The $10 million offer was not close to following the bid process that the County required. Rockford's offer followed it with the required bid bond attached. They even offered a performance bond for the entire purchase price if selected. It would be a real strech for the county to go with the other offer.
  9. Orion is partnered with Zimmer Development.
  10. It would be more considerate if Kent County would hire an appraiser when trying to determine if they want to sell.
  11. The lack of pedestrian traffic for a restaurant that is not a destination was likely to fail. If a pedestrian study were done like Panera and other retailers do before finalizing a new location, I doubt they would have ever located there.
  12. WNJ is going to Orion's development. This must be an old rendering, was it recently released by CWD?
  13. Hopefully CWD will come up with a plan faster then they have on 50 Monroe. The Monroe St. building is likely to be converted to a hotel.
  14. The 200,000 sf on the lower level is in the process of being converted to data center space. They are in discussions with other potential users for new data center buildings on the site. It seems like all systems go, as they are spending a lot of dollars.
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