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  1. 21jump

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    The Patterson House was my favorite bar in Nashville up until I moved. I really hope it remains. Wasn't there a small fine dining restaurant on the second level? If so, is it still there? I think it was called Catbird Seat
  2. 21jump

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Paul, what kind of drone do you have? I'm hoping to get one before I come back to Nashville in August. I've been researching DJI the past couple of weeks.
  3. I stayed in a Park MGM in Vegas right after it was renovated from being a Monte Carlo. Pretty Nice, albeit standard hotel room. The lobby and check in areas were first rate, which is to be expected in Vegas. I wonder how much the rooms will cost, my room in Vegas was around $70 a night, which included a discount for being an MGM rewards member. Vegas has some of the lowest hotel rates in the country during the off season, but $70 was a steal. Will be interesting to see their room rates in Nashville.
  4. ^^ one of my favorite pictures I've ever seen of Nashville. Great shot!
  5. 21jump

    Nashville International Airport

    I flew round trip to BNA this past weekend and was shocked at how incredibly packed the airport was. My flight from LAX to BNA was 100% full and my return flight to SEA was 85-90% full. I flew out of BNA on Monday and got to the airport at 5:00 am for a 6:16 flight, there had to be about 1000 people in the main TSA line and about half that in the south line. My flight was already boarding by the time I checked my luggage and went through TSA. On the bright side, I bought my tickets the MORNING OF MY FLIGHT from SAN to BNA and it was only $350 round trip on Delta. With the continuous growth at the airport, what are the odds that we see larger aircraft flying out of BNA to West Coast cities in the future? I would think that at some point in the near future BNA will strained for gates even after the new concourse opens.
  6. The Hilton Riverfront in New Orleans has them and they are quite narrow. I remember driving my grandparents SUV on them as a teen and being afraid I'd bump one of the walls. Luckily for me, these look to be about twice as wide.
  7. Off the top of my head, I would think New Orleans then possibly Jacksonville, Tampa and Indianapolis. The last three because I read a few years ago that there is a minimum requirement for hotel rooms required to host a Super Bowl and Nashville didn't meet those requirements at the time. It's very likely we've passed Indianapolis and possibly Jacksonville by now.
  8. 21jump

    Soccer in Nashville

    That's a beautiful stadium. It looks like a small version of Bayern Munich's stadium in Germany. They actually have the same name.
  9. The area around the Liberty Bowl, and the Liberty down itself, is in dire need of sprucing up. But traffic on Hollywood is an absolute nightmare on game days. I can see those apartments being very frustrating to live in 8-10 Saturdays a year. Might be worthwhile to make Hollywood one way North from Southern to Central.
  10. 21jump

    Road color

    I agree with VSJR, it's also brown south on 55 through Jackson, but I-10 along the coast has the typical black asphalt. I like the brown because it is so unique. Here in San Diego, most of the freeways are concrete but a large portion of the freeways that are made out of asphalt are also brown.
  11. 21jump

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Thanks for the link, I had no idea of their presence up there.
  12. 21jump

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I remember reading about 5 years ago that Nashville had the largest population of Kurds in the United States. I wonder how so many Iraqis wound up in Detroit?