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  1. Franklin is a little too spread out for scooters IMHO. Cool Springs is not pedestrian/scooter friendly and downtown is compact enough where scooters aren't really necessary. Even if they had voted yes I don't see scooters being viable or successful anywhere in Williamson County. I can see scooters working in Murfreesboro between downtown and MTSU.
  2. I've taken the train numerous times to Anaheim and LA from San Diego and it's actually pretty fun. There's no traffic and there is a BAR CAR that is very convenient. I'd say the trip to Union Station in LA is about 3 hours whereas driving take 2-3 hours depending on the time of day. There's around 12 stops but each stop is 5-10 minutes MAX, most are less if there is no on waiting at the station. I have no clue why the trip will take 6 1/2 hours though. Possibly due to several sharp curves in the tracks around Chattanooga and North Georgia.
  3. Just curious, is there a museum pass or something similar you can buy that gets you in to the smaller independent museums? I've always found it hard to believe that museums dedicated to specific people make enough money to cover operating expenses.
  4. "Authentic" or not Hattie B's is delicious, and so is Prince's. I'm not sure why it matters how old or new the restaurant is as long as the food and service are good.
  5. I'll post pics when I can, but I was just in Portland, OR, and they are serious about MLB expansion. While I don't see it being successful, they are much further along then Nashville is. They have a store selling MLB to PDX merchandise across the street from their MLS stadium (which is lovely and in the heart of an urban district with no parking but access to two light rail lines). What was odd to me is that I don't believe the city currently has MiLB.
  6. When did Abercrombie & Fitch and Abercrombie Kids leave the mall? I remember them being there around '08 or so?
  7. If you take the hour drive south on the 5 to San Diego I'll gladly give you a tour of America's Finest City. Same goes for any other UP-ers who make a trip out West.
  8. I agree with you. The Oakland A's/Raiders come to mind also and I'm curious how they manage the grass there during football season. My hope is that the University of Memphis and the USL club can get a joint facility built on the Park Ave Campus or somewhere else close to the university. NOT out in Collierville.
  9. Great photos! Soccer mathes have really torn up the grass at AutoZone Park, one of the best MiLB ballparks deserves better grass than that.
  10. There was a very well done article a couple of months ago about the Stadium Inn and the community (mostly homeless/transient) it serves. I believe it was in the Post. It was mostly utilized by transients who could scrounge up enough money for a weeks rent and people who were down on their luck and came to Nashville in search of work. The article painted the owners to be donkeys but the building served a positive purpose for a specific demographic of people, it'll be interesting to see where that crowd migrates to next. Anyway, I doubt you really want to see inside of any of those rooms in person.
  11. The University of Memphis is gaining a lot of momentum, there have been several consecutive years of record level donations. I expect to see a lot of construction on and around campus over the next several years.
  12. What stands put to me is the support columns appear to be wrapped in led screens! Hopefully that happens next off season. As far as our new scoreboard goes, I like its uniqueness.
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