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  1. If you take the hour drive south on the 5 to San Diego I'll gladly give you a tour of America's Finest City. Same goes for any other UP-ers who make a trip out West.
  2. ^That's awesome!
  3. I agree with you. The Oakland A's/Raiders come to mind also and I'm curious how they manage the grass there during football season. My hope is that the University of Memphis and the USL club can get a joint facility built on the Park Ave Campus or somewhere else close to the university. NOT out in Collierville.
  4. Great photos! Soccer mathes have really torn up the grass at AutoZone Park, one of the best MiLB ballparks deserves better grass than that.
  5. There was a very well done article a couple of months ago about the Stadium Inn and the community (mostly homeless/transient) it serves. I believe it was in the Post. It was mostly utilized by transients who could scrounge up enough money for a weeks rent and people who were down on their luck and came to Nashville in search of work. The article painted the owners to be donkeys but the building served a positive purpose for a specific demographic of people, it'll be interesting to see where that crowd migrates to next. Anyway, I doubt you really want to see inside of any of those rooms in person.
  6. The University of Memphis is gaining a lot of momentum, there have been several consecutive years of record level donations. I expect to see a lot of construction on and around campus over the next several years.
  7. What stands put to me is the support columns appear to be wrapped in led screens! Hopefully that happens next off season. As far as our new scoreboard goes, I like its uniqueness.
  8. This is absolutely amazing. I was hoping for a site near the Liberty Bowl that incorporated the Mid South Coliseum, but this is better than what I hoped.
  9. Terminal 2 is one of my favorite terminals, easy to navigate, state of the art, and the gates are very close to the entrance. Another plus is that the TSA lines are always short. I watched the US-Belgium World Cup match at Stone Brewing in that terminal. Terminal 1, however, is third world.
  10. Here in San Diego, they opened up an Amazon Bookstore in one of the malls about a year ago. It's basically a smaller Barnes and Noble. This is probably what this brick and mortar store is going to be, especially if it's going up in Green Hills Mall.
  11. Boston, and Toronto this year. LA and Chicago have done it in the past. And I'm sure NYC has before.
  12. I love the sight of the buildings peeking over the trees on the hill!
  13. I spent a lot of time looking at the above photo to see where 1,200 new seats are. Is it all above the fan zone? It looks like SRO. I know Scotiabank arena in Toronto has SR0 above the upper seating decks, they ran $110 for the second to final home game of the season this year. I've always thought that if expansion was possible it would take place on the south end. My hope is that they wrap the two VU support columns with digital boards like the ones at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta and Ford Field in Detroit. Anyway this deal is a win win for the Predators and Metro. I've been to about 15 different NHL/NBA arenas and Bridgestone Arena is the one of the nicest I've been in, It would be awesome to still be able to say that 30 years from now. Side note: FedExForum in Memphis is just behind Bridgestone in "niceness" as well, in my opinion.
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