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  1. UngaBungalow

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    I think that's exactly what they're doing with the Magic Entertainment Complex, upgrades to W. Central and W. Church and Creative Village. It's all meant to buffer and ease the transitions between neighborhoods.
  2. haha I wish I'd checked here first and I could have had the story earlier! It's interesting they're only doing the southern side and not the intersection to the north as well. Seems to make sense to use it as a placemaking initiative for the new interim park.
  3. They were using that smaller building as their temporary offices but have since moved into the larger building. They're going to use that space for more parking, apparently.
  4. wow, that took forever. cool project
  5. They've got a pretty good selection of ciders, if you're into that
  6. That was definitely the idea. I stopped by to take photos before it opened and I caught a police officer just standing in the parking lot looking at the space and he looked at me and said, "it's just so open ... there's nothing here to stop a drive by" which kind of floored me. He was visibly shaken.
  7. I'm enjoying his recent video roundups
  8. Wow, I love those. I wish the windows on the far wall were symmetrical though, with a second large paine that went to the ceiling. I guess asymmetry is in though.
  9. I wonder why they didn't go hardscape up to the curb? I dig it though.
  10. I was hoping we'd get someone with a stronger planning background ... or someone who had done something similar in another town. I'm interested in watching how she does.
  11. I think this concept would have been even better in the old wooden warehouse they razed on the same property. It was so cool inside.
  12. Apparently they're asking cyclists to walk through the intersections ...
  13. UngaBungalow


    Someone just posted this on Next Door. Fun shot of the corner in question.
  14. right? I don't think so though. I've heard the word "diseased" thrown around in regards to those trees so I think they're just getting cut down. Hopefully I'm wrong though.
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