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  1. Jet-set

    The West End

    What’s the last photo? I know where it is but I don’t remember hearing what’s going there.
  2. Jet-set

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Prisma Health selected Greenville for their corporate home office.
  3. Jet-set

    GSP International

    76 pages?? Is there anything in there?
  4. Jet-set

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Looks like one more to go.
  5. Jet-set

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    That is an extremely old rendering and it is not correct.
  6. Jet-set

    Village at Pelham

    Could spend hours just watching these guys work.
  7. Jet-set

    GSP International

    Surprised it didn’t get more of a bump with the WEG.
  8. Jet-set

    New Greenville developments

    I believe Landmark is for sale. 80% occupied or thereabouts.
  9. Jet-set

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    I'm surprised at the positive feedback on this one. Was there an explanation as to why one iteration has more Main Street retail spots than the other?
  10. Jet-set

    Stone Avenue/North End

    Booo that would be terrible. They need to coordinate with the businesses across the street for parking.
  11. Jet-set

    Laurens Road Corridor

    On the right hand side if you go down the ramp from Laurens to the northbound lanes of Pleasantburg.
  12. Jet-set

    Laurens Road Corridor

    Looks like earth moving has started on the Laurens Village development.
  13. Jet-set

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Is that shot from a web accessible construction cam?
  14. Jet-set


    I thought we were getting one soon?
  15. New Clemson Nursing Building now complete according to GJ.