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  1. I think if you scroll back a bit in this thread you'll find a rendering.
  2. Very sad. This is the high cost of theocratic ignorance and stupidity.
  3. I think CLT will always play second fiddle to ATL and nothing wrong with that at all. First fiddle is gigantic and had a lengthy headstart with a major airline hq at its doorstep. Second fiddle is merely very large, built with gumption, bootstraps, luck and leadership. If you can remember CLT before the current terminal opened in 1982 and it became a Piedmont hub, you're astounded and have to pinch yourself every time you approach Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
  4. Newspapers aren't dying but they are having a painful metamorphosis into something much different than what they once were. No, they haven't figured it out (yet.)
  5. I don't see the inconsistency. I think both actions are complementary: keep up the economic pressure and praise your allies for not caving into Raleigh Republicans. There really can be no compromise here and I'm baffled why anyone would think so. Having enacted anti-discrimination protections for the LGBT community, the city can hardly be heard to say it was wrong to do so. That would be civic suicide. No one would ever come here again. The state cannot give an inch on HB2 because to do so would be political suicide. After all, it was enacted as bait to get their voters to the polls.
  6. I foresaw it. Any politics junkie worth his salt knew what was going to happen once HB2 was enacted. But what I don't foresee is a compromise or resolution if the city caves in to the Chamber and the state. "Charlotte Rescinds LGBT Protections" is not exactly a winning headline. And the state won't repeal the most controversial part of the law, the bathroom provisions. I see nothing to be gained here. I see things being made worse.
  7. I'm just telling you what any political scientist would tell you. Old, white conservative church-goers vote overwhelmingly for Republicans not just in North Carolina but in all 50 states. It isn't 'prejudice garbage'; rather, it's just basic fact upon which many political campaigns are based. My characterization of our current government in Raleigh as a fiasco is shared by many. I'm guessing you like and approve of our current government in Raleigh. I don't. It's inarguably true that more than any other demographic group in North Carolina, old white conservative churchgoers are the prima
  8. Those who rig the system are counting on you to not participate. Makes things easier for them. Old, white conservative church-goers vote in extremely high proportion to their numbers in the overall population. This is why we have the fiasco in Raleigh that plagues and embarrasses us. The LGBT community also votes in high proportion to our numbers but it's difficult to make any headway because our overall numbers are relatively small. You can't possibly change the political system if you abandon it. Abandoning it only makes things worse.
  9. Young people are notoriously unreliable voters.
  10. Because they don't want North Carolina to be the 'new' south. They want North Carolina to be the old south. They're simpletons.
  11. Thankee sweet Jesus! They're dumb as day-old dog dirt, but they don't care. Planes brought all those Yankees here and they hate that, surely do. These are guys (they're nearly all guys) who think North Carolina's last good year was c. 1954.
  12. I love Charlotte. I am a native, well into middle age and I know its history like the back of my hand. But Charlotte is trapped in North Carolina. That will never change. And for several years I have had nothing but contempt for North Carolina and its so-called leaders. My contempt has not been limited to the GOP, just so you'll know. I have given Roy Cooper $850 since he announced he was running for governor. Certainly not a high roller, but a significant amount of money. Do you have a candidate to whom you've given financial support? I have marched in many protests in my life, some
  13. He's such an irrelevant toady. But he could have gone down swinging. He's really knifed Charlotte in the back. Anything else I might say about his essential worthlessness would get me banned.
  14. We have lots of transplants who came here because their conservative politics were no longer welcome in the northeast and midwest. They think of North Carolina as a greener Texas.
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