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  1. Surely the 3rd Tower now will be 40 stories, with all that is going on no other company in the country is benefiting as much as Amazon is with everyone staying at home.
  2. First Pres there in downtown Charlotte is a great church. I grew up with a bunch of people who went there.
  3. Charlotte is my hometown and is fantastic, and I've now lived in Nashville for 10 years and it's fantastic as well. No need to dog either city, but are tremendous and are sister cities.
  4. “Tear down this building Mr. Giarantana” - Mayor Cooper in Reagan voice
  5. To make this current cycle feel complete, I truly believe we need a new tallest tower. I hope it comes together even though the odds aren’t looking good.
  6. Just surprised we aren't seeing more construction towards this side of downtown. Isn't there another lot or two close by that have torn down structures for new development?
  7. Seems like it would be as tall as the Endeavor/1200 Broadway if it's still 23 floors, no?
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