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  1. Would it ever be possible to build a hotel or commercial space above where the convention center sits now? Like on a corner or parcel of it? It just seems like that would be amazing if doable.
  2. Congrats on the upcoming retirement. I’m thinking about shutting it down also, in 2062
  3. I have to think there are a few other parking decks like this in the core which will have similar fates in upcoming years. The first one that comes to mind besides this one is the funky printers alley one.
  4. The more our skyline changes, the more Stix stays the same
  5. How many are we tracking on for total for 2019?
  6. With the cranes going up at Ascurion and Broadwest, what is the current count in all of the core? And is it a record? Or will it enlarge when 4 Seasons and Nashville Yards gets going even more?
  7. It’s going to be a mini 5th and Broadway as a gift from Derek Zoolander for Kids who want to read well and do good stuff too.
  8. Chicago has an amazing skyline but nothing in America rivals NYC.
  9. I heard Jeremy speak at Crosspoint Church, where my wife and I go, last year surrounding this idea and gave to the kickstarter as well. It was truly one of the most engaging, thougtful, emotional speeches I have ever heard. He has a gift for speaking and getting people to follow him and help. I hope this project comes together.
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