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  1. So the South side of the old A is open, but nobody is using the gates, except Delta has one in use at the end. Has to be expensive having all these Gates sit empty.
  2. next time im there ill look around. the new old "a" looked like it was almost ready to open, at least from the outside, the cones and what not have been removed on the ramp.
  3. When the old control tower comes down, why not have a station there. Then it's just a short walk to the terminal.
  4. Looks good. Do we know when the terminal roads will finally be done? Or when A will be done?
  5. Interestingly the new A Gates have parking lines for the 330 or other heavies. Might see more departures from there...
  6. This is super true. Also I was thinking the other day...CLT does about 700 flights a day and DFW does 900. DFW has double to space there, between runways and what not. Charlotte, could, probably won't do more flights than DFW after the new runway is in. Which is NUTS.
  7. Sounds like they have a plan. If they do in fact end up with the intl departure dates on A concourse I would bet the next or newest lounge would be there.
  8. upstairs in the new terminal there appears to be 1000s of sq feet that are unused. i refuse to believe that second floor was only meant to have a starbucks and a few toilets.
  9. 2 way traffic at the end of the concourse. I would guess mid field and e concourse replacement would net more Gates
  10. Anyone know when the construction for the E concourse expansion is supposed to begin? I feel like they said it was going to done this summer, but it hasn't even begun?
  11. Labor here in the South is a joke. Things move like set concrete around here...
  12. my guess would be the end of the summer. certainly after they complete the pick up/drop off construction.
  13. North. Just like the first expansion. Should look the same too.
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