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  1. You are 100% correct. If anyone remembers years ago they tried to have the Mesa crj 900s on b/c Gates and that didn't last long. The idea is to move all regional planes down to e.
  2. Between that and the fact that they paid for and installed fancy soap dispensers only to stop using them and install generic plastic ones on the walls and mirrors I'm not sure who news these decisions.
  3. News to me. I used to live in the building next to the West Palm station.
  4. The train in MIA is the tri rail. it has an airport connector train. which takes you to the rental car facility. its a long ass walk from there to the terminals. its generally dim and poorly lit. I hated that. FLL uses a bus to take you to the tri rail. runs something like every 30-45 minutes. pbi has no connection. UBER or cab etc.
  5. years ago when I was a kid my family did the Alaska cruise thing. we flew in to SEA and drove to YVR. On the return we flew out of YVR, connected in LAX to PHL then to PIT where I lived at the time. It was insane and m Dad said he'd never do it again.
  6. it has to be close to that. i flew in yesterday, saw maybe 100 passengers...more than that i saw employees. i fly out tomorrow to miami, as of now there's 140+ open seats. that seems to be the new normal for now.
  7. Most of the passengers have been basic economy lately
  8. This isn't just a downturn. Unless you were out flying right now you have no idea. All of our flights have less than 30 people on them. A few weeks ago they were full and oversold. We ceased all international flights. Nobody could have predicted this no amount of savings could stop this.
  9. False. That would be communism, we don't want that.
  10. That would be a rough time. 20 years later and we have the same dollar amount part rates we did in the late 90s. No adjustment for inflation. This industry has taken an epic bath over and over and over.
  11. Pretty solid increase. +3.2 million yoy?
  12. has the airport announced a time for this news?
  13. Per a friend who works in the tower, non event. Small fire, contained. Operations resumed within an hour. News of course is blowing it out of proportion.
  14. Yes. Plain and simple. Customs should exist in other concourses. The ramp area is way too small. That's why the taxi times are excessive. We've got a while before any meaningful expansion comes.
  15. CVG has a massive cargo operation. 747s require some serious runways. It's not all about the passenger airlines.
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