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  1. Anyone know when the construction for the E concourse expansion is supposed to begin? I feel like they said it was going to done this summer, but it hasn't even begun?
  2. Labor here in the South is a joke. Things move like set concrete around here...
  3. my guess would be the end of the summer. certainly after they complete the pick up/drop off construction.
  4. North. Just like the first expansion. Should look the same too.
  5. Yes I am. The connector was supposed to have Gate halfway down. It's in the animation. And the scale model that's in the sitting area in the connector.
  6. They could also put a bridge in the middle between both concourses. Where that open seating area is... And Bam new gate. Plus it was already on the plans and the model that's in that seating area.
  7. world's cheapest bidder. figured out they could do the work with them on. and thusly underbid the contract i'm sure.
  8. The suggestion was to have departures taxi about 3 miles to 36L or 18R. It already takes 20 minutes or more to taxi in from that runway. It would be long and unnecessary to taxi like that. The other suggestion was to not build another runway. This doesn't make sense because Charlotte is already very busy on the 3 it normally uses, with continued growth. We need the new pavement.
  9. Because that would be a long unnecessary taxi for departures. Separately, the 4th parallel went only help with departures but should help the flow of arrivals as well.
  10. It'll be nice to see something other than the 330s in Charlotte
  11. Any word on Lufthansa changing their equipment in Charlotte? Thought I read somewhere the 330 would be replaced by the 350?
  12. Our "State of the Airline" was this morning. Details later...
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