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  1. Hms host is garbage. They have like a nationwide hold on airports concessions. Really annoying. But Charlotte is particularly bad with the still closed restaurants.
  2. This is one of the most irritating things about Charlotte. The bathrooms are regularly disgusting. The "brand new" bathrooms look like they're never cleaned. The soap dispensers installed during the renovation don't work, so they slapped cheap ones on the walls. The terrazzo floors in b and c look like they're 1000 years old and we're recently uncovered from an ancient volcano eruption by amateur archeologists. The moving sidewalks are ALWAYS off or broken. If they belonged to me I would be suing the crap out of the manufacturer or the maintenance company there is no excuse for something to be broken like that all the time. I remember when there was only one escalator down to e-gates or up and it was broken what a disaster that was hundreds of people will attempting to take the stairs and at the time only the one elevator available. With dozens of wheelchairs waiting to use it. In general Charlotte seems like it's barely glued together. Taxiing on the ramp there's always enormous potholes and patchwork everywhere and recently they don't even fix the potholes they just bolt a giant steel plate to the concrete. On a different subject does anyone have a clue why several of the concessions closed during the pandemic haven't reopened yet? They closed like half the Starbucks and now the lines are absolutely insane. Took me 40 minutes to get a cup of coffee a few weeks back.
  3. Price like that reflects flying AA out of a hub. Suspect it would be similar out of Atlanta with Delta being more $ than AA in that case. Could be wrong though.
  4. Might take a week with all the locks. I kid I kid. Scenic though
  5. A long long time ago, I did my first solo cross country flight in a 172 to Clarksburg from Allegheny County Airport in Pittsburgh. I am surprised there is enough demand there, but I suppose Morgantown is nearby and 28000 students might need to travel.
  6. The old spoke style terminals are a disaster. It's like they left them that way to discourage people from traveling through their airport. Every flight I've operated out of there we left passengers being because of the TSA situation.
  7. The gates in CLT are also a limiting factor on the "sharklet" airbuses. They have a larger wingspan and don't the existing gate areas. We get them sometimes. I see Max's fairly often recently. The "paid off" status of an airplane doesn't matter.
  8. It's been very active. Like like they were expediting the parallel taxiway by the south connectors. They were hard at it after midnight last week.
  9. It's a closure of a satellite flight attendant base. Nothing more. There has not been a pilot base in ages. And we still have a pretty good sized maintenance facility. I wouldn't get your hopes up for Alaska to show up. Or excited to ride on a 737 on a transcontinental flight.
  10. I believe they're in the process of installing jet bridges on all or most of the gates on E con. They're also updating the bridges on the other concourses.
  11. This would be one of the most relieving ideas, I am betting it will never happen. For Cost reasons alone. Though, you never know. It would also eliminate some very old terminals.
  12. The jcba was essentially the current book post concessions. It's the worst contact I've worked under in my career by a long shot. And yeah it's time we get some or all of what was given up after 9/11. Airline management already usurped billions from it's employees by taking pensions. Then came the pay cuts. Etc. I know it's a business but I'm the same period executive compensation increased significantly. Isom's first act was to double his pay (millions) and then offer the pilots 4% during a period of record inflation.
  13. The pilots are still on the LAST bankruptcy contract as it is. AND since 9/11 pilots are earing roughly 40% less than they were then (corrected for inflation). If a bankruptcy judge were to gut our already garbage contract I think AA would be in pretty dire straits before then.
  14. Looks like a pretty standard go around.
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