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  1. All of the PSA CRJs should be getting power. Including the 700s. They were in the process of this when I left PSA. With the 330s retired, the 777s have replaced them. CLT is now a 777 base.
  2. Sadly it's still totally obliterated. The new control tower that opened just a few years ago is not repaired. The trees are still all dead and barren. It's sad.
  3. Turned out to be a gear door inspection. Less serious but still an oops.
  4. I am not sure how far back the FAs furloughs went. But it was several thousand of them. Definitely pretty deep. On the pilot side around 2000 pilots were supposed to be furlough I think closer to 1600 ended up being furloughed because of the mitigation agreements the union and company came up with. As far as why CLT was senior...well cost of living is one of them. ALSO they closed up PIT and a large portion of that base moved down here, pilots, FAs, Mechanics, cleaners etc. So overall the base is senior, lots of USair people. Just like DFW is fairly senior with AA people.
  5. The exact opposite is true. Charlotte is actually very senior. New York and Los Angeles are by far the most Junior.
  6. It passed. I was recalled, but it doesn’t look like AA will train us any time soon. At least we are paid through April. Hopefully the vaccine is successful and the industry can see a recovery. Looking forward to seeing CLTs future.
  7. The city of PIT tried to play hardball and call US's bluff when they threatened to de-hub PIT...US wasn't bluffing. Rest is history. Grew up in PIT. It was a sad time. When I was learning to fly, PIT was in the process of being shuttered. That was strange to witness the skies get quieter.
  8. When I flew for PSA, if a plane was terminating for the night it almost always parked at the E35/36/38 etc gates. Either way I tend to agree with the usage of those gates, at least they are finally building that terminal extension to fix that issue. As far as the walk goes, it normally took me about 10 minutes from those gates to the curb. You must be a slow walker (JK). I never understood why the small extension by E14 was the priority over the larger and more important extension. At least most gates will have jet bridges now.
  9. This is pretty much how it is everywhere that isn't a major hub right now. ORD in the AA terminals is vacant, but apparently the UAL terminals are fairly busy there. PHL, was a ghost town, MIA too, though it was getting busier a while back. Last time I was in SFO it was eerily quiet. PHX was fairly busy, but not as busy a normal. DEN was empty where AA parks, and TSA was scary quiet last time I was there. literally nobody in line. The smaller airports were all EMPTY. Except in FL and TX. Was in Spokane in Sept. and it was actually reasonably busy. PVD was my last airport before furlough, totally quiet, no concessions open.
  10. Before I was furloughed, PHL, DCA, MIA total wastelands. CLT DFW...looked "normal".
  11. next up....the old 320s, old 737s and later the older 777s. AA Also mentioned they could retire another several hundred airplanes in the near future. That is not a good sign for the employees who are still there or the ones who are already furloughed. Those kind of downsizing numbers would drop the pilot group to around 9000 pilots. Which would be another few thousand furloughs to pilots alone. Tell your friends and family to get out and travel. It's safe.
  12. It's exciting to see these additions despite the condition of the airline.
  13. Several schools up that way, swing by a local airport and see who you want to go with.
  14. There are schools at Rock Hill. I also heard at Gastonia. If you want to PM me I have several friends that are cfis, one is about to be on furlough from Delta so he may be interested in helping you out.
  15. Third afternoon is the first scheduled 777 departure for AA.
  16. Take a look at the new point to point routes we just announced.
  17. Some kind of waiver. Not sure the details or limitations.
  18. Quick load check confirms this. As far as cargo only operations, we are surprisingly making money on these flights with only cargo. We are even carrying some in the cabin. It is crazy that we have come to this point, but if there is a way to make $$ with a 777 that would be parked if not for the cargo then great. As far as debt, I am not sure if people realize how much of the debt we have came in the last 6 months alone. Trying to stay actually in business. Scary times. For what its worth I am an FO here who will be furloughed Oct. 1 if CARES is not extended.
  19. Wasn't the space ride from Virgin Galactic about $200k? The concorde died because it was way too expensive. I think that there is opportunity for supersonic private jet travel, I doubt the airlines will be interested any time soon.
  20. Envoy also operates from MIA on the 145. At least for AA they are the only 145s we have. UAL still has commutair and expressjet operating 145s on the east coast.
  21. You are 100% correct. If anyone remembers years ago they tried to have the Mesa crj 900s on b/c Gates and that didn't last long. The idea is to move all regional planes down to e.
  22. Between that and the fact that they paid for and installed fancy soap dispensers only to stop using them and install generic plastic ones on the walls and mirrors I'm not sure who news these decisions.
  23. News to me. I used to live in the building next to the West Palm station.
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