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  1. Looks like something may be going into the space next to Freehub Bicycles. Anyone know anything?
  2. https://news.furman.edu/2019/12/06/sam-hayes-brings-passion-preserving-greenville-historical-buildings/ This is an interesting article. I've always loved seeing older building saved and repurposed. You just don't get some of the character of the old buildings when you build new. What other buildings around town need to be saved? What are some of your favorites that have already been saved? I'd love to see a list.
  3. What happened to this project?
  4. The second photo is where the stairs will connect the plaza to Main Street. It's one my favorite parts of the project and I'm looking forward to seeing it complete. I noticed that work has begun on the plaza near the Greenville News building and Deca Apartments. Also, it appears that residents have started to move in to the apartments as I saw some patio furniture on some balconies.
  5. SVL

    The McClaren

    Looks like a little more than demo is being done now, thats nice to see.
  6. It's interesting that their timeline to reopen the museum is late spring/early summer 2020. I hope to see some movement on this soon.
  7. I agree, this is my go to parking spot as well. It's a lot closer to Main and everything else than it appears. This project will make it feel connected even more. Part of the appeal of downtown is the walkability so I welcome more spaces and connections.
  8. You have my vote! You are definitely the most qualified candidate.
  9. SVL

    Augusta Row

  10. Be sure to check this out, a lot of intersesting info. https://greenvillejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/UnityParkCouncilUpdate12-12-19_201912120858238201.pdf
  11. https://greenvillejournal.com/news/private-fundraising-commitments-unity-park/
  12. Is there any info out there on this Comfort Inn project? How many floors? Renderings, site plans? Anything?
  13. Current status The Carroll A. Campbell U.S. Courthouse is currently under construction. Since the groundbreaking in spring 2019, slabs have been poured for the basement and the first two floors. Work on the following four floors will continue through December 2019. GSA anticipated that building will be topped off in January 2020. Next milestone Precast panels for the building’s exterior will begin arriving on site by March 2020. https://www.gsa.gov/about-us/regions/welcome-to-the-southeast-sunbelt-region-4/buildings-and-facilities/south-carolina/carroll-a-campbell-jr-us-courthouse How tall will this building be? It sounds from this that it will only be 6 floors? I imagine that each floor will be taller than most floors of other buildings though.
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