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  1. SVL

    Overbrook Lofts

    Another good looking restaurant option for this area. https://greenvillejournal.com/business-news/mr-crisp-casual-seafood-restaurant-to-open-in-overbrook-village-next-year/
  2. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/greenvilles-chestnut-living-plans-coffee-shop-fresh-market-in-verdae/ This sounds pretty cool!
  3. The new location at Camperdown is very close to the car drop off area in the plaza, I can see a lot people taking advantage of that and parking and running in for a to go order.
  4. iStore is moving into the old Lemongrass space. https://www.facebook.com/iStoreGreenville/photos/a.163265487048998/5845507278824762/?type=3&theater
  5. I noticed that one of the spaces underneath the Deca apartments is being built out. Looks like it may be another Starbucks for downtown according to this: https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/3QBkNtz5LDG8ScwcPVeTLIYf1-0j32RgNS0Y-mylQ0g/Camperdown Flyer FINAL VERSION 06082021 reduced.pdf
  6. Looks like a camera will be available soon. https://greenvillejournal.com/community/the-scoop-with-amy-doyle-greenville-county-sc-no-longer-a-square/
  7. Yeah, I was hoping for some more interesting retail there, what a great spot. Chase is making a push to add branches and they got a great location there.
  8. Chase bank is going in the 7 on Main location.
  9. 22 are now reserved with only 3 remaining. Townhomes are selling like hot cakes downtown.
  10. Has there been any renderings or site plans released for those townhomes?
  11. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/business-news/fuel-to-relocate-headquarters-from-downtown-greenville-to-legacy-square-at-verdae/
  12. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/business-news/abbs-dodge-bearings-and-power-transmission-announces-move-to-bridgeway-station/
  13. Fun mural in the plaza! https://www.facebook.com/arthouzzeangels/
  14. This is coming along nicely. https://www.facebook.com/vanzeppelinaerial/
  15. Loving all the details with this project. https://www.facebook.com/grandbohemiangreenville/
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