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  1. Hopefully the third parking deck will cover that and the second parking deck!
  2. I lived in fourth ward for 4 years and I dealt with my fair share of panhandling - but I never got any death threats - that's wild.
  3. Dirt moving on Lydia Ave as part of David Weekley development.
  4. Various shots from up high 46th floor of DEC
  5. Top of Tryon Place from Duke - bonus shot of LU and BoA Stadium
  6. Today. Will the "hat" be as tall as these final beams sticking out of the top?
  7. Did you mean for it to be 7:04 PM?
  8. Right across the street from where these signs just went up this week (2501 in the background). I assume construction of these homes will begin very soon to deliver by Fall of this year.
  9. In addition to the original NoDa opening back up
  10. Oh I am aware of that but it seemed like you said that EY was moving their primary office (from BOACC) to Legacy. You said Parker Poe was the third tenant - with EY and BofA
  11. Maybe I missed this in another thread but I hadn't heard that EY was moving there - I that confirmed?
  12. I see this on Google Maps all the time and wondered if anyone knows what Phifer Heights is?
  13. Not a big fan either - does anyone know if that is an actual rendering of the Villa Heights project or just a random David Weekley rendering?
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