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  1. Yep it's an exit on I-85 near the airport that still says Downtown
  2. Spoke with someone today who told me that those parking in the Duke lot will lose their spots at the end of February
  3. For those who feel the skyline will be lopsided... who ever said skylines needed to be a certain shape? Having two separated concentrations of tall towers would only add to the uniqueness of charlotte. It would almost be a toned down version of midtown and downtown skylines of NYC with a lot less space in between.
  4. NYCLT

    Wells Fargo Move

    OP is referring to the possibility of Wells HQ moving here
  5. NYCLT

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Too close to Chick-Fil-A
  6. NYCLT

    Center City Development Maps

    Speaking of new breweries, saw that 2501 Plaza was still on there connected to Petty Thieves Brewing - last article I saw on this was over a year ago. Does anyone know if it is moving forward?
  7. Devon is not an electric utility though - they're in the oil and gas industry. I know Exelon has a 20 story building on Baltimore Harbor. Pacific Gas and Electric is in a 34 story building in SF. Con Edison is in a beautiful 24 story building in Manhattan. Seems like Duke is an outlier in terms of a utility company residing in such a tall tower - but they are the largest by many metrics.
  8. NYCLT

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    What ever happened to Fourth Ward Bread? It looked like they were about to get moving last year but nothing ever happened.
  9. NYCLT

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Hearing EY will be a tenant
  10. NYCLT

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Thanks for the input guys just a few questions from a novice: Can you provide some input on this - people put down for condos that were never built and didn't get that back? Is this to say that the "suburb" craze hit late for us comparatively to other cities so we might not need to build crazy freeways to account for them ala Atlanta, Houston, etc.?
  11. NYCLT

    The Good News Report

    Just an interesting observation - PNC Bank has posted 27 new jobs (not branch jobs) in the last week. Some have flexible location eith Charlotte as an option but some are based here. Do they have a presence here?
  12. NYCLT

    3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    Heard from a friend that The Mint has an issue with flooding - apparently there are apartments that flood every time it rains.
  13. I'm from NY and love NY but even I am getting tired of your constant obsession with NYC on this board. Charlotte is not NY... that's okay. Just wanted to say that - don't want to discourage your posts but CLT ain't about to throw up a Hudson Yards.
  14. NYCLT

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I'm a major proponent of filling in what we have available within 277 first. To your point I walked from Duke to Wooden Robot with a guy for Happy Hour on Friday and it was a lame walk to be honest. He didn't even know about the good spots in that area until I told him, some of it being the guy being new to the area but I think him and a lot of the corporate folks in Duke / South Tryon area don't head that way due to that lack of anything in the cabaret area offering any cohesiveness
  15. NYCLT

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Used to work in Duke two years ago then just started up again in the last 2 months... walking South on Tryon and seeing Portman and this makes the city feel a lot bigger. Like it hasn't "ended" when you reach Duke. Observer will add to this big time but I think the kicker will be filling in the Ricos Acai parking lot and Tryon Place.. would love to pound a nice 40 story tower in that lot.. Would completely change the feel of walking to "the end" to feeling like you're walking into a second heart