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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I miss Joe Biddle. Seanachie!
  2. Nashville food and beverage scene

    What will Pharmacy Burger do?????????
  3. Nashville International Airport

    Yes...crepes with a Heady Topper at BTV; an afternoon I'll never get back, but I'm in! Someone told me the hotel is already under construction at BNA, is this true?
  4. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Completely awful yesterday.
  5. Soccer in Nashville

    Had Qatar and Russia not been awarded (ahem paid for) the next two World Cups, Nashville would have been a host city sooner than 2026.
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Private Lives of Nashville Wives only made one season, but then it wasn't the "Real Housewives" brand.
  7. A few news items beginning to speculate that Amazon has chosen Boston for its HQ2 .
  8. Soccer in Nashville

    SC = Soccer Club; FC = Football Club. Nashville will begin play in the USL, United Soccer League in 2018; the USL along with NASL, North American Soccer League, are tier-two leagues below MLS, Major League Soccer. An analogy would be the Nashville Sounds competing in Triple A Baseball compared to the Oakland A's in Major League Baseball. NASL and USL may merge at some point in the future. The same organization that will play at First Tennessee Park will play at the Fairgrounds, but with more highly skilled, highly paid players.
  9. Soccer in Nashville

    This morning SiriusXM's The Football Show had a segment with Nashville SC and former MLS exec Court Jeske. The hosts could not stop gushing over Nashville....."wonderful place," "magnificent city" and "great, great, great, great town" were the phrases used. As well, one host mentioned how fun Nashville was....citing how crowded restaurants were while people were drinking from 11:00 am on throughout the day.
  10. Soccer in Nashville

    I was at the Fairgrounds early last month for the Vintage Market Christmas Buying Frenzy Extravaganza Weekend and would not shut up to my wife about what could and hopefully would be after an MLS announcement....needless to say, her excitement was contained as she is not a soccer fan. Can we all agree to hope that the neighborhood's imminent gentrification will not negatively impact Santa's Pub?
  11. Soccer in Nashville

    Dropping the header kills the game's set pieces.
  12. Soccer in Nashville

    I like it; I love it. You know the rest. Nice. The Titans are changing their uniforms for 2019, but unfortunately the changes wont' be to blue and gold.
  13. Soccer in Nashville

    Again...MCFC! Music City Football we can lift "City til I die" from Man City....and launch Oasis' Rock n' Roll Star every time Nashville scores! Come on City! Anyway, I thought Nashville SC would be, pardon the term, "promoted" from USL to MLS as Ingram already owns Nashville SC. Per John Ingram from the Tennessean: The new team's name isn't picked, but Ingram said he's envisioned Nashville Soccer Club, the name of the city's new United Soccer League franchise that he also owns, becoming the MLS name as well.