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  1. Looked like there was maybe 25K in attendance; disappointing, but I don't think the holiday helped. Officially 28,473.
  2. Looks like @jmtunafish's spread. Seriously though....must be atop the rim in Putnam or White County or there about.
  3. The Stones! Sticky Fingers Deluxe Edition. As well as the new Noel Gallagher EP.
  4. Become a fully fledged Texan in twenty years. https://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/2019/06/08/crashin-nashville-psa-youtube-vidoe-joke-asks-people-move-out-nashville-into-austin/1397219001/
  5. Correct assumption about attendance. Watching the Reds FSOH broadcast from St. Louis last night, Brennaman and Welsh were gushing over the attendance averages at Busch Stadium and mentioned that if the Reds hadn't been so bad over the last five years...attendance would be better at GAB.
  6. I flew out of BNA last Friday, and boy are my arms tired. Anyway...here's Wonderwall....it was crazy busy, but getting through security was fairly quick. Wednesday evening I went back to pick someone up, and it seemed just as busy as when I left out last Friday prior to the holiday.
  7. The best thing about going to a Reds game is Northern Kentucky. Hit Newport and Covington. Mainstrasse Village in Covington is laidback; whereas, Newport at the levee can be kitschy but as well fun. Take the boat to GAB from Newport...used to be the Hooters boat. True; there will be no new football stadium. Public funds aren't going to be there and the owners, although not poor, don't have the assets that the Jerry Joneses and Arthur Blanks of the world possess.
  8. Would that face west southwest? Or it could be oriented west northwest? Generally ballparks face east and preferably east north east. Could be like GAB in Cincy....skyline sits behind home plate.
  9. The group understands that public money will not be available, but likely a pipe dram regardless, but so was MLS. According to Loar, there is land near Nissan Stadium that is already owned by the Metropolitan Sports Authority and is large enough to carve out space for more than just a stadium. He says the plot is large enough to build a "destination" entertainment complex that could houses both professional football, baseball and other events -- an idea so enticing, Loar believes, it would lure investors without needing public money to fund the project. https://www.wsmv.com/news/local-businessman-pushes-mlb-expansion-in-nashville/article_f46d8802-280f-11e9-963e-df6d48925cd1.html
  10. Ditto; haven't in seven years now. Surrounding area was always more fun, i.e. Newport and Covington. At the ballpark, we would head up to the Machine Room for the majority of the games.
  11. Come on the weekend, or plan to walk from the outskirts. Kidding...not kidding.
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