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  1. LC....are those the same folks with that great new development on Providence Parkway in Mt. Juliet? Their G.O.A.T. bar and grill is fantastic. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Ha...but We Are Come On City! I hope we can agree on the match earlier in the month: USMNT v Panama.
  3. Forgot to post the url in the above post.
  4. Tottenham Hotspurs and MCFC! City 'til I die! Love this! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  5. I've finally put it together; I understand now. This is Music City...home of the Tennessee Flat Top Box (a short little ditty).
  6. And to John Cooper leading this charge; he's a Councilor at Large.
  7. Raison d'être...das ist richtig. OVC budgets go further in towns like Evansville.
  8. Related to the new Window Cliffs State Park:,19803 You could get a local Dad Bod IPA and a fried bologna sandwich.
  9. Crushed.
  10. Gut wrenching...not literally like Krystal...but figuratively.
  11. Yes, before I read the whole way through...I had to rub my eyes at "Williamsburg." Williamsburg is a long lost town under Cordell Hull lake in Jackson County; that now a subdivision on Hwy 70?
  12. You shouldn't feel sorry for DD, check their drivethru lines each morning. Feel sorry for those of us waiting on DD coffee. Again, Big O's tops Ralph's...although a minority opinion, others share this position.
  13. Yep; that's Cookeville High. Lots of public and private construction activity these days around and near campus hopefully fulfilling some of that potential.
  14. The future home of sign for the hotel/conference is up; erected after a drawn out property issue was settled. It's exciting; the Westside is really popping now with more and more local attractions coming online. The former Bight of the Bend barbeque restaurant out of Gainesboro is being reinvented as The Blue Pig, and the second microbrewery is coming along. FYI, The Blue Pig will also be an Oyster House...if in town...get their shrimp and grits along with any of their smoked meats.
  15. Witnessed some of those latter games; Tech has done quite a bit to promote and coordinate the game day experience; however, a more modern stadium will do so much more in that regard.