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  1. The Hartsville number is deceiving, as it's Metropolitan Trousdale County; so, that number is for the entire county.
  2. It will be interesting to see the costs/bidding wars produced by staffing supply and demand related to reopening Nashville restaurants and bars for larger capacity; in Cookeville, a local eatery has offered $500 signing bonuses for cooks and dish washing staff.
  3. And so we got Jaguars....Jacksonville Jaguars....and never, ever would there have been the Tennessee Titans. That's a great story...thanks for sharing.
  4. True, or even longer....COVID-19 is SARS 2; we still do not have a vaccine for SARS-1.
  5. Unemployment numbers are out: another 6.6 million in new jobless claims; 5.5 million expected.
  6. The rainy day fund will be at nearly $1.5 billion after the amended budget was approved by the legislature. The amended budget increased the rainy day fund deposit from $50 million to $350 million for FY19-20. The amended budget also includes $150 million toward COVID-19 efforts.
  7. Tennessee Department of Health reports confirmed numbers daily at 2:00 pm; there is a lag, and it appears that local news outlets have more real time numbers that may not be fully vetted.
  8. Completed ours as well earlier this morning.
  9. @jmtunafish I know you mine a lot of data from the Census Bureau....questions follow: Doesn't a city need to have 50,000 residents to be considered a metropolitan area? Wasn't Cookeville's population estimated in 2018 at just over 34K? One TTU Residential Life article I recently read stated that approximately 75% of TECH students live off campus. A lot of those commuting students have jobs and rent in the city; so, I would think that although they are now distance students rather than commuter students, that most must still maintain their residences and remain in town. Dorm students: would they be counted as Cookeville's citizens; historically, I thought would not? I'm not sure the current emergency (there were tornado sirens again early this morning...my family and I went to our safe place at 2:30 am) will have a dramatic effect on Cookeville's census this year. I would think that the micropolitan area currently near 110K would get to 125K well before Cookeville hits 50K.
  10. Governor has ordered all bars and restaurants in the state to close except for takeout and delivery,
  11. The Governor's amended budget has removed all Capital Outlay for FY 20-21; therefore, this project will not go forward as initially planned. The amended budget will have to receive approval from the Legislature, but it appears that this legislative session will be fast tracked for early dismissal due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  12. Another case of someone with a pulpit espousing unverified information...happens everyday....no matter how reckless. I understand that the show's talent were reporting someone's (not an expert) presumption and apparently chose not to fact check the slightest of information. Caused a bit of a stir.
  13. I received a Periscope notification from one local tv channel earlier in the evening; however, it was mistakenly titled. Last week or so there was a fire at an apartment complex in Hermitage, the Periscope notification was actually regarding severe storms and tornado watches, but was titled "Hermitage Apartment Fire" or something related to the notification a week earlier. So...I swiped on by the live feed as it was local weather persons in front of a radar screen; I was thinking why am I receiving notifications about a fire that occurred a week earlier? It happened again, and I ignored the broadcast a second time.
  14. A call went out late yesterday for volunteers to assist with the clean up effort; picture is that gathering.
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