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  1. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Agreed; the plan is guilty by association with Barry....rightly or not.....and this association with the disgraced Mayor will have bearing on this vote. Mayor Briley has stated he's pro-transit, but how pro-transit is he truly when he could disavow any ownership to this plan when he runs for Mayor later this year? I haven't seen him out in front of this vote for the plan at more than a minimum.
  2. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    What coverage I've seen from Fox 17 has been anti-transit my opinion. That's my frame of reference...doesn't mean it's anything other than my perception. Preds are pro-transit.
  3. Soccer in Nashville

    Checking the temperature.
  4. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    His odds are good; just about anyone else's would not be so good. Like his Wikipedia pages states, he is a Legacy Nashvillian...lots of name recognition even though he didn't do so well when he ran outright against Dean years ago.
  5. Nashville International Airport

    I think I saw recently that Allegiant just announced Birmingham, and they just began operations in Indianapolis. Maybe we can get that direct flight to Indy now.... Looks like Allegiant is coming to town.
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I miss Joe Biddle. Seanachie!
  7. Nashville food and beverage scene

    What will Pharmacy Burger do?????????
  8. Nashville International Airport

    Yes...crepes with a Heady Topper at BTV; an afternoon I'll never get back, but I'm in! Someone told me the hotel is already under construction at BNA, is this true?
  9. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Completely awful yesterday.
  10. Soccer in Nashville

    Had Qatar and Russia not been awarded (ahem paid for) the next two World Cups, Nashville would have been a host city sooner than 2026.
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Private Lives of Nashville Wives only made one season, but then it wasn't the "Real Housewives" brand.
  12. A few news items beginning to speculate that Amazon has chosen Boston for its HQ2 .
  13. Soccer in Nashville

    SC = Soccer Club; FC = Football Club. Nashville will begin play in the USL, United Soccer League in 2018; the USL along with NASL, North American Soccer League, are tier-two leagues below MLS, Major League Soccer. An analogy would be the Nashville Sounds competing in Triple A Baseball compared to the Oakland A's in Major League Baseball. NASL and USL may merge at some point in the future. The same organization that will play at First Tennessee Park will play at the Fairgrounds, but with more highly skilled, highly paid players.