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  1. Typical NC State fan. Try not to be so salty about UNC.
  2. I graduated from Weddington a few years back and I can tell you that CPCC is definitely not the most popular college choice now, and is probably replaced by UNCC as the most applied to college at the school. I still have access to my naviance account, which shows that in 2017 there were 22 total CPCC applicants with a total of 12 enrolled. In comparison, UNC had 113 total applicants with 51 accepted and 38 enrolled. UNCC had a total of 145 applicants with 101 accepted and 36 enrolled.
  3. I think he's just talking about the way it looks as of right now, but you are correct in that there are still many more floors to go.
  4. Maybe they'll end up building a wall around the transformers because they pretty much are an eyesore right now
  5. Providence road was widened in this area not too long ago, and I'm not sure they even have enough room to expand the road later on. It's going to suck for whoever has to drive to downtown Charlotte from this area during rush hour when all this is complete.
  6. It seems like there is a little too much development on providence road near I-485 around the previously known Charlotte Golf Links course, although it will be nice to have new shops and restaurants . There's the 90 acre Waverly development, the 194 acre development on the previous Charlotte Golf Links course, and the soon to be 72 acre Crescent Communities development right next to Waverly. These are basically within a mile radius of one another. Having previously lived in this area, it doesn't seem like it can support all the added traffic these developments will bring. Any thoughts about this or what's going to be done to lessen the traffic problems? Also, any updated pictures of the developments would be appreciated.
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