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  1. Source: 12/23/20 Daily Reflector Greenville developers announce plans to convert historic tobacco buildings into hotel, dining destination. A group of Greenville businessmen on Tuesday announced plans to transform a historic tobacco warehouse into a food and lodging destination that is the fourth hotel project in the works downtown. The Stark Group plans to rehabilitate the E.B. Ficklen and Star Tobacco warehouse site which borders Eighth, Ninth, Washington and Ficklen Streets as well as some surrounding property. Three of the buildings will house the 70-room Ficklen Hotel, s
  2. East Carolina University’s former warehouse district-Intersect East. *Illustrative details
  3. If you continue south on Greene Street, on the right at the McGee street roundabout.
  4. Oh well, there goes the iconic LF Tower view from left field.....
  5. .... still incomplete ... Construction started early 2016. Carroll is a visionary and expeditious developer!
  6. Can we get yet another rendering of this project posted ?? I'm having a tough time visualizing what it looks like.
  7. Bam! Trader Joe's @ Brassfield
  8. I appreciate cityboi’s giddyness, but observationally speaking, he tends to recycle/repost the same old tired photos of Downtown GSO; over and over again. We get it. My snarky comment was more directed to Carroll and the years it took to develop Bellmeade, in contrast to other other larger products taking 1/2 the time to complete in neighboring cities.
  9. Can’t wait to see this finished in 8 years!
  10. Leave it up to Timmy Jones - recycle and retread
  11. Tim, this ain't happening. Too dense for that small footprint.
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