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  1. I was more thinking along the lines of the valuable land it's sitting on, probably one of the better views in the city. Now would be the time to try to get them to sell while they are looking at the hassle of fixing a blown off roof, insurance claims, contractors, and displaced residents. I'm sure you're right that there is no significant structural damage, that think looks like it's built like a tornado shelter (except for the roof apparently... )
  2. Was just reading the article on MLive and was thinking about who is going to make an offer on that corner property. I'm guessing that apartment building will be coming down.
  3. Don't think construction will be slowing on this site anytime soon, drawings just came out for these two buildings (sorry don't have any renderings to pass along):
  4. I wonder why they didn't use Dixon for this, seems odd to go away from them now. Orion has a bad habit of straying from the renderings in the name of 'value engineering'.
  5. Why am I having a hard time believing your username...
  6. (the area to the left of the parking deck along Monroe is called out as a future building site, the dimension from the parking deck to the inside of the sidewalk is 49')
  7. If that were me, I'd have to have a fireman's pole running the full height of the hous... ummmm... house isn't the right word... ski chalet.
  8. 8'-8" to be exact. Looks like they are building a 'new' roof and then adding a parapet around the building to hide the extra height.
  9. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it's Kerkstra, I took a plant tour there a few weeks ago and saw some of their tables with this building curing.
  10. That was just a blown up image of the same south elevation, highlighting the note saying there is the potential for retail/restaurant. It is this section of Lyon:
  11. At least one floor. Tough to see the dimensions I know, but level 7 (existing penthouse) was about 81' above grade, now to the top of the screen wall it'll be about 109'. Also, the yellow lines are where there will be exterior lighting on this building, so all the new bumpouts will be lit to stand out at night, I'm thinking it'll be a nice touch. And there is also this:
  12. It would have to take the title of curviest street from Lombard in SF. I don't think there would be enough horizontal depth to get from Division up to Fairbanks with the number of switchbacks they would have to install. Maybe they could do something like a car funicular... Besides, I believe the long term plan is to have a board walk that starts down on Division by Lookout Park and winds it's way up to the Hastings/Coit intersection. They have already started part of the path up on Hastings.
  13. Boiler Up! Sure would've been nice to have something like this in walking distance of Cary Quad back in the day...
  14. Progress in Ada: And the rendering comparison:
  15. Here is the drawing showing the future tower phase would be built over the north section of the parking ramp, independent of the office building that would line Oakes. (north is pointing to the right in the drawing)
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