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  1. Let's take the title of curviest road from San Fran!
  2. Looks like that skywalk would attach into the the north side of the Brassworks building
  3. I was just in Greenville about a month ago, it did have some strong GR vibes, or GR has some strong Greenville vibes, either way The wife and I flew into Asheville and travelled around the Carolinas, Greenville was probably our favorite stop, Asheville the least favorite.
  4. Could be expecting to see some movement here soonish. As a refresher, project location is north of the FinkelEinhorn Hall: Don't have any new renderings to pass along unfortunately.
  5. I feel pretty much the same. It doesn't make sense to me that this is the best use of this land.
  6. It would be a killer place to organize a murder mystery dinner!
  7. I'm sorry to report that is just a metal panel screen wall for the mechanical equipment.
  8. The shorter part of the building (under the big reddish circle) is going to come down. Then they will build a new expansion that will be about the area of the shorter building plus almost all of the parking lot to the left in the picture above. Also, looks like they will be pulling down the facade and updating the look, the Guitar Center facade will be getting the same update.
  9. This isn't a guess based on the drawings I'm currently looking at.
  10. That's the first name that popped in my head too! Maybe we need to get our heads chckd...
  11. Could be for the parking garage cover if the crane is south of Michigan.
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