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  1. Chik-Fil-A coming to the empty lot in front of the Cascade Meijer.
  2. Progress shot of the hotel going up in Ada:
  3. New project being proposed in Holland, somewhere on 7th street:
  4. Beams being flown yesterday, and with all the steel laying on site I imagine a lot of progress has been made since then.
  5. The brand must be expanding into the Grand Rapids market, there is one kuming to 2134 Alpine Ave NW as well.
  6. Pure speculation here, but I've noticed that the postal service has recently added themselves to this sign that used to be Knoll's on 36th street. Move incoming? Any one have any info on this? Who can we petition to get them to move their operations downtown to this location? Easy highway access and close proximity to the airport.
  7. Ada House Hotel stair cores are currently going up: This will be building A4/A5 in the below Ada town plan: Also there has been fencing put up and a lot of earthwork on the townhouse/ apartment area to the east of the developments pictured above:
  8. Interesting, so this is across the street from the development they've been building the last few years on the bluff. Looks like with the 600 Fairview buildings they are continuing the townhome look that is just south of Trowbridge that Artesian did a few years back.
  9. Not sure about reno to existing field house. This expansion is a new gym, locker rooms, weight room and new entry area.
  10. It's pretty much just an expansion of the field house.
  11. Gun Lake is likely going to be busy with their property south of Wayland to get too involved with anything downtown anytime soon. Their casino could potentially be much more visible from 131 in the near future, like Firekeepers visible, just on a smaller scale. I don't think they would want to vulture themselves by drawing people away from their current location. https://www.500nations.com/casinos/miGunLakeCasino.asp I didn't want to say anything because it hadn't been announced as far as I knew, but I just found this article so it must not be too big a secret, too bad they don't have a rendering of the hotel.
  12. That's exciting! Now if the racing games I've played over the years are accurate, there should be a ramp installed somewhere on 131 that'll jump me into the parking garage for a major shortcut.
  13. That's funny, pretty sure they already have foundations in the ground... I'll try to nab a picture on my way through one of these days now that's it is light enough when I drive through after work.
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