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  1. ...Except for those who oppose the project in order to have a talking point that they can use against moving forward with this. A lot of twisting of facts to support their argument.
  2. Anyone else notice the second crane going up on top of the Children’s Hospital?
  3. Just FYI...City Council projects that they will vote in the NH project on 24 Feb 2020 according to the Richmond Free Press.
  4. I think this is great news! Who would have thought 5 years ago that Wegmans would even open a store in the Richmond area and now there is not only one, but 2 stores. AND on top of that, they are about to build this massive distribution center in the area as well. A lot has changed for Richmond in the past decade! I just hope Richmond can continue to ride this wave to the point where it actually becomes a place people across the country know about Richmond and can speak very fondly of it. Would love to see it become a real destination location! Wegmans showing confidence in the area certainly helps!
  5. A shoutout and congratulations to one of our own here in this article. Make this Development a good one! This is a nice update on this Manchester development. Too bad there aren’t any big cranes there, but it makes sense being that it’s only a 5 and 6-story building. https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/12/11/developers-of-the-current-in-manchester-strike-management-deal/
  6. This is a great piece published by the NH Project folks that answers (very well, I might add) the 15 questions that were brought up in a Style Weekly article a few weeks ago regarding the Coliseum and the NH Project. Really, to me, this project just makes sense if Richmond is to be greater than what it is. People who are against this don’t understand economic development and how it works and are effectively saying, “Richmond is closed for business.” Just my two cents. https://navyhillrva.com/15answers
  7. Yep! And I’m jealous for Richmond. This is a SPECULATIVE build too! Wish Richmond’s economy was doing that well!
  8. Honestly, I’d much rather see a taller, thinner residential tower be built in the Central Business District. Wonder if that will ever happen?
  9. Looks like City Council has hired their own independent consulting firm to study the NH Project. It’s the typical study of the study of the study because no one can make up their own minds...they don’t know how to do their job! This move just costs more time as this firm will now have 90 days to review the proposal. I think that makes at least three independent groups to do a study of this proposal and this one is clearly a waste of money (~$190K)!! Just get on with the vote already!! No one really cares anymore, so just vote “yes” and build it already! https://www.richmond.com/news/local/richmond-city-council-selects-consultant-to-review-b-navy-hill/article_170921d9-fa74-54f2-b02a-3d93feaf4fc1.html
  10. A cool Navy Hill video - contains cool renderings. A must see. I’m onboard, but I don’t count.
  11. Well, Richmond needs new developers that have grander visions. I’m tired of seeing the same ol squatty buildings with designs that are usually lackluster (not every development). Developers need to help Richmond progress to the next level of city. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Well, that’s unfortunate...and then again, what do I know... Is it because developers think that NH will saturate the market with everything leaving other developers with nothing else to build ( in other words, too risky for them until they know how NH will be received)?
  13. Well, it looks like it won’t be until at least March 2020 before we know, one way or another, whether the Navy Hill project will finally be built. Council is hiring an independent contractor to review the plan which will have 90 days to provide council a verdict on their findings. Funny, because despite all the objectivity the council is seeking, no matter what the findings are, at least two members of council will vote “no” on the project. So why even go through the objective studies if it won’t cause council members to vote one way or another? It seems like just a waste of time. Anyway, happy waiting! Reference article below: http://m.richmondfreepress.com/news/2019/nov/22/pushback/
  14. I believe that developers are standing by waiting to see if the Navy Hill project will pass before any more development projects are announced downtown. I think the NH project is big enough to influence developers’ appetite to build more and refine exactly what they build downtown. Perhaps developers will follow the example of Navy Hill and go with bigger plans if the NH project passes knowing there will be more people living in that area. It may also present the chance for developers to build taller around that area as well. I also can’t help to think that Monroe Ward is on the verge of exploding. So, to me, I think there is a lot of potential, but to what extent will be dependent on what happens in NH. Hence, virtual radio silence regarding development plans downtown. I would LOVE to see a developer build a tall mixed use tower with office, hospitality, residential, and retail in the form of Richmond’s signature tower. I think now is a good time to do it while the economy is still doing well! Just need some forward-thinking developers with big cajones to do it!
  15. I just learned that Singapore has the tallest car vending machine at 15 stories. To have a 12 story vending machine in Richmond is quite impressive!
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