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  1. Yeah, just read the RTD article saying that Bally's can't pitch an alternate site...none of the proposers can pitch an alternate site because it wouldn't be fair to the other 2 proposals still on the table, nor to the proposals that have already been eliminated. My opinion is that Bally's is feeling the pressure of the NIMBYs (Richmond residents are very good at this) and they see that their site is their Achilles Heel...and might not be able to win this thing with their selected location. The article also mentioned that the site in SA (the LIVE! Casino proposal) is also getting a lot of opposition. The Urban One proposal is receiving the least opposition, but the opposition it is getting refers to the negative impact it would have on the poor black communities nearby. Gee...Richmond will find a way to screw this up and no casino will get built. It's really frustrating to see that most people who are opposing the casino projects cite this reason or that reason, but then when the developer resolves their concern, they still say they are against the casino (as if the reason why they cite is just a façade and they have no other real reason to oppose it other than they just don't want a casino at all). It's ridiculous. SMH
  2. Wow! Great points and perspective. For this particular rezoning...I’d really like to see buildings taller than just 5 stories here, but it looks like there is tons of space around this future development that it doesn’t require anything taller. What a shame. That needs to change.
  3. Wow...so sudden! Can’t believe it. He had great vision for Richmond. Sad indeed.
  4. Very true. You can just sense a renaissance occurring in Richmond as you drive through - it’s fantastic! It’s such a nice change!
  5. I’ll go second - I don’t find casinos depressing and lame...as long as they are done right, up-kept, and continue to provide great entertainment, etc. I’ve lived out west and points in between and I’ve seen casinos be super cool, but I’ve also seen them be not so cool. This is why this selection has to be a good one. Casinos of today are not like casinos of the past (dark, smoky, with cheap flashy lights)...no, modern, nice casinos can actually be family friendly and destinations of themselves. In fact, there is usually so much more to do than just gamble. I see it as a good tourist draw for Richmond. So, if I were a city resident, I would vote YES for a casino no matter which one of these three plans is chosen...although I have preferences. I would take the Cordish or Bally’s plan any day. I’m actually leaning more toward Bally’s now. They really have a nicely planned project. I’m just not completely sold on it’s selected location. I’m torn between a city casino or one that’s out of the way a bit. Not sure which would be most successful and best for the city. I still think that Urban One’s location is the worst...and it’s design stinks. Some of its programs are intriguing though...and it is the smallest of all the three designs left. I just don’t see that location as very good - at all. Nestled between DuPont and PM...wow, what a terrible and stinky location - who would want to go there? Just think of the views...uh, no!
  6. In case you didn't read it due to the paywall, the RTD had a small article on the new daily Southwest route from RIC-DEN that starts 9 May. Here's an excerpt that talks about the other west coast flights from RIC you might find interesting:
  7. I drove through Richmond on I-95 South from NOVA this afternoon and I gotta say...the Opus development and its crane is VERY visible from the interstate. In fact, it sits directly and prominently in front of you when headed south at one point. I could also easily pick out the STEM building's tower crane as well as the new one in Scotts Addition (Graystar)! Then, as you approach the downtown center, you see the 3 for the Children's Hospital and the new GAB. It's was rush to see all the action! I would have taken a photo if it wasn't for the fact that I was driving and didn't want to get into an accident. But man, it is so cool to see all the cranes! Hoping for some more soon...and some taller ones would be nice!
  8. Wow! Is Greater Richmond vacant?! That's a lot of space just sitting there empty!
  9. I kind of think they were thinking the same thing. It's not that the city was denying the Pamunkey plan...it's just that the Pamunkey has a way to build a casino even if it is denied via referendum. At least this way, Richmond could possibly end up with two casinos...although taxes wouldn't be able to be collected on the Pamunkey casino if they go the "long" way via Federal permission because the land on which the casino would sit would convert into an Indian Reservation (the state/city can't collect taxes on anything sitting on that land). The only "positive" the city would get out of the casino from the Pamunkey built the long way would be tourist draw in the hopes that tourists visiting the casino would also visit and spend money in other parts of Richmond.
  10. Well, I don't think it is official yet. AV-Geeks everywhere have been chomping at the bit to find out what airports Breeze will be operating out of, but nothing official has come out yet (not that I have seen). A lot of it is speculation and I have seen where people have been saying that either RIC or ORF will get it...or even both. If ORF gets it, that will be disappointing as I think RIC has a more central location in the state for all of Virginians. Not sure how much the airport is courting Breeze either, so we shall see. I'm not taking the post above as Gospel until I see it in an official announcement, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.
  11. If Dominion Energy is not gong to pursue their second tower, then this might be a good thing. It really is a prime place to put a signature tower. Who knows, they might sell it to a developer who can build something taller than what Dominion Energy was planning! I'm just not sure Dominion is going to abandon their second tower just yet. They spent a lot of cash to develop the design, etc. Seems like that would be throwing money away if they abandoned it. It may be that the tower is just delayed...significantly.
  12. In other news (which is good for RIC), Southwest is going to expand at RIC again! On 9 May, Southwest will begin daily nonstop service to DEN (Denver)! Finally, Southwest is making moves at RIC! You have to scroll down pretty far to see the Richmond bit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/book-today-southwest-airlines-takes-off-for-myrtle-beach-sc-beginning-may-23-fares-as-low-as-69-one-way-and-golf-bags-fly-free-301256155.html
  13. If true, then Yes! Missed opportunity because it was thought that RIC would get Breeze. Breeze might still come to RIC and serve both airports...which I hate when that happens.
  14. Nice Urban One video...here’s Bally’s video: And here is Cordish’s video: Richmondlive.com
  15. More news on the casino development. Looks like Council Member Jordan who represents SA is a hard no against the Cordish plan. Also looks like there are a few virtual meetings next week if you’d like to join and learn more (see more info in link below): https://www.nbc12.com/2021/03/24/casino-resort-proposals-move-onto-next-phase-selection-process-richmond/
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