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  1. Go ahead with the demolition. This will just position the lot (if DE doesn’t start building on it immediately) as a prime location for a signature tower!
  2. I’m really encouraged by this news and hope that the pandemic doesn’t slow this project down.! I’m also glad to hear that construction is still an essential business in Virginia and that things are still being built. I know that once the restrictions are lifted, things will get back to normal really fast. Hopefully, we are back where we left off in short order.
  3. My hope through all of this is that somehow, Richmond comes out of this positioned economically stronger than before all this started!
  4. Yep, probably no mention of any economic development projects for a good while. This is devastating to us “tower heads!” I just made that up - it’s not a real term...unless I just coined it!!
  5. Heard the old tower will be imploded on 30 May 2020 to make room for a brand new tower...or parking lot, depending on Dominion Energy’s mood.
  6. I don’t know how to pin a new thread at the top, but these links would be worthy of pinning (I think admin has to do it).
  7. I just watched the national championship game again!! Love my Hoos!!
  8. You should really check out these web cams: Children’s Hospital: https://app.oxblue.com/open/dprvirginia/vcuhnewchildrenshosp View from Libby Hill: https://public.workzonecam.com/projects/purcell/2525mainst/time-lapse/archive?archiveId=Home VCU Adult Outpatient Tower: https://app.oxblue.com/open/vcu/vcuhsadultoutpatientfacility Dominion Energy: https://public.workzonecam.com/projects/hourigan/dominionworkplace/time-lapse/archive?archiveId=Home New General Assembly Building: https://virginiageneralassembly.gov/GABwebcam.html RIC Airport Construction of Concourse A (also my favorite web cam!): https://public.earthcam.net/WMSchlosser/richmond_airport_terminal_expansion/richmond_airport/panorama_-_regular Enjoy!
  9. Here’s a link to show your support for the Pamunky casino. Provides some details of the project. Check it out: https://www.allinforrichmond.com/
  10. Yeah, he mentioned that he realized that SLC was the only game in town for miles and miles. I guess it was an example of what RIC could be? I agree that it’s not a great comparison...SLC is just a similarly sized city as Richmond (similarities end there though) - SLC draws people in from so many who live in that general area of the country making it prime for a hub such as it is. RIC does have a good pool of people to draw from though, it’s just that there are many more options available to travelers and RIC has to be competitive to win their business, which it CAN do...it’s just more difficult. I’m just afraid that it may not be trying hard enough. It does have a lot going for it though: Richmond is the state Capital (the government center, robust business and education center) and it’s location in the state is very advantageous to be a viable airport option for most people living in the state. Just got to sell people on flying out of RIC instead of the other options out there. How do you do it? Well, I mention several ideas in an earlier post above, but I think the primary focuses should be: driving costs down for the potential traveler (make flying out of RIC worth not going to a DC airport), offering a variety of direct flight options (to popular destinations...to include west coast and other popular cities - how is it that we still don’t have direct flights to New Orleans, Las Vegas, LA, Seattle, etc.? It’s because travelers go to other airports to travel to these places. People are going, they’re just not using RIC to get there because the direct flights aren’t there - RIC and the community need to change that), and RIC needs to market itself better to show potential consumers what it does have to offer and to show them that RIC is a viable/smart travel option. I’d argue that many people in Richmond proper, much less people in the surrounding areas, don’t even know what options they have at RIC. Based on my personal experience, when I talk to people about RIC’s options, most are surprised and didn’t realize RIC was an affordable option for travel. Most still think that RIC is too expensive and/or doesn’t offer the flights they want/need (while that may be true for some, for others, it is NOT true). RIC needs to fix that - fix how it is perceived and make it so that it offers the flights people really want.
  11. I Miss RVA - you are spot on! We get it...just hope that those in power do too!
  12. I just can’t handle it. This is my favorite time of the year for sports (love college basketball) and it’s being stripped from me (damn Chinese)! Why couldn’t this happen during baseball season - don’t care for baseball! LOL!
  13. Yes, sadly this is the case. The good news is that this will happen across the board and not just at RIC. Things will get better and RIC will recover! I don’t have a doomsday outlook on this outbreak yet...I’m hopeful things will return to normal sooner rather than later.
  14. Oh, I think it’s going to affect route expansion at RIC for sure unless things can be returned to normal soon. I did contact a friend who works at RIC yesterday and he said that there was no effect as of yet that he saw, but I do expect to see a decrease in passenger counts this month...unfortunately, breaking the growth trend RIC has touted for quite a while now. We shall see how this outbreak will affect the industry. Right now, I’d say it’s too early to tell what will happen. I’m hoping for the best!
  15. Okay, I have to step up on my soapbox a minute and air out a bit of frustration. Here goes: I've spent the last several days in Knoxville, TN , McGhee-Tyson Air Guard Base to be exact, which sits directly across the airfield of Knoxville’s commercial airport. I have to say, this little airport is busy!! First of all, my first impression of the airport facility was surprisingly good as it is very modern (glass curtain walls, awesome decor matching the area’s assets - they really have done a good job). My biggest surprise was from my observations throughout this week watching the airfield operations - don’t be fooled, this airport is busy! As I contemplated this, I wondered how many direct routes this little airport serves. After a short Google search, I discovered some surprising statistics - first of all, this airport has direct service to 29 cities!! What?! 29?!? How many direct routes does RIC serve? The answer is only 23! Then, I looked up Knoxville’s passenger counts. Last year, TYS served 2.5M passengers. While that is less than RIC, it isn’t less by very much. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that RIC was serving about that many passengers per year. I then discovered that Allegiant airlines was about to start several new routes from Knoxville in May, which is going to greatly increase their destination diversity and undoubtedly increase their annual passenger counts. My next thought was, “What is this airport doing, which serves a city about half the size of Richmond, that RIC is not doing?” I don’t know the answer to that, but I can tell you that If TYS can land the type of air service they do for a city half the size of Richmond, RIC should be able to do that and more! The population of Central Virginia greatly exceeds that of northeast Tennessee. Nashville, a major hub, is not far away and still this airport is able to thrive! So what’s RIC’s real reason for not being able to grow at faster pace? Not sure, but it might have something to do with it’s management. I just don’t think it’s aggressive enough nor do I think the airport’s image in the public’s eye is where it needs to be. This frustrates me to no end! I’d like to know what RIC’s plan for quicker growth is...or is there even a plan of this type? Really, after what I’ve seen this week, there is no excuse for why RIC is not miles ahead of where it currently is (and I’ve heard all kinds of excuses). It’s time to get cracking on some serious growth at RIC. We still don’t have direct flights to LAS yet! Knoxville does!! Someone needs to put the pedel to the medal at RIC and get the airport growing at a faster clip! I know my timing of this post is a bit unfortunate with the Coronavirus taking a grip on the country, but this is something the airport can contemplate for when things get back to normal. Get it done RIC! My wish list for RIC: - More diversity in direct flights to more destinations (west coast destinations - LAS is a good start) - More focus on bringing in new airlines, more options - Focus on helping airlines currently serving RIC, expand - Shoot for landing at least one international flight to start (London would be nice), but Canada, Mexico, somewhere in the Caribbean...something!! - Market, market, market!!! Market to all of Virginia to include markets in other areas closer to other airports! RIC needs to change its image so that it is seen as the best option for price, the best airport with the most direct flights, ease of use, the best alternative to the DC airports...and then it has to back up what it claims!! - Court the airlines to get them to take a chance on RIC - that it would be worth their money to do so! Be aggressive in doing so. - Somehow motivate the airlines to provide better service to the RIC customers (ex - it takes forever to get my luggage after my flight at baggage claim...why does it take so long?!? This needs to be fixed) [steps off soapbox]
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