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  1. Couldn’t find a good place to paste this link, but this Webcam has an AWESOME view! I just discovered it: https://public.workzonecam.com/projects/purcell/2525mainst/time-lapse/archive?archiveId=Home
  2. One can only hope! He worked in the Houston airport system, but came from Jackson, Mississippi...not exactly a booming airport. I’m cautiously optimistic that he will take RIC to the next level. I really hope he does!! I’d like to know what his vision is for RIC. The article only talks about him possibly improving the customer experience...maybe that includes more flights/increased options and an airport that far out-paces all other airports in Virginia outside of NOVA! I’d like to see him be aggressive on growth and expanded service! We’ll see what happens!
  3. Noticed they were doing some drilling on the site the past few business days as well. Surely a tower crane will be installed soon.
  4. Ooo, sorry I struck a nerve...not my intention. No, all of your degrees are valid...I’m just saying that most major universities (especially one with as many students as VCU has) also usually have a football program. Don’t get upset. I just happen to like football and think it would be good for VCU to add a program.
  5. Still can’t find a good webcam that shows the construction over there in detail. Surely one has to be put up soon. Goodness, this is a HUGE project for VCU...Wouldn’t make any sense not to!
  6. I would love to see VCU start a football program. Many close to the university say that it will never happen, but gee, what a missed opportunity to become a “real” university if not! I think there is quite a lot of support out there for one though. One of the reasons they say they won’t do it is because of cost, but that’s complete hogwash considering the money they are dropping on building new facilities in Richmond. No doubt, they would have trouble finding a place to put a stadium, but it could be done. I don’t know, the A10 is a basketball-centric conference. Moving to another conference might mean that they would have to seriously consider a football program and I’m not sure they will want to do that. My bet is that they will stay put in the A10.
  7. That’s the baby pool for the extrmemly high dive off the crane!! Really though, what is that baby pool for anyway?!
  8. Saw these on Reddit too! These are both great!
  9. Nope...you’re right. I was hoping based off the rumors out there. Maybe the next one in July. I’ve heard he will release it in June/July.
  10. Will this Monday be the day the Mayor presents the new arena deal to City Council? This article suggests that it could be! I guess there will be more to follow: http://m.richmondfreepress.com/news/2019/jun/21/new-coliseum-plan-launch-monday/
  11. From the RTD yesterday regarding the Goldman FOIA request. I think this is a set back for some of us “pro new arena folks.” Richmond judge again rules against Stoney in effort to withhold coliseum records A Richmond judge this week sided against Mayor Levar Stoney for a second time in the mayor’s effort to withhold documents related to a proposal that would use property tax revenue to pay for downtown development that includes replacing the Richmond Coliseum. Paul Goldman, a lawyer and former chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, said he now has the records he wanted from Freedom of Information Act requests he made to the city in May.... ...Goldman ended up paying $250 for his FOIA requests. He said he’s close to gathering enough signatures to put the redevelopment plan on the ballot for voters to decide this November. “I want to give people a chance to vote on the Coliseum project,” he said. “It will give people a chance essentially to say that they don’t want to do this kind of financing.” In 2017, Goldman successfully led an effort get a resolution on the ballot for Richmond voters related to schools. Voters passed the resolution, which called on Stoney to create a plan to modernize city schools without raising taxes or say that such a plan is not feasible.... ...Officials in the Stoney administration have said they are continuing to negotiate a deal and have declined to release the proposal. Asked by email Friday if the mayor wishes he’d simply turned over the records to Goldman, Stoney spokesman Jim Nolan said the mayor had no regrets. “The city continues to evaluate its position in consultation with the city attorney and will determine what, if any, additional actions are necessary to protect its legal interests both in the present case and with respect to future matters,” Nolan said in an email. I’m not exactly sure how this might affect getting a new arena, but from my point of view, it’s definitely not helping.
  12. The crane-assembly show is on today. See Hike’s link above!
  13. Watching the web cam and pieces are arriving to the site! It looks like they will begin assembling the tower crane today!
  14. The VA GAB is going to look amazing when they are done with it! I’m excited to see this one being built. Plus, it’s not going to be short at about 15-16 stories! The architectural design of it is what I like about it the most though!
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