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  1. New Richmond Arena

    I don't know...have you ever been in the federal building? I was last in there some 20 years ago and it was a dump then, who knows what it looks like now. Outside...well, it could use a facelift at the very least.
  2. Richmond's Suburban Developments

    I think its funny that this project carries a code name...for 221k sq feet?!? Not sure it warrants a code name, but whatever. Glad to see more industrial build-up happening. I wonder who will really occupy the space?
  3. Amazon HQ2

    Maybe with that one aspect, but even that is not a guarantee. I’d much rather see it in NOVA as I think Richmond would benefit from it being there even more. That’s who I’m pulling for at this point.
  4. Amazon HQ2

    I, too, am not surprised Richmond is not on the list, but I was afraid to see Raleigh on the list. I really don't like the NC cities and I don't want Raleigh to land this HUGE deal. Right now, I sort of see Richmond and Raleigh being somewhat of similar cities and landing this would project them into a whole new sphere. To me (in my head), it's an economic competition between Richmond and Raleigh and right now Raleigh is winning. Richmond needs to get on it! Call me crazy.
  5. Manchester Development

    Just a Manchester update - if you haven't noticed yet, the tower crane at the Reynolds South residential project has been disassembled and removed. So, no more tower cranes in Manchester at the moment, which I think needs to change. BTW, there is no ugly, white box warehouse worthy to be called historical. I agree, tear it down and just start from scratch! Thanks for the update.
  6. The Tri-Cities Area

    Yikes! Is this the construction site that caught fire? Whoa!
  7. Museum Developments in Richmond

    Thanks for posting all the new photos! These are all awesome!
  8. Looks like they are removing the scaffolding from the concrete elevator shafts today. Can’t see but so much in the web cam, but that’s what it looks like.
  9. New Richmond Arena

    I get what you’re saying and it is true that nothing spurred economically around the new Coliseum in the early 70s and 6th Street Marketplace back in the 80s. However, there is a very good logical explanation for their failures and that is timing. Timing is everything and if these projects were built during other times in Richmond’s history, they might not have failed. The problem with these projects during the time they were built is that this was a time when people were moving out of the city. The city was bleeding people during these times and no one was really moving into the downtown area and no one was making any investments downtown. These projects were attempts by the city to stop the bleeding of people moving into the counties and it turned out to not be enough. Downtown Richmond went into severe decline. It is true these project didn’t spur any new economic activity, but the flow of investment and people were already headed out into the counties (it’s was like trying to swim upstream). Today, the situation is just the opposite. People are flocking back to the city and investments are being made in the city everywhere! With a new arena and other projects like the ones being proposed will only help catalyze the growth already occurring. I sincerely believe that you will not see the same result this time that you saw with projects of the past. The conditions are right and it only makes sense for Richmond to ride the wave of economic growth while the growth is in full swing and growing. Call me super optimistic, but I’m pretty sure that this time, it will be different!!!
  10. New Richmond Arena

    Thank you for posting (I thought I was by myself for a while there) and thanks for offering to go the one of the workshops. Personally, I'm all in favor of what is called for in the RFP. It would be great to see more density in the area (with respect to residential), a large/tall hotel, a very nice (and aesthetically pleasing) arena, and a cool-looking (and very functional) bus transfer station. If the development team can do anything to house any of the city operations in that area, that would be a plus! Otherwise, I'd like to see what they are thinking of proposing, so if they have any renderings or concept ideas you can take photos of or provide details on, that would be fantastic! I do find it interesting that out of the (mentioned) 23 entities the city said was supposedly interested in submitting a proposal, it is only this development team that is actually doing what is called for in the RFP with respect to community input/outreach. Does that mean that this will be the only proposal submitted? Not sure, but I find it interesting.
  11. Richmond's Suburban Developments

    Powhatan County is looking at some exceptional growth in 2018. The westward development trend will continue as evidenced in this article. Check it out: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/central-virginia/powhatan/powhatan-today/full-of-potential-growth-for-powhatan-county/article_0538eef6-f5c6-11e7-a0a3-733ac4de5c85.html
  12. New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    Deleted. Placed post in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  13. New Richmond Arena

    Looks like there is some movement going on with respect to this development. Looks like Tom Ferrell's development team (NH District Corp) is wanting community input on their proposal in order to meet the requirement in the RFP of involving the community. There will be community engagement workshops at the following times and locations: The meetings run from 9-5: Saturday, Jan. 13: Cedar Street Baptist Church, 2301 Cedar St.; and Six Points Innovation Center, 3001 Meadowbridge Road. Saturday, Jan 20: Black History Museum and Cultural Center, 122 W. Leigh St.; Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4103 Monument Ave.; Belmont United Methodist Church, 3510 Broad Rock Road; and Westover Hills United Methodist Church, 1705 Westover Hills Blvd. I would love to get a report from one or some of you locals regarding what is presented and how it is received. Anyone up to the task? Here's the article I reference: http://www.richmond.com/business/local/public-meetings-planned-for-richmond-coliseum-downtown-redevelopment-plans/article_d7ca32df-b18c-5258-81c8-d5db7c2ed1c4.html
  14. Richmond International Airport

    Many of you may have seen the announcement that United Airlines made a couple days ago that they are to begin daily direct service from ORF-DEN (Norfolk to Denver) on A319 aircraft. This is good news for their area as they have not had this type of service before at ORF (at least not recently)! Anyway, RIC already has this service which started back in April 2016 on Embraer 175 aircraft (seats about 76). Last year United upgraded the aircraft on this route (RIC-DEN) to Airbus 319s (seat about 125) and from all accounts, flights have been full. I just received word that, beginning in June 2018, United will operate 2 daily flights from RIC to DEN - one flight will be on an Airbus 319 and the other flight will be on an Embraer 175. This is super news as United is seeing the need to increase capacity and flights on the RIC to DEN route! Apparently, this is a popular route for Virginians! You can purchase tickets now on United's website - looks like there is now a new direct flight leaving RIC to DEN at about 8:10 am and arrives at 10:00 am and the other flight (which we've had for a while) is in the afternoon leaving RIC at about 4:17 pm and arriving at DEN at 6:07 pm (flight times may be slightly different depending on the day, but just know there will be a morning and an evening flight)! Now, go and book your flights! Fly RIC!!
  15. Richmond off-topic postings

    I just hope downtown Richmond can attract more high-paying jobs to attract more people and provide them the life they long for in an urban environment! Wish more DC companies would do what CoStar did or just move their HQs to downtown Richmond.