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  1. eandslee

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    I hear ya! It’s just good that Richmond is getting some now too. Hope this is the start of a lot more coming!
  2. eandslee

    New Richmond Arena

    Well, the Richmond Roughriders, Richmond’s Arena Football team is leaving Richmond for Wheeling West Virginia to clear the way for the Coliseum to be replaced with a new arena. Looks like this is really happening folks! It’s definitely a good sign. We may have lost an arena football team, but a new arena will bring in new/better teams and greater opportunities for Richmond! https://www.wric.com/sports/-it-was-a-total-honor-richmond-roughriders-find-new-home-in-west-virginia/1471904132
  3. eandslee

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    This is great news! I just wish that these huge data centers needed more personnel to run. Still, glad they are expanding their investment in the Richmond area!
  4. eandslee

    Scott's Addition Development

    I think he was referring to the columns not the crane.
  5. eandslee

    Richmond Banks

    There is some interesting shifting of employees and office space going on within Union Bank. I didn’t realize Union had employees up in Caroline County, nor did I know that there were employees in Innsbrook. Well, they are all either going to Innsbrook to fill up their 3-story building there or going downtown to fill up a few more floors of Three James Center. More moves will occur next year. This is interesting because it shows that the bank is growing, but I don’t think they are where they want to be yet. Seems like a posture for more growth and dealing with the growth they’ve already experienced. It’ll be interesting to see what their next move will be. Hoping it’s massive! https://www.richmond.com/business/plus/union-bankshares-adding-more-office-space-in-the-richmond-region/article_a4154281-bbd1-591a-92d4-46cec56b0328.html
  6. eandslee

    Scott's Addition Development

  7. eandslee

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Wow...seems really random that Richmond would sneak in on that list., but okay, I’ll take it!
  8. eandslee

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Please post a link when it comes out. It’ll be interesting to see what they have planned. I’m curious to see what’s really in store at Broad and Belvedere.
  9. eandslee

    Richmond Developments

    Just wish the developer would build something that is more in line with a quality density development. Also, word on the street is that this developer is also notorious for developments that aren’t so nice looking (for lack of better phrasing).
  10. eandslee

    The Locks at 321

    I have yet to find one. Would be nice though. I think the developer is too cheap to put one up. That probably gives you a good indication of the type of development it will be...but I digress....If you, or anyone else, finds one, please post a link here!
  11. eandslee

    Richmond International Airport

    This is the official news on last month’s record month: https://flyrichmond.com/ric-traffic-jumps-12-4-to-establish-a-new-july-record/ Looks like Allegiant will be extending its seasonal service to Nashville through at least February 2019. That’s very good news. Hopefully, it will lead to permanent service.
  12. eandslee

    New Richmond Arena

    Great article! We got an updated status on the arena development and we also got an overview of all the good things happening in Richmond. I love to read about all of the positive things that are happening. Richmond does need to figure out how to attract the young professionals better, but I think things are moving in the right direction.
  13. eandslee

    Richmond International Airport

    RIC probably just set a new record for passengers served in the month of July. It wasn’t the busiest month ever on record (that was in June), but July wasn’t far off. A comparison of the two months (June and July) shows that there was a difference of only 313 passengers served! July 2018 out-paced July 2017 by 12.44%!! That’s some pretty serious growth! An official announcement should be coming out soon, but until then, you can take a look at July’s stats here: https://flyrichmond.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/RIC-JUL18-Activity-Report.pdf After a quick calculation, if we continue on this trajectory the rest of this calendar year, RIC could break the 4 million passengers served mark this year! It’s going to be close. If we can do it, that would be huge for RIC!
  14. eandslee

    Richmond Developments

    Dang, what an emotional roller coaster ride there for about two minutes!! Disappointed this isn’t going in Richmond, but something like this needs to go in downtown somewhere. Thanks for keeping vigilant. We will land one of those cool projects at some point!
  15. eandslee

    Scott's Addition Development

    Wldcoupe4, is this the news you were talking about? Need Supply Co is moving its HQ from Carytown to Scott's Addition and will fill the old Evatran building: https://www.richmond.com/business/local/need-supply-co-relocating-headquarters-to-scott-s-addition-taking/article_3ceb372e-575f-5db9-b60d-68b39069ed55.html?utm_source=RTD Email&utm_medium=_Breaking NewsActive Subscribers&utm_campaign=_Breaking News My question is this...what happened to Evatran? I know they didn't get bought out by the Chinese company, but did they just dissolve and go away?