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  1. eandslee

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Well, the indoor mini golf is definitely unique to say the least (kind of odd), but all the reactions I’ve read about this project is positive. Does anyone know if this has been done before elsewhere? I’d like to see/read what it’s like and why it is or isn’t successful.
  2. eandslee

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Great report on how the GRTC Pulse is doing 3 weeks into its existence. Looks like it is exceeding expectations! Check it out: https://wtvr.com/2018/07/17/grtc-bus-data-shows-new-pulse-beating-goals-every-day/
  3. eandslee

    Richmond off-topic postings

    LOL! Well, in all fairness mini golf isn’t going to make or break a city. However, I’m game for there to be mini golf downtown as long as it works...I just didn’t know it was a “thing” and therefore thought it was a terrible idea. You guys have allowed me to see the light. So, pessimistic? Maybe so, but only because I was not in the know. I’m now optimistic about the project!!
  4. eandslee

    Richmond off-topic postings

    This one just seems odd to me. Is mini golf really a "thing" outside of vacationing kids and their parents? Maybe I'm just not in the "in" crowd, but I laughed at this article when I read it this morning and said to myself, "What a stupid idea - it will never work!" Am I wrong here?
  5. eandslee

    Tobacco Row Developments

    Looks like one of the E. Main/Pear St developments has been rejuvenated. Proposed now as just a 5-story building (was once proposed to be a 13- story building). Nothing fantastic, but good infill. Here are the details: https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/07/16/apartment-project-near-libby-hill-proceeding-new-developer/
  6. eandslee

    Richmond Sports

    Have any you actually read the Market Insider article on the Hunden Strategic Partners announcement on this subject? It’s actually cool how many times Richmond is mentioned! We are in the good company of many other cool cities! Here it is - take a look: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/hunden-strategic-partners-announces-top-major-league-cities-1027365607
  7. eandslee

    Richmond Sports

    Okay, then Cincinnati - Cleveland-Indianapolis...these are all cities that are fairly close to one another. Louisville May even enter that equation soon. My point is that even if Richmond doesn’t field a major league team now...we need to start thinking that we can do it or else it WILL never happen...solely because we think that it won’t.
  8. eandslee

    Richmond Sports

    Baltimore (not a huge city) is 20 minutes from DC and both have major league teams. Baltimore didn’t just roll over one day and say, “oh it’ll never happen in Baltimore - we are only 20 minutes from DC and 1.5 hours from Philly.” Sorry, I don’t buy “the two markets are too close” argument either.
  9. eandslee

    Richmond Sports

    Thank you! You are so correct! I hate the “we are too close to DC” attitude! Totally not a valid argument!
  10. eandslee

    Richmond Sports

    Okay, come on guys...I know it seems far fetched, but Richmonders have to realize that it isn’t. We need to start thinking like the big boy cities of this country if we are to grow and become a great city. Most great cities have major league sports - it helps put the city on the map, gets media attention, tourism dollars, etc. I can see how our region would qualify when you combine the Hampton Roads area since major league sports can draw from quite a distance away. Plus, Virginia proper does not have a major league sports team! Just because Richmond was a smaller city “yesterday” doesn’t mean that it isn’t in a big city trajectory and can become one! Don’t laugh! Charlotte was a small city once, then things started happening for it and now look at it! I’m sure people back in the day laughed at the prospect of Charlotte becoming any thing great. Again, the negative, old-time thinking of citizens of the Richmond area is beyond out of control. Just think what could happen if all the “it will never happen in Richmond” attitudes changed to “let’s make it happen” attitudes!
  11. Oops, I guess that is my fault...but this thread sort of fits because the financials have to do with the Dominion Energy property...well, at least a portion does. Sorry guys.
  12. Sounds like a sweetheart of a deal for the city! This is almost a no-brainer to me . I hope that Hunden comes back with a report saying that the numbers are good. To me, the numbers seem reasonable. Sorry, there were more quotes I wanted to add, but feared it would take up too much space.
  13. Looks like the city has hired Hunden Strategic Patners of Chicago to review the financials that NH District Corp presents as part of their proposal. They were hired on 25 June and are expected to be done in August. I posted some quotes from the article below: Hunden will issue a report of its findings to the Stoney administration in August, said David Rose, a senior vice president with Davenport and Co., the city’s external financial adviser. “If we get the report mid-to-late August and evaluate it, we'll have a little bit of time to talk with City Council members in advance of September's introduction," Rose said, referring to a timeline for advancing the proposal that the Stoney administration previously shared with members of the Council.... ....The Hunden study is a part of what Stoney characterized as his administration’s “unprecedented due diligence” on the proposal that could reshape downtown. But its findings may not matter if negotiations aren't productive, Rose said. "[Stoney] has said, 'Look, If I don't get something I like, irrespective of what Hunden does, then I'm not bringing it to City Council," Rose said.... ...."I wanted someone who was not tied to any of the entities that may be involved in the project," Stoney said. Hunden has worked with the city before. In 2013, former Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ administration studied potential uses for City Stadium at the request of the City Council. His administration commissioned a study of athletic uses for the facility that Hunden completed.... https://www.richmond.com/news/plus/stoney-administration-paying-chicago-firm-to-review-coliseum-proposal/article_8469c262-0707-5c6c-b451-0bb2b8a3b36f.html
  14. eandslee

    VCU Developments

    Glad I could help! They've broken ground and there is some equipment on site, but there are no cranes as of yet. You can zoom into the last image using the link below and get a general sense of what's going on there: https://app.oxblue.com/open/ACC/VCW
  15. eandslee

    VCU Developments

    Look at what I found!! ENJOY! https://app.oxblue.com/open/vcu/vcuhsadultoutpatientfacility