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  1. New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    I was able to read the article in the RTD today regarding the cost overruns on this project. It had me concerned for a minute because the article talked how the cost overruns have caused them to rethink who will be placed in the building when complete. They actually had to eliminate some departments from the new building because there is not enough money to build space sufficient for everyone. My concern was that they were going to make the building shorter because they cannot build as tall as originally thought due to the cost; however, it was clear in the article that, so far, the design and number of floors have not changed (phew!). Still, I think it could be a possibility if costs get any more out of hand. Also, the article provided a short timetable on the current and next phases of the project. The demolition phase that is currently ongoing is scheduled to end by the end of June. They will removed all the debris and then begin to dig down underground to prepare for the building’s foundation. By October of this year, we should see construction on the new building begin (I’m hoping a tower crane will be in place by then). There were some other tidbits in the article about the Old City Hall renovations and some information about a tunnel that will be built under 9th Street too, but I’ll leave out that part for you to read. I think I captured the parts most of us would want to know about. Here’s what the demolition looks like as of today:
  2. Richmond International Airport

    I saw the 60 Minutes program and I immediately discredited it. I've flown Allegiant many times from RIC and I've had no issues whatsoever with the exception of a late departure and a last-minute plane reassignment that caused some seat assignment issues. Other than that, their operation is really not much different than the other airlines (in fact, they are better in a lot of ways). I like Allegiant because it doesn't cost much and when I just want to get somewhere, it does the job perfectly. I'll mention something here that I posted on Facebook the other day after the Southwest fiasco that occurred this week - basically, I said that any airline can be subject to maintenance problems and no airline is immune (just this week, Delta had an issue with a RIC-bound flight that was diverted to Dullus...United, American...they all have maintenance issues that are never broadcast to the public). Anytime you step onto any aircraft you are taking a risk. The fact of the matter is that despite all this negative attention toward Allegiant this week, Allegiant has never killed anyone and Southwest just did. I have no issues flying Allegiant - it is regulated by the FAA just like all the other domestic carriers out there. I just think this was a case of the muckrakers at 60 minutes coming out with some potentially false information (not sure if other airlines were involved and put them up to it or what). However, if there really is a problem at Allegiant, the airing of this piece from 60 Minutes will hopefully serve as a wake-up call. As for me though, I still feel completely safe on Allegiant flights and will continue to fly with them.
  3. Proposed: The Belvidere

    Uphoff owns the property right next to the ICA. This property is across the street from the ICA. So Uphoff still has his property, but who knows if he really has plans to build a tower on it or whether he’s holding out for VCU to purchase it from him.
  4. Richmond International Airport

    Okay - great! When you get back, tell us what you thought and how full the flight was. Awesome, thanks!
  5. Richmond International Airport

    Have any of you had the chance to fly Spirit Airlines yet? If so, what was your experience like and how full was the flight in and out of RIC? Just wanted to get a first-hand account regarding how well the airline may be doing at RIC. Thanks!
  6. Richmond Region Transportation

    I'm looking forward to this system finally getting off the ground and running. I think it's going to make a big difference in the economic investment that is taking place along the BRT corridor. I expect to see a whole lot of density established along the route in the coming years...especially if the ridership meets or exceeds expectations. Opening day can't come soon enough.
  7. The Locks at 321

    Ah, now that makes more sense. Sorry, I was just feeling anxious. If they are just drilling holes for the foundation, that can be a long and boring process to watch. So, I copy and will stand down. I trust you all will have your eyes peeled for anything significant at the site when it happens. Thanks for the update!
  8. The Locks at 321

    Anyway for someone to go by and snaps some pics of this site? Interested to see what’s taking them so long to get things going.
  9. Richmond Developments

    Nice drive-by shots! Thanks for the photo update. I was wondering how this was progressing.
  10. VCU Developments

    Oh! Now I see it! Very good eye! Took me a second to figure out which page, but interesting to say the least. I wonder if it would really mean the city would get a Target? Maybe it’s just a generic storefront logo. Either way, I would have never seen this if it weren’t for you pointing it out. Thanks!
  11. VCU Developments

    What?! Care to elaborate? Otherwise, I’m confused.
  12. VCU Developments

    I just figured out my mistake. I totally thought this was the Adult outpatient facility. Sorry for my panic, but this is a welcome addition. We always knew VCU would build something there, but the rough drawing looks like a throw back from the 1960s... gross! Short term parking? Really?
  13. VCU Developments

    13 stories??? No, no, no, no!!! That is all wrong...we have folks who say it will be 17-18 stories. What the heck is going on??
  14. The Locks at 321

    Has anyone seen any movement at this site yet? Any site development? Any sign of a tower crane yet?
  15. Manchester Development

    I’m interested to see what this project will look like. I don’t have too much confidence that these developers will design something nice (I’m looking at you 321 Locks), but what is kind of weird is that in relation to downtown, this will sit directly behind the ugly Southern States silos blocking the view. The one thing that is encouraging is that the developers have applied for a rezoning that allows them to build taller than six stories. This all begs the question...whatever happened to the canal residential towers planned for that area (planned at 16 stories a piece)? Why haven’t developers moved forward with that project?