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  1. Good report! I hope the airport is always packed! Very promising news.
  2. Should this project have broken ground already? There was a lot of fanfare when the news of this was released…there was even preliminary coordination with the city to get this project moving and a goal to break ground in November. Well, that time has come and gone and I do t think I’ve seen anything happen on site yet. It is pretty close to the CoStar construction though. Anyone know anything? Have permits been filed? https://www.nbc12.com/2022/07/14/proposed-outdoor-amphitheater-come-downtown-richmond/?outputType=amp
  3. This is something else I didn’t know…until now:
  4. RIC just posted their statistics for October and I’m encouraged by seeing just under 12k passengers away from serving 400k passengers for the month. Haven’t seen that in a while! Also, the numbers for October is an 11.47% increase over October 2022! See all the stats for October here: https://flyrichmond.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/RIC-OCT22-Activity-Report.pdf
  5. Some great finds I found on Twitter regarding Henrico’s growth over the years: Also interesting:
  6. Check this out! Found these on the Henrico County Twitter page! I didn’t even know they were looking to move the security screening area, but this makes total sense and should have done this years ago!!
  7. Yeah, this article is great! I just wish that RBS would have done the story. I still think there is more for RBS to research and investigate regarding the airport. In addition to what Axios mentioned, I think it would be great to get updates on the new Cargo Terminal, the projected use of the 166 acres the airport bought last year at the north east end of the airport. What are the next terminal expansion plans and what would it take to get it started? Also, what is the airport doing to lure more airlines/nonstop routes/international routes (In addition to the international gate/customs upgrade)? What about the parallel runway that’s in the master plan….how far off are we to get that built? What is the airport doing to advocate better mass transit to the airport (such as BRT expansion)…the list goes on and on!! I’ve got more if you need the ideas!!
  8. I agree…especially with the hospitality industry doing so well. I’m not sure why Papa thought it was too risky. Perhaps there is something about developing hotels I don’t understand.
  9. The part of this article that hit me most was that they were planning to do a hotel AND apartments as part of this development, but they “chickened out.” This project could have been so much more, probably even taller, but again, this project was truncated. Papa also shares his view that developers are starting to put projects on ice. Some may continue, but there is much apprehension in the market on the part of developers. This could negatively affect development in Richmond, sadly.
  10. We certainly don't want to discourage tourism in Richmond by charging tourists more to visit (that's counter-intuitive)! 2% doesn't sound like much, but that could be the difference between a tourist group coming here to visit or going to Raleigh to visit (just assuming Raleigh doesn't have a said tax). There's got to be a better way.
  11. Perhaps we might need to start a Richmond Region Tourism thread. Anyway, I’m split 50/50 on this one. I like it, but in the other hand, I don’t like it: https://www.nbc12.com/2022/11/30/richmond-region-tourism-aims-hotel-fee-bolster-visits-area/
  12. The problem is that once something is offered for free, it's very difficult (nearly impossible) to get the same interest when reverting to charging normal fares again. It's just a tough sell. I have hope though.
  13. Looks like you can start flying to Provo/Salt Lake City, UT from RIC starting on 17 Feb 2023...the catch? You fly to SFO first as a "Breeze Thru." Same thing on the way back. While not a nonstop flight, it's the first time I've ever seen such a flight to Utah from RIC. Has this been advertised? I haven't seen any news of this anywhere and I wouldn't have known had I not gone on Breeze's website and was looking at how well all flights are being booked to and from RIC (which are looking pretty good for flights that are coming soon).
  14. Yep, sure is, which is really unprecedented! Never seen that in any other city! I would hope it would have been just as successful if the Pulse was not free, but surely the free fare has helped the ridership numbers. Hoping it remains successful, even when/if fares return.
  15. I wonder if the free fare to ride the Pulse has made it so successful. If it were a paid transit option (as it was originally envisioned), would it have been so successful? If they ever started charging for rides again, I personally think that ridership will decrease significantly. Just saying.
  16. A great video of the fog in Richmond yesterday as posted by ashtefer1 on r/rva Reddit:
  17. @I miss RVA - there were a few other construction photos Ryan Ramsey had on his Richmond City Watch Facebook page that I could not "place" in my head what projects they were, but please go there and check it out. Perhaps you will find photos that you recognize more so than I do. When you do, post them here on this forum. There are quite a few!
  18. Photo update of CoStar's new tower as of a couple days ago. Courtesy of Ryan Ramsey of Richmond City Watch:
  19. Pinecrest/Parc View update as of a couple days ago. Courtesy of Ryan Ramsey of Richmond City Watch:
  20. eandslee

    Shockoe Bottom

    This project is making great progress! Courtesy of Ryan Ramsey of Richmond City Watch: Bakery Lofts photo update. Courtesy of Ryan Ramsey of Richmond City Watch:
  21. Here's your photo, courtesy of Ryan Ramsey of Richmond City Watch (from his Facebook page):
  22. Hoping the "crazy" you mention is a crazy frenzy of economic growth and lots more announcements and groundbreakings of major projects in the Richmond area!
  23. There are actually a number of residents in NOVA who, recently, have been verbally against these popping up everywhere and they are gaining traction. This new resistance could be a boon for the Richmond area as there seems to be no resistance...in fact, these are encouraged in Eastern Henrico! Here's hoping there is a huge shift coming very soon from NOVA to Henrico!
  24. Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. I just returned from a cruise I took with my family for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone’s holiday was a good one! Good to be back home…and now, back on the boards!
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