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  1. I think it was considered for residential redevelopment at one point not too long ago. Can’t remember exactly why it didn’t happen though…something about contamination of the land or something like that.
  2. I think this is the best rendering of this project (stolen from Wrldcoupe4's post above):
  3. Then vote YES! You seem to say that it's logical to vote yes, yet you are saying that you plan to vote NO? That doesn't make sense!
  4. If you haven’t seen it yet, land for sale: https://www.nbc12.com/2021/09/28/large-real-estate-developments-chesterfield-richmond-sale-now/ What would you like to see go in here?
  5. It seems the tables have turned and ORF is busier than RIC as we come out of the pandemic (I think we’re coming out of the pandemic?). Before COVID, RIC was busier than ORF. The pandemic has not been kind to RIC probably due to the lack of business travelers. ORF has done better because they get a lot of leisure travelers (something RIC gets less of). If business travel picks up, RIC could come out of this funk…unless RIC starts getting a ton of leisure travelers somehow. Keeping my fingers crossed for something good to happen.
  6. Well, August 2021 showed the first decrease in the upward trend in passengers at the airport this year since February. With only 331,997 passengers served in August compared to 355,268 passengers served in July. The reason cited was the increase in COVID cases that slowed passenger traffic shortly after August began. I'm very much disappointed, but it is what it is. Just wish that there was more of a demand signal for more passenger service at RIC, but it's not showing that for the month of August. Here's hoping that September is better. I'm posting my very bad passenger tracker chart ag
  7. Great find! My guess is that this is just conceptual. Additionally, I don't think it will ever happen given how South Falls II was supposed to be office space and now they've switched it up to be all residential. Apparently, not many company leaders are willing to pay the extra taxes to move their business to the city. The city shoots itself in the foot. [eye roll] Would be nice though!
  8. Thanks for shedding some light Coupe! I have never heard of this until now (I’m obviously no expert), looked it up and wow…uh, yeah a gross receipts tax is terrible! No wonder we are seeing few companies move downtown! Who would want to be subject to such thievery on the business? Gotta hate government for things like this! Okay, I change my story - if I were king for a day - I’d get rid of this tax! Yikes!
  9. Since it's still tough to find companies looking for commercial space downtown, I can see this sitting empty for a long time...unfortunately. I can't wait until the downtown area can draw in businesses/large companies like it can currently draw in residents/residential buildings. Something needs to change to make this happen. Lower corporate tax rate? The city needs to clean up its governmental act/capability? What? If I were "king for a day," I'd try something. I'd start with lowering the corporate tax rate. While on the surface this sounds counter-intuitive, in the long run it would
  10. Well, I think the driver behind this is the inability for the developer to fill the original commercial space. Perhaps someone else on here can verify that. Now, they're moving on to something that is more guaranteed - residential! Sad that they couldn't get a commercial tenant. Richmond still has a ways to go to attract businesses downtown.
  11. True, but I’ve got to say how much I really do not like the top of the Children’s Hospital. That box on the roof looks dumb and out of place. Wish they could have hidden it better and incorporated into the design of the building instead of just plopping it in the roof. Seems like an after-thought.
  12. A great photo of the Opus project that is moving on up! Courtesy of u/rdt69420 on Reddit.
  13. Yeah, I logged into the meeting late, but they had already talked about development (I was wondering what I missed). Thanks for the report!
  14. That tower in Dallas - Novel at Turtle Creek though! Gotta add Richmond now to the list of cities! Nice!
  15. Disappointing, yes, but it’s income-based housing. It’s not going to be flashy. Also, it doesn’t have ground-level retail. A lot of people want to see income-based housing, but once the plans are released for one, people are upset because it doesn’t look market-value housing. What do they expect? It has to be built for less money for there to be any incentive for the developer to build!
  16. At least we have nonstop flights to LAX…for now. Hope that we see expanded service to west coast destinations soon. I heard that Breeze Airways may be the one to do it!
  17. I've actually heard RIC airport officials say the opposite - that with the growth of Richmond, the airport will likely see more air service. You're saying the airport needs to grow first and then Richmond's growth will explode thereafter. This is a classic case of the chicken and the egg. Obviously, these are two completely opposite opinions. So which is it really? Does the airport need to land a hub/expand service significantly first or does the metro area need to grow/see significant economic growth to feed the airport's growth? Just genuinely asking because I wonder which theory is re
  18. Please forgive my Excel skills.
  19. The airport passenger numbers increased again in July 2021. July saw 355,268 passengers compared to 117,673 in 2020 (a 202% increase) and 386, 931 in 2019. Hopefully, August passenger numbers keep the trend upward and that the delta variant did not affect August passenger numbers negatively. After a quick look at some of the new flights on Breeze Airways and our transcontinental flights on JetBlue, the passenger numbers look steady on Breeze and strong on JetBlue. No new flight service this past month, but no discontinued service this past month either. I did see an aircraft downgrade on
  20. I don’t remember that store. But I did work at the CVS in Westover Hills in my lower 20s. My childhood days were spent in south Richmond around the Hopkins Road/Chippenham Parkway area. If it wasn’t in that area, I didn’t know anything about it (LOL!). I do remember when Chippenham Parkway was just two lanes and I distinctly remember seeing the machinery used to expand it all to 4 lanes! Good times!
  21. eandslee

    Shockoe Bottom

    I like the design too, however, if I had to change anything it would be the roof. I’m not seeing how the squared-off roof fits with the traditional angled roof all right there together. The angled roofline should be in top. That’s kind of weird.
  22. I remember Peoples and I also remember A&P. Additionally, I remember a fast food restaurant called Burger Chef - all in Richmond!
  23. Break it out! Let’s see your ideas…for fun, of course!
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