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  1. When I see photos of the Centennial Exposition I wish more of those buildings could have been maintained or rebuilt to be permanent structures like the Parthenon. It would have made for a fantastic park that could have included art galleries, performing art studios, exhibition/event halls and cafes. Much like Balboa Park in San Diego which borders the San Diego Zoo. If you're ever in San Diego put Balboa Park on your list of places to visit. It's a great place to just stroll around even if you don't want to do anything else that is offered there. It's a great place for locals and tourist.
  2. So, every time I see a photo of the days in Nashville when there was a street car/trolley system, I always wonder why did Nashville get rid of it in the first place? And, if it went outside of downtown just how far out from downtown did it go? Does anyone know the answers to these two questions? This photo of the original Maxwell House Hotel in 1915 was posted by MarkHollin in the Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs topic.
  3. I don't know how many of you are HGTV viewers, but I've noticed that they are using much better skyline shots of Nashville on the shows that feature buying or flipping a home in Nashville. They were stuck on that one singular view of the river and the AT&T building as the focus for far too long. Now their shots capture much more of the city than before and some are distant shots that appear to be from the airport area. They have attempted to capture the city from multiple angles. They have one shot that appears to be just north of Top Golf that captures all the bridges and skyline that's really cool. Anyway, just glad to see HGTV update their images of Nashville.
  4. I am so proud of Nashville for not ever letting this building be torn down. It is one of the iconic gems of Jefferson Street. I would have preferred for it to have been a public use space like an art and design gallery with working studios. But, that it will endure as a residential building for many more decades is also satisfying. I hope that it will be well maintained going forward.
  5. ^ Hmmmm.... let me do so digging around and see if I can come up with anything. I don't recall any announcements about building anything there. I wonder if it could be parking expansion because the new dorm under construction eliminates a good portion of a parking lot. That area has always been fenced in. I can't tell from the pictures if it's additional fencing. TSU didn't always own that land. It was purchased in by the university in the late 80's to provide a buffer between TSU and the housing project that used to sit between the campus and I-40. TSU tore down an apartment complex that sat on that property and across the street on another hill. It was called College Hill Apartments. It had become a drug infested area and TSU wanted it gone. There was an attempt to clean it up in the late 80's but it was a little too late at that point. The mindset about the complex was just to ingrained for people to get over what it had been. Sad part about was, the remodeled units were decent and provided affordable housing. TSU first purchased the land pictured above. When the attempt to remodel the other section which was on the hill to the southeast failed, TSU purchases that land as well. TSU thought about saving the apartments, but even with them being remodeled, they learned that it was mostly cosmetic. There were other issues structurally and infestations of practically every creature you could imagine.
  6. There was concern about whether TSU would continue with the construction of the new dorm considering the impact that Covid-19 is going to have on college enrollments this fall. Glad to see that the State and TSU are continuing to move forward with campus construction. We're starting to hear rumblings that a new building for the College of Engineering is being considered. I suspect if this happens it'll be more of an addition to the existing building, with a refacing to the existing structure. The current building that houses the College of Engineering is not that old. I believe it was built in the late 70's or early 80's. I can't remember it opened prior to my enrollment or if afterwards at what point during my years at TSU that it opened. I'm pretty sure it was open by 1982. The building was really nice when built. But as with most buildings with dark metal panels built during that time, it's appeal faded. I can see it being incorporated into a new buildings design.
  7. If Beaman stays on Broadway, they should consider doing something similar. This is what I have been talking about car dealerships needing to do to limit their footprint with vast sales lots. There are a couple of dealerships in Northern VA that use an empty multi-level garage at a now defunct shopping mall as their inventory lot. They maintain a showroom nearby, but take customers over to the garage to view available cars. It's perfect because the cars are in a covered space, which makes viewing the cars much better when it's exceptionally hot and when it's rainy or even snowing. The plan is to tear down the mall and build a town center complex. The parking structure is supposed to remain if it ever happens. I'm not sure if the dealerships will still be able to use it at that point.
  8. Photos of the new College of Health Science's Bldg at Tennessee State University. The exterior is done. The interior is still be finished.
  9. That may be the case and I have no issue with that, but the sign on the corner in the picture below is poorly placed and sized to me . At least I've not seen a photo yet that you can see the entire sign and make out what it says without having to zoom in on it. You probably can't see it from street level in that area because of the overhang for the balcony that is below it.
  10. The Four Seasons building is going to really add height to the center portion of this shot
  11. The river may be the focus of the Great Circle residential complex. However, some of the residents facing the south will have distant skyline views of downtown. It is unfortunate that they are doing surface parking without any type of design structure to soften the look of the parking lots. Solar carport coverings would be better than just a blah parking lot with trees in islands.
  12. I didn't realize my statement of preferring an NBA team would spark a mini-feud between some members. I understand why Memphis was mentioned, but I for one don't desire nor want Memphis to lose the Grizzlies "if" Nashville ever gets an NBA franchise. If for no other reason, you guys proved the rivalry would be heated. I don't think an NBA franchise in Nashville would take away from the Grizzlies. While the Grizzlies could lose some revenue from a decrease in sales of paraphernalia in Nashville, would that be that a significant loss? Also, there eleven arenas that have both NBA and NHL teams . One has two NBA teams and an NHL team (Staples Center). American Airlines Center (Dallas) - Mavericks and Stars Barclays Center (Brooklyn) - Nets and Islanders Capital One Arena (Washington) - Wizards and Capitals Little Caesars Arena (Detroit) - Pistons and Red Wings Madison Square Garden (New York) - Knicks and Rangers Pepsi Center (Denver) - Nuggets and Avalanche Scotiabank Arena (Toronto) - Raptors and Maple Leafs Staples Center (Los Angeles) - Clippers, Lakers and Kings TD Garden (Boston) - Celtics and Bruins United Center (Chicago) - Bulls and Blackhawks Wells Fargo Center(Philadelphia) - 76ers and Flyers
  13. Still prefer NBA in Nashville over MLB. But, should MLB expand in Nashville, it would be good to have a summer sport for locals and tourist, along with soccer.
  14. Another shot I'd prefer to see of the skyline over the river shots. And, hey this one still has a good shot of the batman building.... Thanks for posting Sean blackdog. Now, just imagine for a minute, if Nissan was enclosed and had a really unique roof...
  15. I've seen buildings in NYC under construction that are in the middle of a city block that's only two lanes, realistically one because of parking and delivery trucks. But, I've never seen NYC close off a street to build a new building. Or shall I say, it's very rare. The only time I've ever seen a street completely closed off is when the street itself is being modified as part of the development. One of the tall skinny buildings was built without closing off the street it faces. So, I don't get why Nashville would have to close off streets to build anything . I've checked into hotels in NYC that are basically surrounded by scaffolding to protect pedestrians and to allow the hotel to continue operations with minimal interference from construction. It's part of operating in the city. At times you'll have to deal with construction projects. The Hermitage should be negotiating with Tony on providing concierge services to the residential tower he wants to build. Not trying to block it. And, think about how many residents living that close to the Hermitage would stop in for a drink at the bar or dine in. Not to mention recommend the hotel for out of town guest if they don't have space to accommodate guests.
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