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  1. It would nice if they could keep the original portion of the structure that fronts the unnamed street and only demolish the part that is along Lindsley Ave. Also, it seems to me that the rendering featuring views of the skyline from the deck is misleading. I can't see how they would have those views even in a 5 story building. Maybe I'm wrong. But considering that the property is sitting on the low end of an incline the views of the skyline would easily be blocked by development in Rolling Mills Hill. I'm not even sure they would see the top of the buildings in SoBro if the view up Hermitage doesn't stay unobstructed.
  2. Walgreens acquired Reade in 2010 or 2011 if I recall. Walgreens left the stores alone pretty much until about a 2018. That's when new signage on some of the stores was changed to read Duane Reade by Walgreens on them. I suspect Walgreens will eventually phase out the Duane Reade signs. But Duane Reade is like an institution to NYC. Walgreens on the other hand had very few stores in NYC. So, doing a wholesale change out right away probably would have been a disaster for Walgreens. Walgreens should strongly consider following the DR model in cities like Nashville and Charlotte, where the residential population in the city core is growing. But in Nashville you also have a large tourist population to draw from.
  3. One thing that Nashville should try to sell prospective stores on is that not only is there a growing residential community in downtown, but with all the hotels you have a large tourist segment that they will also benefit from. When I travel to cities like New York and stay in a hotel that has a refrigerator in the room I tend to get my own soft drinks and juices because it's far less expensive than using the items supplied by the hotel. So, I typically find myself stopping at Walgreens/Duane Read to get beverages and maybe a light snack. In most parts of NYC you are within a short walking distance to a national chain store or even a local neighborhood market. You'll also find plenty of them that are open late hours and some that are 24 hours. I would imagine that tourist in Nashville would shop for the same reason at drug stores and markets located in downtown. Plus they will go to those stores if they forgot to pack certain toiletries, etc. I recently went in a Walgreens in NYC that also had a bit more grocery items than I'm used to seeing in their stores. It even had an area with fresh vegetables and meats. I'm sure that was done to address the growing number of condo conversion properties in the area.
  4. Does BNA have a Duty-Free store? Just wondering now that it appears international flights will become more of a focus.
  5. That's somewhat the idea. I like that too and I could see that type of signage in some areas. But I was thinking more along the lines of what I've seen in Orlando...
  6. Was in Nashville over the Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately didn't get to check out as much as I wanted in terms of development. So, not that many pictures. Below are two pictures I shot from the Diner around 1:30AM Saturday morning. I've been to the Diner a couple of times before but not after 1:00AM. I was surprised with the place being packed. Had a cool waiter at the bar on I believe the 6th floor. What I didn't like about being in downtown at that hour was the parking lot that wanted to charge $30. To say the least I said hell to the NO. I politely left the lot and drove across KVB and parked about one block south from there on the street for FREE. I would say walking two maybe three blocks was worth saving $30 bucks. I will say during this trip I could sense the density developing inside the CBD and in mid-town. If all the planned developments in the Gulch and SoBro come to fruition then Nashville will really feel completely different in short order. I went to Top Golf also, and we had a great time. But, I got excited just imagining the River North development being built just beyond it. In a previous posting I stated that I wished Top Golf was further north on Cowan. But, as I was hitting golf balls I thought about how cool it would be to see a small skyline of sorts just beyond Top Golf. I just hope that the entire area including the land between Jefferson Street and Woodland Street are eventually developed. It would be shameful for that area to remain as is. Other notes from my visit: 1) I'm really excited about the BNA expansion. Just seeing what is under construction now indicates that the airport will be vastly improved with more open space for ticketing and baggage claim. I like the way the new garage is lit at night. However, the color during the day is pretty blah. I'm giving it a pass for now, because I need to see how it will work with the other structures that will be added. 2) Went to Garden Brunch Cafe on Jefferson Street. It was absolutely the best part of my trip. We loved the food, the interior art work, the service and the overall vibe. What a jewel for Nashville. It totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you Trip Advisor for the recommendation. I highly recommend for everyone to go. Fortunately we didn't wait long, probably because we went on Friday at 10:30AM. However, I understand there can be a serious wait time. Also, they are only open Friday through Sunday. Hopefully that will change. 3) Love the drive along I-40 coming from Jefferson Street into downtown. The addition of all the buildings gives it a much different look. You feel like you're entering the core of the city not just bordering it. I truly hope develop will occur on the west side of I-40 to create even more of a big city vibe. 4) Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. C'mon Nashville put on your big boy/girl pants and approve some form of mass transit. Clearly the issue is not going to go away without a combination of road expansions and mass transit. The stretch of I-24/40 leading in and out of downtown is in desperate need of a fix. The volume of traffic exceeds that of the tight lanes going through that area. It feels unsafe. As does riding along the southern portion of the loop. 5) Finally you guys should start a fund to incorporate "NASHVILLE" spelled across the walkway bridges over the interstate near Jefferson Street and crossing over into Rutledge Hill. It's a visual that would be welcoming to visitors and bring some life to those structures. The same could be done to the I-440 bridge over I-65.
  7. This picture made me wonder, which side of 5th & broad would I prefer to live on... the east or west side?
  8. You're right. It's not McGavock Pike. It's Knight Valley Dr. Here's a google map clip of the area, which might make it clearer to people in understanding the location of the proposed extension. So, I'm assuming that the Genesco building will not be too close to the runway or the taxiway? It also looks like Monell's would have to be torn down. Clearly the Johnston & Murphy outlet store would have to go. Does Genesco use the remaining portion of the building to do anything?
  9. Funny that the Tennessean mentioned NYC's Bryant Park because when I saw Tony's renderings for ADDB, I was thinking how it would be cool to change Legislative Plaza into more of a park setting like Bryant Park. It's become a great gathering place for locals and some tourists. The cool thing is how they change it up throughout the year. It can go from being primarily a big green space to an ice skating and several local vendor shops in the winter. ADDB is a bit too small to accomplish all of what they do in Bryant Park throughout the year. But if Legislative Plaza is incorporated into a redesign, it would make for a great space for workers and residents in downtown.
  10. In the first rendering it would have been nice to see how the base of his building would fit into the design instead of leaving the wall space empty that backs the current park. But kudos for going beyond his original plan to show his commitment to appeal to those who want to see the "pocket" park stay.
  11. Zara store are a bit smaller than H&M and Uniqlo stores but that label might be a good fit. I actually didn't realize how limited they are in certain areas. I'm certain that if they can sustain a store in Annapolis, MD they can sustain one in Nashville. Surprised they aren't already in Nashville and Charlotte.
  12. I was thinking the exact thing. I've been in their NYC 5th Ave store and it isn't necessarily my style, but they are (in my opinion) of a better quality than H&M. I like how they change up the look of their stores on the outside. At least the 5th Ave store has different looks throughout the year. They are starting to enter various size markets. The have a store in Tyson Corner Mall in northern VA outside of DC and they opened another store in NYC in the Hudson Yards development. The currently have a pop-up store in DC to test the market. Outside of Florida, they still have nothing in the southeast. It's just a matter of time before they open in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and I suspect Charlotte and Nashville. The big question with Nashville is would they be willing to be the first to establish as a major retailer in downtown or would they opt for The Mall at Green Hills or Cool Springs?
  13. I recently joined friends on one of the riverboat tours along the Potomac River in Washington, DC. We boarded the boat on the waterfront in Georgetown. The tour boat we were on was more of a social boat than the typical tour boat with multiple rows of seats. The lower level was a bar with a dance area. The upper deck, which was totally open air, had bench seating around the perimeter and larger sitting blocks running down the center that were designed to create conversation groups. In other words, no theater style rows of seats. In total there were approximately 30-40 people on the boat. There was also a DJ playing music. I took the pictures below and thought I'd share them because it made me think of the possibilities for Nashville. I can see similar type of boats traveling up and down the Cumberland River when the River North project is further along in its development. The two hour boat road didn't seem like two hours at all. We initially traveled just north of Georgetown, then turned around and went south to just beyond the Memorial Bridge ending just beyond the Lincoln Memorial. Rosslyn, Arlington, VA (across the Potomac River from Georgetown) Rosslyn / Francis Scott Key Bridge Kennedy Center Washington Monument/Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Georgetown Waterfront
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