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  1. If only they had designed them like this on all four sides, so many wouldn't be so anxious to see them go.... No? Okay. Damn, I tried. I grew up with these buildings. So, I'll miss them lining the boulevard.
  2. That's the Buckingham tower and I think the developer is a company named Buckingham if I recall correctly. Just build it please!!!
  3. Any chance the 3 residential towers will be more than 25-30 stories? At least one in the 50-65 story range? Might be a good area for 3 tall and skinny residential buildings staggered at 50, 65 and 80 stories. Just wishing out loud...
  4. And, one has to wonder if Vanderbilt can pull it off with a dorm, why can't a developer in downtown? Just imagine the impact a similar building would have in downtown as a 30-40 story office or residential building.
  5. I thought it was illegal to block views of the Batman Building...
  6. I agree. And, with the way Bicentennial Mall is laid out, there would never be anything to obstruct the view of the Capitol. Combine Bicentennial Mall with the Legislative Plaza and the grounds on the east and west sides, there are ample views of the Capitol.
  7. Well, Amazon is claiming that its buildings in Arlington, VA are designed to be aesthetically and environmentally pleasing to the surrounding areas. So, I hope they will do something to address the bluntness of the parking deck on their second tower in Nashville. Maybe they'll find a way to grow trees and bushes on it so that it become an eco system as they are planning with their Helix Building. Which they are now claiming will be an extension of the walking trails of that area into their building....
  8. I agree with you. Except I do think the L&C is a great building. But, hey your likes, my likes, others likes are just that, our likes. No right or wrong in it. But to your point, people need to understand that preserving a view of a building in a downtown core just because it is iconic or even a nice looking building just isn't going to be the concern of other developers. Nor should it be the cities concern either. Too much of that got in Nashville's way as it relates to the Capitol. It was just absurd to restrict development because of the Capitol building. What benefit is there
  9. Doesn't Memphis still have Amtrak service? Nashville hasn't had it since 1979 and the city is hoping that the Biden administrations plan to expand Amtrak will go forward because it includes Nashville to Atlanta. The disappointing part is there are no plans to connect key locations in TN other than Chattanooga and Nashville. It just seems logical to me that Amtrak service should span the state and include Chattanooga, Cookeville, Jackson, Knoxville, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville and upper east TN (Bristol or Kingsport). That would be the key to reducing automobile travel to some degree.
  10. From what I'm reading on their website, I too don't think they are trying to create the next Disney, Six-Flags, Universal Studios, etc. I would put this more in the category of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. Which is a relatively small theme park that attracts families and obviously church groups. I've never been personally, but I know people who have been and they all said they thought it was fine and achieves what the theme is all about. I don't think they have any rides in that park. So, Storyville Gardens, sounds like a theme park that isn't going to be about thrills as its prim
  11. I agree. it would have been nice to see a design that addressed the shape of the lot more like the Flatiron bldg. An art deco brick base would have been nice. I like the proposed new building. It will have a major impact on that intersection and the area as a whole. So, many may not remember that prior to the existing building on the site becoming a RiteAid it was an Eckerd. At one point a dry cleaner operated out of the front space. I believe it was originally a Firestone automotive repair shop. I will miss the quirkiness of turning into covered parking. It did offer a bit of a
  12. How long was the McDonald's in that location? I'm not remembering it at all.
  13. Looks like some of the suburban office/residential areas around the I-495 beltway in the DMV.
  14. Eddie has already spoken positively about the prospects of hockey at TSU. He sees it as another opportunity to bring exposure to TSU as a whole and TSU athletics. And, as you stated, he sees it as a commitment to invest in TSU.
  15. If this has already been noted please forgive me for the repeat. Apparently the Predators are building a facility in Clarksville that will be part of a new basketball arena for Austin Peay. This was stated in an article about TSU pursuing D1 Men's and Women's Hockey. The article is pretty lengthy so I didn't want to post it here. So below I've posted an excerpt from the article regarding where would TSU play if it decides to move forward with hockey. In this portion of the article the APSU facility was mentioned. This article can be found here Inside TSU's plans to become the first HBCU
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