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  1. So, basically BNA will be going through construction expansion for the next 5.5 years? Or, will there be a lag between this BNA Vision (current expansion) and BNA New Horizons (the next expansion phase)? I just wonder how much, if any, of the current expansion work will be undone by the new expansion work that will follow..
  2. Has there ever been any real landscaping in the circle? I see what appears to be remnants of attempted landscaping. A combination of evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses and seasonal flowers would do wonders for it. Plant perennial flowers that will bloom in spring, summer and fall. Tulips or Buttercups in the spring. Day Lilies or Coneflowers in the spring. Mums in the fall. Use evergreens for year round interest. Are plant annuals during the various seasons. My HOA has a landscaper that plants really nice beds at each entry point into my neighborhood, in various medians and intersections throughout the neighborhood and around the clubhouse, tennis courts and swimming pool. This year they chose to to do large beds of marigolds at the entrance points into the clubhouse area. They are absolutely beautiful. Sometimes just a bed thick with one flower is all you need to create landscape interest. They've also used combinations of sun tolerant varieties of Coleus and Begonias to add summer long color with very little maintenance. There is a shopping center near me that has a circle with a fountain that is about the same size as the Sticks circle and they surrounded it with beautiful red and gold Coleus one year. That's it. Simple, beautiful and it didn't require a lot of upkeep once it was planted.
  3. Tennessee State purchased a piece of property on John Merritt Blvd for $1.3M. I know the building that sits on the property used to be a doctor's office. No word as to how TSU intends to use the property. My guess is there are no immediate plans, but it's part of TSU's goal to acquire properties as they become available in the area. I understand there's an article in the Nashville Post, but I don't have a subscription to read it.
  4. And, can something be built on top of the Sheraton Hotel parking garage? It's now looking like a waste of space being just a garage. I'm still mad that the original National Life Building (next to what was the new National Life Building and is now Tennessee Tower) was torn down and converted to a garage and surface parking. It was neo-classicism style building that looked really nice in that area. Rumors at the time was that National Life was going to build a second tower to match the new one. That obviously never happened.
  5. Voicemail: Hi, this is Louise Scott from Village Real Estate, I'm just following up to see if you have any questions following your tour of City Lights. Call me when you have a moment. Return Voicemail: Hey Louise, thanks for the tour hun! You are so right, there are stunning views from this boutique building. I'm going to enjoy those stunning views even more from my 31st floor unit across the street at Park Place. Looking forward to meeting my new neighbors in City Lights though. Hey maybe we should have alternating monthly roof top viewing parties! I'm going to love living downtown!!! Bye hun!
  6. I'm just imagining the visual impact it will have as you drive along I-40. This project along with the Reed property projects will elevate this portion of mid-town dramatically. At least the Hustler Hollywood sign will no longer be the tallest structure on the block ... LOL!!!
  7. Taken from a News Channel 5 story on BNA expansion.
  8. I know that if a MLB stadium is built on the TSU campus there will be traffic issues. But, let me offer a perspective as a person that has attended large events on the TSU campus since I was a child (covering mouth as I say 50 years ago)... One of the biggest (less than a day) events held in Nashville used to be TSU's Homecoming Parade. In the 80's and 90's it wasn't uncommon for 85K to over a 100K people to line up along Jefferson Street and John Merritt Blvd to watch the Homecoming Parade. One year in the early 90's MNPD estimated the crowd to be around 125K. I think it was TSU's 75th anniversary. One thing that I learned about navigating around the TSU campus was to never park in the interior of the campus, in the Gentry Center parking lot or in Hadley Park or any side street near the park. It was always best to park on the south side of the campus and make my way towards Charlotte Pike. When Briley Parkway opened west of the TSU campus that too became a direct route to get out of the area quickly. Any other route could easily take an hour or longer to get out of the area. Also keep in mind that for most of TSU's history, Ed Temple Blvd (previously Schrader Lane) was just one lane in each direction. And, Walter Davis Blvd didn't exist. So, when TSU played a football game on campus somehow the 16K upwards of 22K fans that showed up managed to navigate the area pretty well. When Ed Temple was widened to 2 lanes in each direction, it really helped to reduce traffic on a daily basis as well as during TSU events. The addition of Walter Davis Blvd running between Ed Temple and Centennial also was a major benefit as it allowed drivers a westward exit from the Gentry Center complex. If the TSU campus becomes the home of a MLB stadium (still a long shot in my opinion), I do think if people enter and exit the area using the multiple options to get there as opposed to navigating to I-40, then traffic can be managed pretty well. It will all be about educating folks to the options.
  9. I'll have to see if I can dig up anything as this relates to TSU. It could also be a means for TSU to get a new on campus football stadium in some round about manner. I personally hate football being played in a baseball stadium so I hope that is not the case. And, if I recall there was a statement by the group looking to bring MLB to Nashville that they want a baseball only stadium. But, could a partnership with TSU generate the funding that TSU needs to renovate/expand Hale Stadium. I know that there is $18M targeted for something with Hale stadium. What that is, I don't know. But it is a line item in a document I saw on funds appropriations for State Colleges and Universities. Also, since someone brought up the whole gentrification issue derailing the I-40 cap, I don't think this would be the same given that there is no housing currently in the area being looked at. If anything, it would be a way for TSU to increase alternative housing in the area for students. They could actually do like some universities and allow developers to build student housing for profit. It would eliminate the need for TSU and the State having to do it. Temple University did that with some of their land.
  10. For those of us without access to the Nashville post, where on Main Street is this being planned?
  11. I think I'd be a bit more excited about Tanger if it included a residential element of 2-5 levels above each building and if they did parking garages on the backside of the buildings as opposed to surface lots. I was in Baltimore this past Sunday for brunch and we ate in a development called McHenry Row which is in the Locust Point Neighborhood of B'more. Now, it's not loaded with stores like Tanger will bring, but it has several stores and dinning spots that are all street level with residential above them. There's a Harris Teeter in the development as well along with a Courtyard Marriott. There was is angled street parking, but they also have free garages on the backside of the buildings. Those garages had dedicated floors for residents that are card access only. In my opinion, Tanger could have done the same concept on a larger scale and it would make for a more intimate shopping experience that mimics city shopping. The could have built it around a central common/park area to provide open greenspace, play areas, small amphitheater, etc.
  12. True... I'm just suggesting that whomever owns the building could do artistic cladding to make it look better. I was just thinking since CMT is in the building a musical theme might be of interest. And, even if they leave, it would still fit given the musical influence of the city.
  13. If they had done some type of design feature for the garage portion it wouldn't be too bad of an idea. But they literally just chose to subsidize the office buildings with an ugly garage. They should strongly consider adding some type of artistic cladding to the garage portion of the building. Below is the Museum Garage in Miami. Not to every ones taste but it fits in to the Miami Design District and people love taking pictures of it. CMT could possibly pull this off with a string instrument design.
  14. I wouldn't be mad if something else replaces the original plan. At least something in the 15-25 story range at minimum. I'm not a big fan of the dual brand hotel structures. Well, at least not what I've seen with Hilton. Now, if they want to do what Marriott did in NYC with the Courtyard - Residence Inn dual property, then by all means go for it. That hotel is 68 stories. I stayed on the 54th floor once and the room had views of the Hudson River, Central Park and practically all the buildings bordering the park and the river.
  15. Amazing how this shot makes the hills to the east look like mountains. I think I see Knoxville between the mountain ridges ...
  16. I read somewhere that developers in places like DC and NY are locking in building material prices for their projects to curb the impact of rising supply cost. Is it possible that Tony could be doing the same since he will have multiple projects under construction when this one starts? There is a risk of incurring a penalty on a supply contract that is unfilled, but apparently some developers are willing to take the risk to minimize cost increases due to rising supply costs. I know how this works from a supply chain management perspective in manufacturing . When I worked with a large telecommunications company we had commodity managers that forecasted supply needs and then contract managers negotiated supply contracts to fulfill needs for multiple years to ward off cost increases and reduce cost to manufacture our products. Maybe someone with more insight into construction supply chain management can shed more info on how this works.
  17. 1418 Church Street. And, make sure your "friend" follows this advice from management... From Google Review: "Response from the owner 3 months ago Hello David. We apologize you didn’t have a stellar experience on your last visit. We will immediately address your concerns! Please consider stopping by again soon and ask to speak with a manager so we can show you the 5-Star Experience you deserve. Thanks!"
  18. If I recall, AA was the only major airline operating out of New Haven. I believe most of AA's service was regional. You could fly to New York or Boston then connect elsewhere. Most people in that area tend to fly out of Hartford.
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