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  1. Pretty interesting -- though Specialized is stepping outside of what you typically see from them. I like the potential of bringing more residents to the area, but the area is far from walkable in its current format. It would take a lot of investment from the city to make me comfortable walking crossing streets in that area on a regular basis. Maybe Specialized will be investing in some of that crosswalk infrastructure as part of the project? They've contributed to streets in other developments.
  2. I am a years-long reader of the forum and never post, but I was rolling my eyes enough to register an account. I grew up in central Arkansas and lived in NWA for over a decade. I still wish I lived in NWA. I LOVE the area. That said, there are a lot of NWA backers that need to settle down, quit seeing ghosts, and realize that everything in Arkansas politics or business isn't a conspiracy to hold back NWA. Rather, in my experience, many of the leaders in central Arkansas welcome the success of NWA because it might actually give the urban-areas the votes at the capitol to shift dollars
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