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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned but I heard it would be tolled from the start.
  2. Much like the topics of schools or dealing with cold weather, I wish more transplants would talk about how good Wegmans and Wawa are and how the local groceries are insufficient. Don't hear enough about them.
  3. Yeah, must be an algorithm because I don't see Charlotte when I look at your picture. Only see hot babes and McRibs. Google is scary.
  4. I despise snarky UP condescension. Southpark is a great area to live based on many measures, but even an apologist and defender of all that is good and just must admit that if you don't have the McRib, you're falling behind. https://mcriblocator.com/find.html Get it together SouthPark.
  5. No disrespect, but while gold does have some amazing chemical and physical properties, this is a bad idea. The costs would be far to great to support any gold structure of significant size. Would it be built for ants!? Also, how would you secure the structure from looters and vandals? Love the vision. Just not realistic.
  6. I miss Hotel Charlotte, the building, and Hotel Charlotte, the restaurant dedicated to the building. Sam is my favorite bartender in town. Maybe they will open a new one dedicated to the restaurant that was dedicated to the building.
  7. I hear ya. We have different criteria for 'upper middle class' and 'affluent' as I'd put Berewick home owners in either of those categories. CMS will succeed or fail based on that demographic's buy-in. Big opportunity to connect with the already established Coulwood/Mountain Island community as well. Not taking away from your point that the properties may not host 'home shows' that rival the Palisades, just see it as a great opportunity for new energy to be injected into the west side schools, vinyl siding / hardiplank and all.
  8. Will there be any public access to the river for recreation? Forgive my ignorance - just not sure how to find that or interpret the images shared in the link to the Charlotte Agenda piece. Ramsey Creek Park's beach has been a huge success and demonstrates the public interest in water access...would be nice if this includes some sort of access for the public. A thought on the West Meck comment - I have my fingers crossed that this development returns more affluence to the west side of the county to improve the distribution of resources/affluence across the CMS system. Soap box rant: CMS has had to be very creative in their efforts to fight resegregation, and while they've made sensible moves to align districts where affluent neighborhoods can be combined with low income ones to create more diverse schools, there are only so many opportunities for that. West Meck doesn't have to be a "bad school" if the community embraces it . Their hands have been tied based on the current distribution of wealth. The tricky and unlikely part is convincing parents that they can be the change they want to see in any school and that the experience gained attending a diverse school provides valuable perspective. It's an uphill battle and I wish CMS did a better job recruiting/convincing parents that are on the fence of private enrollment to jump on board. Unfortunately those types of positions are the first to be cut during budget reduction measures and are the last to be replaced. Tough to watch it play out as I think the success of our public schools is a major selling point and asset for the city that many overlook or don't consider without kids in the system.
  9. Quite an assumption on your part. Not looking to bicker, but I was bussed from Cotswold to West Charlotte and am thankful for the education and experience. In fact, when my family moved during my junior year and I was provided an opportunity to switch, I stayed at West Charlotte by choice. At the time we had an excellent AP program and over a 15 year stretch produced more Morehead scholars than any school in the state. Despite my pride, I'm sorry your siblings didn't find a benefit and recognize that no policy is perfect. No one is looking to return to bussing, but when considering the current state as an alternative, I think it created more equitable schools for more children than the current state. I am encouraged by some of the creative solutions found in zones where pairing disparate neighborhood zones (Sedgefield/Dilworth, Cotswold/Billingville) is feasible. Unfortunately there aren't enough scenarios like that to make a large-scale difference in the system. In a way, I think your post proves my point - we are far removed from the time that our collective community saw designing/supporting integrated schools as a core value. I think we (as a community) are worse off for it. You can disagree.
  10. http://www.newsweek.com/2018/03/30/school-segregation-america-today-bad-1960-855256.html This article should be required reading for anyone who has moved to Charlotte and seeks an understanding of the immense pride our community shared for integrated schools and the sadness many share due to their resegregation. The summary of the key events that have contributed to our current state is well documented in the article. I fear it is close to impossible to rekindle the earnest interest in a more equitable education for all of the children in Mecklenburg county.
  11. "Pretty sure," eh? The speed required to jump the curb, breakthrough the brick veneer and frame, and plow through the floral section, bread, card displays, and temporary seafood setup to get to the Harris Teeter lobster tank would be incredible. I just don't see it happening, no matter the mass of the SUV or lead foot of the soccer mom/dad. Perhaps you have them breaking through side of the store, near Greenwich and Randolph/Smashburger? If they hit a ramp (not sure how you see this being implemented), and careened airborne with enough force to crash through the ceiling (I'm thinking over the milk and refrigerated processed meats), perhaps they could slide to the lobster tank? Still, a gamble. Or maybe you're thinking of an intentional lobster tank submersion trip, where a smart car takes less resistance through the automatic doors, then navigates past self checkout, through the pharmacy aisle and only has to plow through the frozen seafood / meat island?
  12. Thanks Spartan. Now I just need an intern to get this done... Seriously though, helpful links and insight.
  13. Not sure if this is the right thread...feel free to move if another spot is better. Can someone help me find trusted data to show the total transportation spending split by state and federal dollars by county in North Carolina over the last 20 years? 10 years? The question comes from interest driven by overheard rants about how Charlotte "gets all the dollars". Any / all information is appreciated that can support or refute the statement "Over the last 20 years, Charlotte has received the majority of funding and new construction projects in the state" One reason I'm particularly interested is I've heard the exact opposite statement made, lamenting "excessive" dollars spent in eastern NC. It's all anecdotal, I'd love to see what story the data supports. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Anybody know how the circumstances around the Thirsty Beaver? I want them to stay open forever - is that likely?
  15. Looks awesome. I'll save money by no longer spending $50 each time I go in CM.
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