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  1. I have been missing from this forum for a little while, and decided to turn off lurking mode to add a few cents. @nashville_bound I do want to express that I appreciate the opening of discussion and the willingness of candid opinions and thoughts. I know people, especially those leaning more right, do not feel sometimes they can express these always. It's refreshing here, especially with the balance of stats and tone. You have my kudos and respect. re: Stop-and-Frisk: I disagree with your sentiment. I am law-abiding, and I do not wish to be stopped and frisked. I tend to think tha
  2. @BnaBreaker and @jmtunafish nail some more candid thoughts surrounding Knoxville, but I will attest, @nativetenn, that the geography is especially linked to the development (and lack thereof). I lived in the Fort, and I remember how easy it was to access campus- whether walking/sweating up hills or hopping on the North/South. I also remember finding it so strange that I had friends living in a gated, cottage community in South Knoxville. The Retreat, I believe, which had the most lax security (if you memorized the code or just hit random numbers, you could always get passed the gate). Us in t
  3. It's been relatively slow, but 14 of the 16 stories are being turned into apartments. These will be on the same block as the new 9-available stories of the Market City Center apartment complex. The 11 (?) storied block cap in the picture is supposed to be renovated into a hotel. I can't see this soon-to-be (pricey) apartment mid-rise NOT taking down the facade in the next 5-10 years, if not sooner. Besides the trend aspect of living in an old building, how is it to compete with a new, prettier building on the same block? I don't think the demand is there. Let the market bring that facade doooo
  4. Agreed. That parking lot is part of the low-density, low-rise part of downtown that I think contributes to not only blight aesthetics, but also to the perception of a smaller downtown. 10-stories would be great at minimum there, but even less would be hugely impactful there at the intersections of the two districts. I wish I remembered more what downtown was like when the EPB building was still there.
  5. I have a bunch of photos to put up, but since I have no time, I want to share this photo I found this weekend on DeepZoom that I think you'll all enjoy. Facing north on Market St. in 1967. Today's SunTrust building is under construction of what then was the "Taj Mahal of Chattanooga," known as American National Bank. Also rather interesting is that you can see the facade being put on the Hamilton National Bank, covering up the Beaux-Arts built in 1911. A lot of these buildings, especially on the block closest to us, are still alive and well today. The banks' insolvencies led to bolsterin
  6. Another from Rock Creek Aviation, but the density (and beauty) is undeniable. 5 Points at Northshore is really standing out, too!
  7. Ripped from Rock Creek Aviation's Instagram. Great view of the growing Cameron Harbor development. Townhomes along Riverfront Pkwy, 2 apartment buildings across from those next to the rehabbed dealership (now Chatt Whiskey). Office building at the intersection has the steel frame going up. If you squint, you can see the new apartment building 10 North on Cherokee Blvd. (Peep Market City beside SunTrust Building, too. Can even spot the Children's Hospital Outpatient building in the background)
  8. ***Mayor Barry I'm biased. I campaigned for her, and 2 of my best friends worked on the campaign while I've a few friends who currently work at her office. Being said, and my opinions to myself politically, I think that as is, her legacy would be like a wind-up car or one of those metallic balloons where they both were riding so high for a moment before fading way down. Like @Pdt2f said: transit, either way. Additionally, she seems to have left more of a civic mark than I remember Karl doing.* With transit, affordable housing and smart streets have been 2 things to stick to her name.
  9. Chattanooga Is Changing. But Its Charms Remain. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/travel/chattanooga-is-changing-but-its-charms-remain.html Found this to be rather enjoyable, and lacking the typical copy a lot of the I'm-visiting-Chattanooga articles get. I loved, too, that she brought in the bad. Thought it was well-balanced.
  10. Thanks for these and for reminding me! I've a bunch from just when I've been out around town, or from when I'm crawling between bars. I've a bunch of similarly shot photos. Let's see if I can't help you with the dev real quick with these. (Challenging myself to go off memory, so please feel free to correct) North Shore -> starting with John Wise buildings on Cherokee, it goes to the 5 Points at North Shore by a Franklin group, if I'm not mistaken. I want to say their name starts with a B. Next you're at Douglas Heights in MLK, then Jefferson Heights in Southside (the red bricked h
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT: Google Earth has updated its 3D renderings of Nashville satellite imagery. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who spends too much time on Google Earth, but I wanted to make everyone aware. Last update was maybe 2 years ago? SoBro, the Gulch, Music Row, Vandy/Midtown just few with a noticeable impact from the update. Mods: Is this an appropriate place for this? I'm sorry if not.
  12. My mistake! I thought there was an outdoors component. Honestly, I like it either way. Agreed that Nashville is lacking.
  13. These open-air markets seem to be the new trendy thing for cities. I know Detroit is getting a similar one downtown, too.
  14. I loathe the name "West Village" for the site. Even though the "West End" is as cringeworthy, I have to give it to the suburban developer brothers...it's pretty clever. The Westin in the West End
  15. I'm hopeful! Either way, more density is always GREAT, especially if this can let the air out of North Chatt for a little bit. I love seeing North River/Hixson receive more investment (and smart development).
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