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  1. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks gman....what is height of the structure?
  2. The State of Downtown Retail

    Probably necessary... some reviews were very negative & indicated serious issues. Hope it reopens and is successful correcting them.
  3. 121 Rhett Street

    Drove by this yesterday while appears more impressive in person than a little better. Still a big white box...
  4. I-85/I-385 widening proposed

    Hope it all connects...will be glad when it's completed.
  5. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    Thx...almost 2 yrs. since announced....will add additional pizzazz to S. Main.
  6. 121 Rhett Street

    The top floor reminds me of the observation deck for a penitentiary...
  7. Downtown Projects & Developments

    It is a shame...does not appear to have been utilized for a long time and became an old eyesore. Change happens...wish it could have been revitalized for the present.
  8. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    Landmark is 305ft....this does not appear it will be taller.
  9. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I like the's crisp/unique and presents an overall appealing structure on South Main. I am pleased as well with the lack of brick. If there are plans for adding some strategic lighting...the structure will look awesome at night. What are the 'ledge-like' additions on the sides (approx. 6th floors)? They must have a purpose...curious what it is. The entire Camperdown development is awesome....very attractive for South Main/Falls Park area. Downtown has really changed...many of the new structures are pleasing to the eye (still do not like big white box on Rhett St.). I remember downtown of the 60s-80s so well.
  10. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    There's 12 floors above the (3 story) garage....correct?
  11. That's good news...for some reason I'd like funds as this invested with more public transportation opportunities (increased buses/routes, etc.).
  12. 121 Rhett Street

    Gotta be...and it doesn't look that special.
  13. New downtown federal courthouse

    Ditto about comparing it with communications in the world was that terrible architecture approved? I like the overall appearance of this structure...will be interesting what recommendations are offered by DRB. Let's get it going!
  14. New downtown federal courthouse

    Not disputing your post...who's they? Everything I've read/posted indicated up to 10 stories.
  15. New downtown federal courthouse

    Whew....thanks gman!