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  1. They should rename this to Disunity Park…
  2. That waterfall may have that appearance now after all the rain we've had.
  3. Pics of this with the bridge/falls & downtown in the background will be beautiful & popular for a long while….perfect for attracting visitors/tourists.
  4. Needs a Leaning Tower of Pizza as a tourist attraction…
  5. Never seen a tower cane…wondering if it’s similar to a candy one
  6. It's a highly visible location in the city for development but the traffic flow has changed how it can be efficiently utilized...someone needs to develop an effective traffic plan.
  7. It's hilarious this topic gets rehashed from time to time and heads of disbelief get scratched for ole times sake. It's therapeutic to remind ourselves how (seemingly) positive situations become turned around and we face reality by muttering to ourselves...how did this go wrong?
  8. Sorry it’s getting “tiresome”….thank the Lord we live in a country where we have opportunity & freedom to choose to read or not read something.
  9. Meanwhile…put that drone in the sky to take some great pics elsewhere ‘fore that happens
  10. Geez….aren’t we getting carried away just a tad? Greenville over Paris?
  11. Since this project is being referenced as a 'conference' center...shouldn't this topic name be revised to reflect that? Don't want apaladin to become confused as me
  12. Curious if any annexations reported since March....heard a rumor there's a major one possibly on Woodruff Rd. involving substantial acreage.
  13. Uh-oh...trouble mounting in River City?
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