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  1. Well….make some drone flights & post some (always) fine pics to change the scenery on here.
  2. I’ll wager a structure of some apartment fashion is built before the same is erected on the “gateway” site
  3. I’ve not seen any planning (or signs of construction) for road improvements in the vicinity of this project.
  4. Is your post just based on b*******?
  5. This new project(?) must be 6 feet under the ground…or it’s been cremated.
  6. LOL….’Food and drinks are good but not life altering.’ Probably best for us they aren’t
  7. Wondering…was there $$$ exchanged to obtain that high ranking? CNN is the pits…must not have involved much.
  8. It doesn't look too bad from a distance....so you have to avoid getting very close to it
  9. Oh no…that type of project
  10. That’ll work…when do they start?
  11. That’s a shame…the area needs development. It’s in close proximity to the new county square development…something attractive will happen down the road.
  12. Hmm…they down loaded for me. Some were slow but I viewed them all. Hope you have success…
  13. Yes you can…just can’t have cardboard sleds
  14. Would be nice if you’d pull out your fabulous drone and twiddle your thumbs with making some fine new pics for our enjoyment
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