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  1. You must not be seeing the same green fence...
  2. Right now we must look at just a flat green fence around it...
  3. Thx...sorry, can you explain what this means? Assume this is roadmap for inclusion of affordable housing for square development....is this what is causing issues?
  4. If you’re referring to American Eagle planes...despise them now.
  5. LOL...whatever you dribble out now does not hide the fact that your original post was really dumb.
  6. We flew out of GSP last week.....surprised how busy it was . American needs to use more larger planes to Charlotte...the Eagle plane is too small....flights are packed and many on standby. GSP is a very nice airport now ....
  7. Oh no....this means something must be demolished to counteract this development.
  8. Happy Anniversary....could make it to a silver celebration.
  9. The acoustics are superb...Curious with your source for this as original construction was 30M+ and major renovations for 20M+ were made in 2010. Strange this was not addressed/corrected during that renovation. Maybe it was not worth the expense...
  10. How many floors? Appears to be at least 15...
  11. So....when will the tower crane be erected?
  12. Appears dark....mysterious. A major contrast to the new courthouse
  13. Great pic gman...what a vibrant scenic city.
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