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  1. The next 'big thing' I'm hoping for is a really cool development announced for the gateway site downtown...whether it actually happens or not is a different matter.
  2. It will happen eventually... perhaps the next decade. Stop calling me Shirley....
  3. Thx....was hoping for a Home Depot or another Cabelas
  4. Will remaining additional floors be same (taller) height?
  5. Wow....90+ pages. Please read it gman & report back to us
  6. Despite the critics...believe this will be an impressive structure for many years.
  7. From appearance....the floors of rooms are possibly completed & amenity floor remains. But it appears more than that is to be constructed.
  8. You're nominated as official 'crane monitor' for downtown Greenville
  9. Expect Mayor Knox White /City Council & Butch Kirven/County Council will be huddling to get the project on track...there's too much at stake for it to die.
  10. Must be picking up bad vibes from gateway site across the street...hope a green fence does not appear
  11. Referring to top floor of the office building portion?
  12. Does first floor actually contain condos?
  13. Anyone had a biscuit from here this morning?
  14. Attended an event @ Peace Center today (miserable weather). Camperdown project is awesome...it changes the ambiance/character of south Main more than realized. I hope planned retail throughout is strong as area will have heavy pedestrian traffic/visitors especially on weekends (and there's an event @ Peace)...plus everything else happening in the area. There's bound to be additional developments in the vicinity if it's as popular as it appears it will be.
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