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  1. It's 2020....nothing is quite right Thanks for all you do to keep this group informed
  2. Sorry....attempted unsuccessfully to paste a better pic of AC lights.
  3. Was just looking at live cam....exterior lighting (facing Main) on the AC appears to be in full display...it's bright & dazzling.
  4. Do survey stakes grow up to be tower cranes? Asking for apaladin...
  5. Not of importance now...was a rendering ever offered for hotel? Not sure it's included from earlier posts....
  6. It was a great day to trek around downtown, especially Falls Park/Liberty Bridge on Sunday. Many others had the same idea... amazing how downtown has become a destination for a fun experience. BTW...Reid’s Fine Foods is great & a nice addition.
  7. Ohhh no...it must be torn down & start all over
  8. Appears 2020 census has been extended to Oct 31...it should be. This is an important census & needs an accurate count...as best it can be.
  9. Someone should plant some seeds around downtown to grow a few.
  10. Good luck with that endeavor.....You'll probably need a real tall soapbox to stand on.
  11. Things are looking up....it was not referred to as a tower
  12. I'm in a soapbox mood...became dismayed with the appearance of I-385 South from Greenville to Clinton yesterday. Sorry this pic is not clearer as I snapped it while driving. It indicates how poorly the medians are being maintained....there's been no grass cutting in months and some grass was as tall as an auto. Are things so bad that mowing has ceased? There were also pieces of tires and other auto debris scattered along the side of the road....disgusting.
  13. Don’t know why...I love Cabelas
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