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  1. Guess they want better views of birds & squirrels...in the trees.
  2. Any sign of a tower crane sneaking around the site?
  3. Curious....has this been filled up?
  4. If tumbleweeds begin to appear ...it probably ain't happening
  5. Yes...believe it will take LOTS of new retail to make the new county square appealing & successful. That is ideal as it will bring people/consumers into downtown area....which (unfortunately) leads to much more traffic. I was downtown vicinity yesterday...Church St. (heading north) was in grid-lock approx. 2PM. Traffic was backed up over the bridge almost back to Augusta Rd. There's real need for good traffic flow in the vicinity...people will not make the trek to shop downtown if they spend most of their time stuck in traffic. It was exciting to see the new construction cranes....an additional one for new Grand Bohemian will be super.
  6. Oh my....our structure appears to be much classier. The roof line on top resembles an airplane hangar...is that a windowless wing on the right? Its not perfect but I'm pleased with design of our structure...
  7. Thx...Is there a front runner or favorite?
  8. Makes sense...students have to be counted whether it's a temporary or permanent residence.
  9. Good point....would not think college students would be included in a city census unless they are some type of permanent off campus resident during census period. Do parents of a college student include their child on a local census if they are away at college for a temporary situation? Calculating census data for a college town must be a nightmare...
  10. Very pleased this is named for Carroll Campbell...a great Gov who made good things happen for the upstate. He had an unprecedented 72 percent job approval when he left office...he left us too soon in 2005 at age 65.
  11. LOL...you can spot those crane holes
  12. That's a shame....it was showing so much promise. Maybe tomorrow....
  13. With all these ideas & scenarios, etc....my brain be like
  14. Thx gman...great pics of downtown on a beautiful day
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