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  1. cabelagent

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Simple solution...continue recruiting multi-job companies...advise them they can't have bathrooms.
  2. cabelagent

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thx gman...hope the entire project goes forward without delays of any nature. I think a significant structure of only condos (with retail) will be planned some future time in the falls park vicinity.
  3. cabelagent

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Has a large tenant been secured to lease/occupy a major portion of the (Camperdown) office building? An established developer of commercial real estate (friend) informed me that it was common knowledge that construction would be delayed until most of space is leased. I recall reading something about this situation earlier but cannot find...someone please enlighten. While that is negative...he advised that interest (not demand) is appearing strong for the condo portion and an additional floor is a possibility. That would be great...probably due to stirring outside interest about Greenville from glowing articles about downtown in various national publications. Sounds weird that one portion may be delayed due to leasing situation, but something extra could be added due to strong the same structure.
  4. cabelagent

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    This is awesome...some questions come to mind concerning pedestrian management and security situations for the tower. I'm sure this and all concerns will be answered in time. This could be Greenville's version of a Central Park...
  5. cabelagent

    New downtown federal courthouse

    LOL...sorry (very) feeble attempt with humor. Thx for your many endeavors with keeping us informed with many projects. Look forward to your reporting final rendering of courthouse. Who knows...might get lucky with an awesome structure that pleases everyone (even distortedlogic ).
  6. cabelagent

    New downtown federal courthouse

    That's good....federal courthouses don't need utilities
  7. cabelagent

    The Gateway Site

    Was downtown today...hope something happens soon 'fore the weeds take over and the green fence does not completely collapse/disappears. Such an eyesore....
  8. cabelagent

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Bare bones....should have the strong resemblance of a skeleton.
  9. cabelagent

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    It was built 60 years ago (1958) mystery what could be its fate. That's a prime location downtown for a special development.
  10. cabelagent

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Thx...interesting, that's a hefty price increase for a building with numerous issues. Wonder if new owner plans major renovations that make it more appealing .....if it remains a retirement facility.
  11. cabelagent

    Alta Vista Place condos

    I love this is classy and appears very regal. I hope future structures of this nature will look this appealing.
  12. cabelagent

    Greenville County Square

    From the rendering a restaurant type business could be located up there...hope a Starbucks does not become part of the equation.
  13. cabelagent

    Greenville County Square

    The rendering is not showing the full-time window washers continually cleaning all that glass....
  14. cabelagent

    The Food Thread

    Wife & I ventured downtown last night about 8PM. We knew It'd be busy Saturday night, we were overwhelmed with the multitudes of people strolling Main St. and all the dining patrons. All the restaurants appeared to be overflowing...sidewalk seating was full. Grill Marks, Sobys, etc. were having a great evening. Mast General was overflowing with happy dating couples, families, etc. I tell you....downtown Greenville on a Saturday night is an awesome experience.
  15. cabelagent

    BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    Another thing....population estimates indicate Greenville,Spartanburg, & Anderson counties added over 16.5K (July 2016-17). The area is growing...not at a snail's pace. People are moving's vibrant, affordable, attractive, liveable, & desireable. I'm meeting people at Cabela's that have recently moved here from all over the country. This is not the same area as 10 years ago. We can remember failures of the past... we don't need to dwell on them.