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  1. Residence Inn/ Spring Hill Suites - Washington And Spring

    Will you post pics of your protesting & picketing the site?

    Is it a surprise? The suspense is intriguing....
  3. New downtown federal courthouse

    Thx gman....hope I'm wrong...appears what we see is what we'll get...only few dramatic additions/changes by DRB.
  4. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks gman....that is great news! I was about to blame Lindsey Graham or somebody for it falling through....
  5. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks gman....the Hyatt Place project (Broad St) catches the eye in the first pic as it looks awesome.
  6. New downtown federal courthouse

    Curious....are you talking about (current) rendering from design/architect or after DRB review? Do you think architect(s) would now make dramatic design change(s) after spending months on this design? Is there concern DRB will think this is the best building design since sliced bread and offer only a few 'cosmetic' changes....not major ones that are needed? If they are may drag out longer than anticipated...thoughts?
  7. New downtown federal courthouse

    Thanks gman....
  8. New downtown federal courthouse

    Thought there'd be some news or developments reported on this by now....hope crickets don't begin to make it noisey.
  9. A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    Thx...please advise developments. There are donut situations in many SC municipalities...SC annexation laws are antiquated/out dated.
  10. The Gateway Site

    Remember....its been 20 YEARS since this site became available & nothing has developed that is suitable/attractive utilizing it. That's a long time and an indication of the difficulty a developer will encounter for the property. I hope this is the real deal and something special is built. I pray we are not hearing crickets a year from now...
  11. The Gateway Site

    Thx gman....what do think of group that purchased site? Does not appear a big name hotel is in their dossier...a Days Inn would be a big disappointment.
  12. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Thanks gman...hope we all (well most all) will say WOW for this big project when details are unveiled.
  13. The West End

    Whoa...was not expecting that...looks darn good.
  14. South Carolina's population growth

    SC now has population. over 5M residents according to new official census estimate. The upstate has new folks that have recently moved from other areas of many shopping at Cabelas. They love Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson they should.