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  1. Believe it’s been there a while. It’ll collapse & fall…eventually disintegrate into the environment.
  2. Good point...I thought the same thing during a recent visit to the plaza. It's not that the structures serve a purpose for retail use...they don't blend with the overall (pleasant) aesthetics of the plaza.
  3. What business occupied this building? Google is confusing with ownership...TIA. I was hoping it was located on the other side of Main....
  4. Dang gman....this is the best pic you've provided...good job & thanks!
  5. Beautiful day to stroll around downtown today...many others took advantage as well. Artisphere should have a good weekend...hope many visitors arrive to enjoy weather & spend money in a beautiful city
  6. Been watching/checking...nothing more than recent results for states has been released. Perhaps over the weekend or first of next week...
  7. Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen a staff report for a proposed downtown project sound this harsh before. Even the fire department is recommending denial: https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/8269?fileID=39817 Didn’t realize the developer was doing this many things against city guidelines until now also. Everything from the sidewalks to the parking garage to the benches to the lighting to the traffic impact study to the trees to the exterior materials...the list goes on and on that don’t match up with them. Yikes. It’s really sad to see the developer doesn’t seem to care a
  8. Heard on local news that 2020 census data will be released by next Friday (April 30)....will be interesting to have population data available to scrutinize, analyze....and debate.
  9. May have missed....does anyone know if there is (or will be) public restrooms in plaza area? TIA....
  10. Yes they did....remember it was dormant for a while until something was decided....we know where that led to now.
  11. Thanks Gman....know you didn't take just that one (fabulous) pic while you were up there...so where are the others?
  12. Very nice....wish they'd split it & double the height...build on top of a 4 level parking deck.
  13. The mod-looking building was the Downtowner Motor Inn built in 1963...it replaced the demolished Ottaray Hotel. It was demolished (along with several others) for the new Beattie Place road.
  14. Wow...there's been a few new additions Unfortunately....many that are gone. The old City Hall is standing...must have been demolished soon after this pic. Good to see SCN building standing...gone in 1975. The Peoples Bank (later BOA) building wasn't built (1973)....notice how small trees were for Church /Cleveland St exit. Many changes....thanks for sharing. A lot of 'construction' happened on Max's watch as well....
  15. Where's the guard tower? They could use a tower crane to add one...or more.
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