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  1. Knights are tied for a Wild Card spot. They haven’t made the playoffs once since moving Uptown.
  2. The Duke building and BOAT are two different shades of blue during Panthers games. Could be because of the quality of lights but it’s extremely noticeable in person.
  3. I think the Panthers alone would do okay in SC but if he wants an MLS team playing in the same stadium, concerts, and big events there is no chance that would work out in SC.
  4. The Montford bar scene really started going down hill since Southside closed, this makes it 100x worse. Does not fit in well at all.
  5. Longest apartment complex in Charlotte?! I assume this place will only have surface parking, no deck?
  6. Could they not make The Hawk taller? 71 units seems small. Imagine that being 20ish stories tall...
  7. So the two buildings currently under construction aren’t part of “District X”?
  8. This seems to have started with two single stand alone buildings facing Tryon but on the “Out Parcel Available” as listed on this Charlotte Agenda article. Anyone know of any tenants or if this plan is still up to date? https://www.charlotteagenda.com/147416/district-x-charlotte/
  9. Not really a fan of the name Mint City Collective... also how do they already have a roaring riot type group for a team that doesn’t exist yet? Seems like a money grab.
  10. They have already dug 5-10 feet down here. This could really be the epicenter of the South End skyline with the Arlington, The Hawk, and this. This one will be fun to watch grow.
  11. Beer garden on Tryon really starting to come along. Anyone know if this will have a rooftop or balcony?
  12. Not wasting anytime on The Hawk, already up to the second floor. Can’t wait until this starts to rise over Jeni’s
  13. LU2 already feels massive standing beside it.
  14. Right up against 277 and that factory, that does not seem like a desirable location at all.
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