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  1. Looks like the hotel is making some progress as well. This project is huge for 1st ward.
  2. I bought a cheap flight to Vegas, $120 round trip.
  3. God, please no on the PSL, such a terrible idea.
  4. I noticed Austin FC who is starting the same season as Charlotte (2021) already has a crest and is selling merchandise.
  5. I was looking at some over priced Rolling Stones tickets and noticed a cut out in section 122. Could this be another tunnel or for a new camera angle or something different?
  6. They play their first game in a year and about a week and we know nothing about the team yet. I would think they would want merchandise out on the street as soon as possible to sell the team to the average fan. I'm sure there is a decent amount of people in Charlotte that have no idea we are getting a team.
  7. They need to release logo, name, colors ASAP. I am ready to rock some gear around the city!
  8. As I am watching the Chiefs Super Bowl parade I can't help but think what would a Championship parade route look like in Charlotte? Panthers, Hornets, MLS... anyone have any idea?
  9. Renovations to Bank of America stadium for MLS include adding 14 "bunker suites" in the lower West end zone. This will remove less than 900 lower level seats and displace around 400 Panthers PSL owners.
  10. Erik Spanberg from CBJ is reporting the team has already received deposits for 20,000 seats.
  11. Is this already under construction?
  12. The Hornets really are the worst run sports team in Charlotte, it really is sad. But those Checkers jerseys look awesome!
  13. Anyone that put down deposits on season tickets heard anything from the team? Kind of surprised we haven’t heard much yet... the team plays its first game in about 13 months. Really not that far away with so much to do.
  14. MLS is fixing it in 24-48 hours. They listen unlike the NBA.
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