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  1. With all these new residents coming to the Gold District can we get a full time bar or restaurant into the Dog House building? And the retail across the street on Morehead as well. Could be a great little corner especially on gamedays, Panthers and CLTFC.
  2. Crazy how this really hasn’t made an impact on the skyline yet, so much density in that area of uptown.
  3. What is the deal with the parking deck? Is it getting wrapped with apartments or what?
  4. But still with the 11pm alcohol cut off. Absolutely ridiculous.
  5. Oh people walk and bike up and down it all the time. We need that connection to fill it in especially now with the sidewalk in front of Atherton.
  6. New development popping up in the BofA Stadium skyline view. Also can see the bunker suites renovations.
  7. This looks awesome from the ball park. Hope to get more around it and completely surround it.
  8. This building feels huge from the stadium side. Glass siding going up looks great. What happens first, this opens up or fans at Bank of America Stadium?
  9. Nice, mine said August then pushed back to September, this gives me hope it will be earlier.
  10. The Independence are SUPPOSED to play in Memorial next season. MLS moving back to 2022 could really benefit the team and get people into soccer before the big boys of Charlotte FC start.
  11. This is extremely frustrating being that they just released the team branding coming out soon. But on the other hand at least our first season won't have much Covid affect, I was super worried our first home game would be limited fans or no fans . Will still be dropping some cash on some merch for a team that won't play their first game for a year and a half.
  12. Look at that surface lot..... just imagine what kind of awesomeness could be built there!
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