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  1. Erik Spanberg from CBJ is reporting the team has already received deposits for 20,000 seats.
  2. Is this already under construction?
  3. The Hornets really are the worst run sports team in Charlotte, it really is sad. But those Checkers jerseys look awesome!
  4. Anyone that put down deposits on season tickets heard anything from the team? Kind of surprised we haven’t heard much yet... the team plays its first game in about 13 months. Really not that far away with so much to do.
  5. MLS is fixing it in 24-48 hours. They listen unlike the NBA.
  6. What kind of modifications will we see to BofA? Will it mostly be to fit BofA for a soccer field or will there be some fan related renovations?
  7. Does anyone know what is going on from Freeland to Tryclan on South Tryon? Everything is being demoed other than a few houses. Is this area included in the LOSO development at Scaleybark Station?
  8. Already two huge concert announcements. If we can get 4-5 of these a year at BofA that would be awesome!
  9. I think the Epicenter is great for the city IF it can be kept safe. I do not regularly visit the epicenter but occasionally will go to Tin Roof or Howl at The Moon with out of town friends after a Hornets game or concert at the arena. I feel like most people that do not live in Charlotte but are in the surrounding areas visit the Epicenter after an arena event because of the proximity to the arena and the number of businesses in that one area.
  10. I would prefer a renovated BofA Stadium like they did in Miami for Hard Rock Stadium. They are going to need that shade cover for those hot summer games. But that is just my preference.
  11. Anyone know why the light rail is running after hours the last few days?
  12. I live in Solis and sometimes have trouble with Uber’s trying to pick me up from Silos right across the street. Kind of annoying some times.
  13. The Hawk’s progress is extremely fast. Today from Solis Southline.
  14. So where exactly will The Platform be?
  15. The Hawk to soon block my view of Bank of America Stadium from Solis Southline.
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