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  1. Just saw a guy painting lines in the parking lot of Off Broadway. Not sure what it means but looks like action might be starting soon on this plot of land.
  2. Hornets are almost a lock for the Play-in tournament. If we host a game or make it to the playoffs it will be interesting to see the capacity limits the NBA allows. Has anyone heard anything?
  3. Too bad the NBA only allows 25%. Hopefully this changes soon.
  4. Agreed, even though they’ve only had 3k fans that has to be a boost to some of the bars and restaurants that are left around the arena.
  5. Anyone else think we get at least 50% capacity for the Hornets if we make the playoffs? Would love 100% but with Copper who knows. This team playing in front of a sell out playoffs crowd would be an electric atmosphere!
  6. The Stax building is currently under demo, also the two townhome sites on Yorkshire and Freelance look to be in full swing. There are also two plots of land further down on E Peterson facing Tryon being cleared. This part of town really is becoming a boom town.
  7. Is this where they just built that new Piedmont Natural Gas building?
  8. Every section in the stadium has a PSL with its season ticket expect the supporters section. I would expect the team to open up the upper level for big games on a single game ticket bases.
  9. Today we hit the 500,000 death milestone. With the vaccine ramp up and slowing cases and deaths I don’t think we will see 600,000. Will be interesting to see what happens, I hope I am correct.
  10. Fencing going up around the Stax location, any word on what’s going on here? This area is on steroids right now with development!
  11. 5th street from Church down to the Arena on Friday and Saturday nights was a nut house (in a good way) so many people lined up getting into bars or restaurants. If there was a concert or game it was even crazier, can’t wait to get that back.
  12. Lol I think they are marketing to Hornets players who want to walk to practice with those 8k rentals.
  13. I wouldn’t mind this especially at 8 stories(better than the average 4-5 in Southend) if this had a few ground floor retail spots.
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