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  1. It is much more strict for commercial purposes or for profit. Trust me, I have seen them prepare flight plans where I work. You are correct that hobby only and not for profit is less strict, but you still do need to follow FAA rules. I thought the registration/class applied to all. I guess it is only the larger size. Not sure how big a drone <.55 lbs actually is for practical purposes.
  2. OCCC is not worth it anyway. Stop funneling dollars toward this boondoggle that is not driving actual local economic growth and put it into a connective light rail system between DT/CV, the Airport Intermodal, and UCF/Innovation Way. Convention centers are not economic drivers, they are similar to the theme parks and not worth spending public funds on.
  3. You need a license as sancitoned by the FAA, and after that, you may need to do flight plans depending on area and height.
  4. The whole point of limited access is so you wouldn't have to expect pedestrians, cyclists, etc on the ramp/highway or think you would have to interact with side distractions until you reach the bottom intersection.
  5. I like the front side facing the lake, but man, there's some junk in the trunk.
  6. North side looks incredibly weird with the single window on the top floor and the balcony. Hahaha.
  7. Thank you @FLheat. That AHU on Foxtail was an, um. . . . interesting design decision.
  8. Shouldna gone in that thread. . .
  9. Well back in the day, nobody ever sat on the aluminum. At least on the east side.
  10. I believe the Altamonte Springs building we were discussing recently was about 18 stories and ballpark (low) $100 M and that did not include a detached precast garage. I would expect 26 story podium to be almost double that.
  11. Stubborn Mule is pretty decent and he is right about the menu. They cut it down to simple basics done well. That probably has a lot to do with how it is one that has lasted. Good decent food and not a lot of crazy ingredients to order or keep and easier for staff.
  12. All prices for construction materials have risen roughly 5% in the past couple of months from what I am hearing.
  13. Andrew Yang is quite "unpolitician" and that was one of the main things I liked about him. More actual ideas than politicking. And that is also the main reason he will never get elected.
  14. I kinda wish the 26 story tower was planned for the "Z" lot instead of the the Y lot. But this is Orlando and you never know what you're gonna get. Maybe we will get nothing or something much less desirable than originally advertised and like it. Maybe we will get something better later on.
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