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  1. Nervey game. The USMNT deserved to advance, but they need to find a way to produce more goals. The defense has been pretty stellar. Defense and GK have only allowed 1 PK goal.
  2. The US played well against England. They deserve to move on, IMO, but need some more goal production to do so. Big news today was the rumor that Messi (arguably the greatest player in the history of soccer) is rumored to be moving to Inter Miami, the Orlando City rivals to the south. That is a big deal for soccer in America. (Even though it will be to our hated neighbors, Inter Fort Lauderdale).
  3. Yeah, I saw some of the background of it and the "CZ" guy just pulled a gangsta move. fudgeing amazing. THAT should be made into a movie for sure.
  4. It took prompt from Cinderella's Castle for the spires and towers. AI thinks we are Disney also.
  5. Not sure why you quoted my post. I'm not saying that it was a good measure. It was poorly written and/or vague. (maybe on purpose). And did not provide information on where the funds would be allocated or other critical details. I was just providing the wording of it for clarity. I voted "yes" but can't blame others for voting against it. Not very well done.
  6. FTX, the "savior" exchange earlier this year is apparently now illiquid. Binance is said to be acquiring the distressed exchange/company. BTC drops back below $19,000.
  7. Actual language of the ballot: "Shall a Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax at the rate of one percent (1%) be levied in Orange County, Florida for a period of 20 years with revenue deposited into a trust fund dedicated exclusively to transportation and transit improvement uses authorized by law, with oversight and accountability for the revenue provided by a citizen oversight board and the elected comptroller, as approved by the Board of County Commissioners?"
  8. Yeah, that's ripe for abuse. I can't blame anybody that votes no. I certainly hope it passes and is well stewarded, but that was a very "Politician" way to word the actual measure on the ballot.
  9. I never was a "Rowdies" fan. I was a Tampa Bay Mutiny fan back in the day before the team folded. Carlos Valderrama was my soccer idol in HS.
  10. dcluley98

    Under i

    On the bright side, a flat parking lot would be easy to develop/replace later on. I am disappointed, but not surprised at all. In reality, playing sports underneath one of the busiest interstates in the country was not really all that appealing to me. I think that the main connection to Church street and Amway and (hopefully) the S+ED will be the most important thing. The rest would be mostly underutilized or homeless/vagrant areas. (although congregation in that area may be better than other locations downtown like the other "good" parks).
  11. East. Hey, I'm not from 'round here, it is traveling North. Oh yeah, a double white line, that will work. LOL. The "simplest" solution would have been to not have 2 separate exit ramps, just take everybody off at the first ramp and direct them to either "West" or "East" Colonial with sinage with ample distance for people to choose which direction they are going.
  12. I'm no traffic engineer, but it seems like these obvious design errors could be easily fixed by installing some barriers to prevent the "idiot users" from misuse of the intended design. Extending the medians and curbs slightly and installing some flexible lane delineators to guide traffic as the design was intended would prevent a lot of problems. This would "retrain" people to use the correct earlier exit for Colonial East, prevent potential incidents from lane jumping and improper use, increase throughput and efficiency, and overall, be safer: Lane Delineators: Current Design: "Fixed" Design:
  13. Yeah, I only saw concepts, but it is kinda weird in that it almost limited access and grade separated BRT system. Also that whole dedicated roundabout thing for major ingress/egress is very interesting. It looks like it would be signaled for maximum throughput for the BRT system with a major "intersection" but signalled to stop traffic on the standard car through lanes while buses use the large outer radius to navigate in and out of the separated lanes with maximum efficiency and safety. Would be interested to hear your other thoughts on the design if you have more information (and/or opinions) to share.
  14. Yes, it is dedicated express lanes to bus between the new park/hotels, and CityWalk/old parks, and the in between resorts (like new Endless Summer property south of I-4).
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