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  1. I understand how mortgages work. If I had enough money I would buy a house in Eola Heights or Delaney Park, not a DT condo. That would probably "build wealth" .
  2. I will go to Motorwerks when they open. Fantastic brewery with rare seasonals when I used to live in Manatee County. It might give me a little bit of nostalgia as well.
  3. Saying DT condos "build wealth" is ludicrous. The HOA fees and carrying costs of most DT condos are astronomical and a dealbreaker to anybody trying to live here that isn't already rich or anybody who has common sense. I technically could afford a downpayment and the monthlies of a $200k condo, but why the hell would I want to with the rest of the fees, costs and taxes, which by the way, always go up same as rent. It is very similar to renting once you realize the HOA , taxes, and insurance mean you are not really gaining any "equity" at all. Especially if in your life situation you are not sure if you will be owning it long term like 10 years or more because your life situation or job situation may eventually change.
  4. If they take away the parking, then where are we going to show off all of our Ferrari Enzo's?
  5. Dumbest idea I have heard in a while. Rays wouldn't be as dumb if they were affiliated with some of the resorts and in between Tampa and Orlando. New expansion team? Yeah, OK, that's gonna work. Right! At least the name is accurate, LOL.
  6. Tampa Bay Times said could be Disney. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  7. That's happened to me before multiple times at Amelia on the OUT. Usually, the first car stops and some a-hole behind him gets impatient and jumps to the next lane over to go around him not even looking to see that the pedestrian crossing lights are flashing and somebody is crossing the road.
  8. Knowing what fans we are of Porta-potties here at Urban Planet, downtown Orlando is soon to get a couple for relief of homeless and those who may have had a bit too much beer. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange-county/os-ne-orlando-public-restroom-pilot-20191113-l7b5earu6jgnla5wdimqxeblni-story.html
  9. WeWork is definitely still happening.
  10. Potential tenants for the space are one thing. Actually removing the space and replacing it with a garage wall instead a la 520 is a different thing altogether. This is what late cycle construction boom looks like. It's the wild west and everybody wants to get to market faster without actual demand for the retail space. Hold onto your boots and grab a chair, that next song is getting a bit "dancey" 'round here.
  11. Y'all obviously have never seen the majesty of Ona, the fence-post capital of Florida.
  12. One of the prior designs had street level arcades along the sides of the building but they took them away for more GF space. I liked the prior version better with the arcades fronting Orange and Colonial. Gave it more of a pedestrian feel for the corner.
  13. https://onepulsefoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Coldefy-Pulse-Competition-Stage-II-video-1.mp4
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