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  1. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I got a lot of corporate speak translation of making BOA better on a ground level. . . The building itself is great, but as it is, they made it a fortress because of it being BOA after 9-11. I hope they can make it a more personal building with the courtyard and ground experience again while preserving their feeling of security. There is a very good restaurant in there that I feel a lot of people don't know about just because of their building features, and there is a courtyard that is walled off and unwelcome to street pedestrians. Opening it up and making it accessible to the steet, especially to the north along Livingston and towards the west to the transit and the CV will be a very big thing. This seems to me that the landlord and the tenants are realizing "oh wait, foot traffic and urban planning are a very real thing, and the growing CV will impact our business and change the way we interact with the surrounding neighborhood". Very big deal on a small scale, IMHO.
  2. dcluley98

    Creative Village

    Nice Pics! This is such a great add to the area and filling out well on the west side of I-4 to increase our density and add to the skyline. Plus potential advantages for the local transit with added critical mass potential and another two or three funding interests. Love to see CV come to be all that it was said to be!
  3. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Alright, come on people, we got enough of this already. . . Block whomever you want, stop responding or provoking whomever you want, but don't post it on the board. Blocking somebody is a passive event and does not need to be broadcast. These things have a function that works if you do not want to stir the pot or don't want to see or encourage the BS. I have no interest in the drama, but like debate. Let's keep it that way by being civil and using the tools correctly instead.
  4. In my hometown of Palmetto/Ellenton, FL, there is a retirement community trailer park named "Terra Siesta" . . . always cracked me up.
  5. dcluley98

    The Brightline

    I, for one, would like a personal teleportation device that whisks me from the airport to my toilet. . . but only when I need it to. Wait. . .this desire has horrible consequences. . . Perhaps from the 7-11 to my refrigerator to get the best select hot foods and beer stocked daily. Maybe my doorstep to the airport and the themeparks , but only when I want it to. But can they come back to my doorstep? Do we get 3 wishes like with the genie in the movies? hmmm. . . gonna have to think about this again. . . Seems harder than it should be at first glance. . . Who is paying for it again, the genie?
  6. They are now forming and pouring the deck on the South approach to the bridge.
  7. dcluley98

    The Milk District

    IAmReal, It was in Other Metro Area Projects a while back: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/9629-other-metro-area-projects/?do=findComment&comment=1493638 Wasn't listed in the Milk District thread, probably because it isn't really in the Milk District. Not the best name given the location, but I can sure see why they want to market it as the "trendy" Milk District.
  8. dcluley98

    The Milk District

    It's not new, just a new name. We discussed it at length previously when it was announced and the "Walkability" of the location and the nearby amenities.
  9. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Hey, no offense to you, IAF, I am just bitter about the crappy plan for build-out.
  10. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    He said what "should be" not what is planned. Step down in height from BOA to Crescent would be ideal. What we get is a stubby tower next to Livingston across from BOA, with a giant parking pedestal fronting Orange in phase one. God knows if we will ever get to phase 2 or 3, and though planned taller in initial renderings, I doubt they ever happen that way. Start tall without the pedestal on Orange first. You can add later if you don't Eff it up, Mr. Developer.
  11. dcluley98

    Hall of Urban Planning Shame

    Place all the hate here in the black hole of Urban Planning, Mwuahahahha!
  12. I want to start a topic of what NOT to do that we have seen either locally, around the state, or abroad. I recently had the displeasure of driving to Jacksonville to pick up a new bicycle and happened upon the god-awful St. Johns Town Center. Please do not do this anywhere else. That was "Master-Planned" consumerism hell-on-earth, limited access road, parking lot, chain restaurant, strip-mall wasteland in the middle of a former swamp next to an interchange on the way to "the beach" but not quite out of the suburbs. Vile place. Couldn't get out fast enough. Do not emulate or replicate!!! Edited to rename the Hall of Shame!
  13. "Car of Tomorrow" and like rules ruined NASCAR. It seems rigged now.
  14. dcluley98

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Holy Cranes Batman!
  15. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The somewhat locally iconic Porter Paints store on Colonial and Summerlin has closed. http://photos.orlandoweekly.com/27-orlando-historic-landmarks-havent-destroyed-yet/?slide=25&screen-shot-2016-06-10-at-1-12-44-pm Sign on the sign looking for new lessee. . .