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  1. The short answer to this is that the US designations are "route" designations, not road designations. A "route" such as US 17 or US 92 can be comprised of many different "roads" along the way, and can sometimes coincide with other "routes" as in this case, where that stretch of the road known as Colonial is simultaneously designated as US 17, US 92, and State Road 50. OBT also happens to be US 441, so that portion of the road known as OBT is simultaneously US 17, US 92, and US 441 as well as State Road 500 and State Road 600 (neither of which designation people use very often). Can lead to some confusing areas with signs like this:
  2. I think Piedmont is happy to get an anchor to draw gravity and lease the rest.
  3. Correct. And on Livingston. So it will be closest grocery store to UCF/VD, North Quarter, and all the new apartments being constructed/proposed around that area.
  4. Sentinel article on VMC and the other proposed DT projects today: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange-county/os-ne-orlando-highrises-coming-20190712-tycb6x2gz5grzpx37p6hfwiseu-story.html Downtown Orlando could be going up, as towering Vertical Medical City moves forward in North Quarter Downtown Orlando could be growing up. On about 2.5 acres in the North Quarter, what could be Orlando’s tallest high rise passed a crucial threshold this week, gaining approval from the city council of its site plan and preliminary designs, paving the way for more detailed construction plans to begin. Called Vertical Medical City, plans show a 444-foot structure — three feet taller than downtown’s current tallest, the SunTrust Center — on Orange Avenue two blocks north of Colonial Drive overlooking Interstate 4. The $1-plus billion project would form the northern gateway into downtown, and would have medical offices, assisted-living and research offices, encompassing two buildings. [Developer Tabitha Pointe] said they already have financing in place, in hopes of opening at some point in 2023.
  5. From Sentinel today: " A Manhattan developer is planning X-Orlando, which would be the largest residential building in downtown. The site comprised of three towers — topping out at 368 feet — totaling 900 apartments, ground floor retail, 85,000-square feet of retail and 35,000 square-feet of co-working space. Baker Barrios is the architect of record for this project, and Dunkelberger said it could have a grocery store on the ground floor. He said the X Orlando project has achieved approval and is working on building permits now in hopes of beginning construction at the end of the year with an undetermined opening date."
  6. Orlando City Soccer Club just had one of the most iconic matches in its short MLS era. It was not even an MLS match, but a US Open Cup match, but the atmosphere and the support were electric and the game was dramatic. Go watch the highlights for a bit of a feel of what that meant to the thousands in support as they rushed from end-to-end in the stadium to support the team at the finish. Great to watch! #PurplePowah #PoderPurpura
  7. There are brick veneer and exposed steel beams, and old silos and trestles to play the part. Stupid visors are replaced with faux industrial structures. At least it's different.
  8. It's going to be brown and red/orange. The color of steel, and rust and industrial yards. The design actually looks kind of cool how they integrated a lot of the surrounding elements into it, but we shall see how it turns out in real life. A bit cliche as well. I would like to see more actual design that stands out than the same old dreck, but only time will tell what holds up.
  9. This was prefab/modular construction. I sure hope they bury those powerlines.
  10. Not until the Sentinel property is redeveloped (if ever).
  11. FDOT should pull that scope from SGL for breach of contract and award it to somebody else, then charge back SGL for the cost of work over and above the contract amount and delays.
  12. This is likely not true about closing the interstate for an entire weekend. It is fearmongering to get what they want. The project could easily be scheduled on off-times still in incremental fashion as originally planned. Complete BS on SGL part. They are behind schedule and would be facing Liquidated Damages, so they are saying that it "needs to be redesigned or else we will have to close the whole highway." Yeah, not true, if they didn't drop the ball in the beginning it wouldn't be a problem to schedule work off hours. Somebody in the press should report THAT! Exactly. They are playing the TBTF, we will take our ball and go home card.
  13. I think it's a good idea, and makes sense for the North Quarter, but they shouldn't extend it South beyond Colonial. That doesn't make much sense. And definitely need to fix Colonial first. North Quarter has a different feel than the roads South of Colonial. There honestly is not much retail or pedestrian activity at all between Amelia and Colonial, mostly due to it being the Sentinel property and more business type area.
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