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  1. Some tricks don't work. You can turn of Javascript, but then the videos and pictures won't work because they require javascript to play.
  2. Article in Sentinel today about the theater. They have some video too if you are not paywalled. The article says it has one of the most advanced acoustical designs in the world with the highest (or lowest?) ambient noise rating of NC-1. Should be an awesome place to catch a musical performance! I hope they bring in some other types of popular concert acts as well. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/os-et-dr-phillips-center-third-theater-steinmetz-hall-20180614-story.html#
  3. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    The current owner is not the developer. The original developer sold it to UBS shortly after completion. It was Crescent properties or something, and the complex was original to be called Crescent Central station. They sold it off for a profit, and now are the developer of Novel Lucerne.
  4. dcluley98

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    Yes, that is the most recent rendering for Prism from Baker Barrios. (obviously could change or get VE-d). If you click on the little arrow in the top right of the linked comment I posted, it will take you right to the actual post in a new pop-up tab. Also, Alex is the one that made the interactive google map (which is awesome btw, hope we get some new project announcements for you to update it soon Alex). It can be found on the same page 29 of this thread a little further down linked in Alex's post.
  5. dcluley98

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    This is "Phase I" and there are significant additions for the next phase and final build-out that are not shown on the rendering. Buildings shown north of the Student Housing are not the latest renderings from the architect. Look upthread for the "Prism" rendering IAF posted upthread here: Of course that is still a conceptual rendering as well, and we may get a lesser version when it is actually constructed. I quite like the Academic Commons building design and how it lines up to the central park area. It is a decent start to the project along with the student housing. Hopefully as the snowball gets going larger projects and more mixed use and corporate/design oriented buildings can happen.
  6. dcluley98

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    Sunshine, that was the original conceptual plan, and has since been significantly changed. Somebody made a google map with the current concept and phase 1 plan upthread. Here is the latest rendering I could find of what Phase I buildout will actually be. (note renderings for Prism and Additional Market Rate Apartments including the Mill Creek (Modera developer) have not been finalized. Also, Garage has been approved for Phase I and will be on the SW corner parcel (top left in the aerial photo above, not visible in this rendering but would be off to the SW parcel on the left).
  7. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    That is not true. Artificial Turf NFL Stadiums: Atlanta, Boston, Cincinatti, Dallas, Houston, New York/New Jersey, Seattle. FIFA has said that it desired all World Cup games be played on natural grass and has specific requirements for size and surface. (I think they relented and let some games be played on specially approved "FIFA Turf" recently). I would expect that they would try to get mostly natural grass venues for the games in america. If not NFL stadia, then perhaps college.
  8. dcluley98

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Interesting video on urban planning in NYC that ended up altering building scale over the last century: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-06-07/how-new-york-city-got-its-skyline-video Look at the picture above and then watch the video.
  9. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Just messin' around IAF, as the youngest child in my household, I was the "remote control" for the TV back in the day.
  10. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Is that like some sort of Vehicle Central Repository? Very Colossal Rendering? Vapid Construction Rhetoric?
  11. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    What's a VCR?
  12. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Maybe they should re-think the giant pedestal and 3 phase build-out, or maybe our gaurdians of architectural integrity and urban planning should hold them to a higher standard. . . Just thinking out loud here. . . . My DILLIGAF is shot today.
  13. dcluley98

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    It was on latest ARB for Radius. This hasn't gotten to ARB yet, it is still in zoning approval.
  14. A ton of work happening on the north end of this project next to SteelHouse. The north pillar for the truss is poured and they are starting to form and pour the main supports for the walkway down to the landing. Materials are being staged for pre-fab ramp on the north side which is textured concrete panels with dirt in-fill. Drainage and culverts on site on both sides for stormwater management. And a gratuitous SunRail construction pic just for UrbanPlanet to start it off. (the lighting wasn't that great tonight, but the train one came out OK).
  15. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    There are renderings of Thornton Park 11 townhomes proposed for the lot at Robinson and Hyer in last MPB report. Not sure if these have been posted anywhere yet.