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  1. dcluley98

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Edit-Whoops, wrong street. That's the Sr. Rec center on Marks, apparently.
  2. dcluley98

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    That's our Sunshine! Thanks for the info, reality, and posts though, seriously.
  3. dcluley98

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Wow, that is awesome. Sunshine with a positive post breaking through the clouds! The future is bright.
  4. dcluley98

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    That style has not aged well. And the "award-winning" theater above does not look appealing to me other than the leafy trees. (needs more leafy trees and less palm trees) We could do very well with some live oaks planted on either side of the DPAC promenade. The "development" for those grassy areas seems to be stalled, so might as well see some "Organic Growth" there in the interim:
  5. dcluley98

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    I agree. The developers know much more about the market than me. I see more trends to urbanization though, and I think that big money trying to say they know they can come in and rescue this vast expanse of property is a good thing. Retail failure notwithstanding, this is still prime real-estate, and has been bungled forever by multiple old-regime investors/developers trying to do the same old thing while not taking into account current market conditions and changing tastes. Sears just went bankrupt. Luxury BigBox garden center doesn't work anywhere and isn't the answer. Anchor mall is dead, and not coming back, and I am glad. Property is worth more than the dead, negative cash-flow businesses trying to locate in the old paradigm business model. I hope the next developer will blow it up and start a real new beginning. The location and property is very valuable, the things I have seen proposed are not viable. SPG and the like are very astute. The climate is shifting and the location suites more urban mix though.
  6. dcluley98

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    I made a post a while back about "what not to do" RE: suburban retail hell like the St. Johns Town Center and the Irvine Spectrum Center. Fashion Square location, while not exactly downtown, BEGS for urban redevelopment with mixed-use livable space. Go mid-rise, replace the vast parking lots with garages and green-space and put lower cost apartments above the retail and you have what should go here. People could both live there and work there, and it would revitalize the area and provide a cheaper alternative than downtown, while still being close enough and a relatively decent reach to Baldwin Park and Winter Park as well to draw back some traffic. That's what I would do, but hey, I'm no expert. SPG tend to make money and succeed.
  7. dcluley98

    Other Metro Area Projects

    YMCA is on as partner for the Regional Park/Amenities area of the Packing District development. They have plan out for park and 41,404 SF Regional YMCA Gym/Wellness Center on the park parcel off of Princeton just east of JY Parkway. It also includes outdoor activity areas, plaza and pools/kiddie/splash pool area. This thing looks like the Taj Mahal of YMCAs in the area:
  8. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    wrong thread
  9. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    "With the sale, Bags Inc. will continue to operate as an independent company based out of Orlando. Earlier this year it started work on a new global headquarters near the Amway Center, moving from a spot near SeaWorld. Bags Inc. has been growing fast in recent years, bringing its total number of full-time employees up to 3,000, SP Plus reported Thursday. That’s up from about 1,875 earlier in the year, Bags Inc. reported."
  10. dcluley98

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    No, the training center was supposed to be in Lake Nona. And we haven't heard anything on it for a LOOOOONG time.
  11. dcluley98

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    Got a flyer for this in the mail. $1400 for 1 BR, which is fairly reasonable for DT area right now. Didn't say the SF though.
  12. dcluley98

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Oh, I know that the Knights compare favorably cross schedule. I also know that the P5 are going to use any excuse to try to keep them out, which sucks. UCF has to play even better than other P5 teams throughout the whole season just to have a shot because the powers that be are actively trying to rig the system against them and propagandizing the case for only their teams to get in.
  13. dcluley98

    Creative Village

    Stumbled on a link of really awesome photos of Creative Village and DT area poking around the CV development site. Great shots! Click through and enjoy: http://creativevillageorlando.com/downloads/Creative-Village-Madow-photos-August-2018.pdf
  14. dcluley98

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    CV sitework with the correct street grid and foundations for Union West Student Housing and Dr. Phillips Academic Commons are visible as well. Good deal and makes it easier to see where master plan and parcels are going to be.