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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    The RFP says "within 30 miles of population center" which I would take to mean downtown and "could be, but does not have to be an urban or downtown campus". There aren't really many downtown sites that can fit such a proposal. What they are unequivocal about, however, is "access to mass transit: On Site" and "Proximity to Major Highways: 1-2 Miles." I think they would put a campus out of downtown, that is connected by a Rail line, thus Sand Lake, Meadow Woods, or Tupperware areas would look to fit the criteria. Just looking at a Google Aerial. Sites off of Wetherbee Road, with lots of space and potential for a new stop on Sunrail Airport connector would make sense. Close to 417/Turnpike, right next to the Airport with potential direct connection from new SunRail line, 13 miles from Downtown.
  2. Tremont Tower | 25-Story Office/Hotel [Proposed]

    Tremont is a great project to have actually go forward. Another hotel serving Amway/DPAC/Church Street/Orlando City Stadium, and connected to Sunrail! We need more projects tied to Sunrail to increase ridership and get other connections such as to the Airport Intermodal terminal and OB Express to get critical mass to go forward. Yes, this seems like not a big deal, but more and more baby steps lead to incremental jumps in the future! Besides this. . . UCF Creative Village and Cambria Suites are some other game changer projects that look to start soon. UCF for obvious reasons and Cambria fills that vacant eyesore on the lake and adds that more many people to downtown/lake Eola area that will be walking around and frequenting businesses. That will be a premium hotel IMO. . . wish it was bigger, but the design looks good and lower height there means that it won't completely block views of the lake if a taller tower is built behind it further from the lake. Plus it blocks the AT&T Monstrosity. (was really hoping that would go away and we could get a plaza with an Art Museum, but oh well). Now we just need Capital Plaza, MEC, and Magnolia Rose to actually get started!
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Here is the MPB Report with lots of renderings: http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2017/09/MPBStaffReport2017-09_ZON2017-00014wAddendum.pdf Not sure if the rendering you are looking for is in there, but there is a rendering of the courtyard showing a Starbucks, Chipotle, and Max's Phillipino restaurant. Pretty sure those are dummies though, as I haven't heard anything about retail leasing plans and would suspect nothing is in place given the zoning has not been approved yet. There is also a fountain entrance walkway feature and a sculpture. Although they need some more cover over cafe seating (canopy or arcade?) and some real trees instead of palm trees to provide some natural shade.
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It appears to be a 3rd phase of condo development just south of the Disney Animal Kingdom property between Osceola Parkway and 192 in Osceola County.
  5. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Another thing that Florida has going for it. . . No state income Taxes. That would help recruit some of those people and keep the wages lower.
  6. We call that "making it hail!"
  7. Modera Perspective /Why yes I was laying on the sidewalk downtown a block away from the 7-11. Don't judge me! LOL.
  8. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Giant tower in the empty lot next to Lynx Central station or in Creative Village near the station.
  9. Orlando Transit

    It follows pretty much exactly the US 27 route. Maybe they planned it in the median of already owned ROW?
  10. Orlando Transit

    Exactly what Hank said. Orlando to Miami and/or Tampa is key because of some of the largest southern ports that handle goods from Panama canal plus cruise terminals and airports. Needs to connect to Atlanta for Hartsfield and largest transportation hub in the Southeast. The interesting thing to me though was the route they showed on their website. Instead of the usual route we have seen along the coast or turnpike, they chose to go up the middle of the state following US 27 corridor west of Lake Okeechobee and up the Lake Wales Ridge to I-4 Disney area. This is rather interesting to me, but makes a lot of sense. The area is underserved by other modes of transportation, is further away from the coast so would be less prone to sea level change or hurricanes, can connect to other areas of the state such as Tampa Bay and Fort Myers area, and could potentially add more stops for central Florida or Disney/Theme Park/I-drive area. We could have both Brightline AND the Hyperloop, and they could serve different purposes.
  11. Orlando Transit

    Bring it! Bank tube to South Beach baby!
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Window blown out on Plaza. That would not have been fun. Also tree uprooted and strewn across Magnolia on Monday.
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Woooh Doggy, Ride it out!
  14. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Are they supposed to do that?
  15. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What a crane in "weather vane" mode might look like!