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  1. The over-run is more than 5%, they already used up all the contingency and cut scope. It is 5.5% additional funds allocated, not necessarily just over the original projected cost. The prior contract had a lot of cushion baked in with contingency and additional money that could have potentially be used as shared savings or added scope if the original budget was held. Additionally, the project was recently stated as being 9 months over schedule. (hopefully they can accelerate that a bit to gain some time back with less traffic now).
  2. The point was to update what was there to preserve the style and look, but with updated and better finishes. They are replacing the entire arcade system with a new one with nickel finish along with nickel accents around the window/door frames, and updated lighting systems. Basically it's a refresh to bring the building back to its former glory while preserving the architectural style and neon signage, etc.
  3. But P3 is the best delivery option ever conceived! We get all the efficiency of government bureaucracy with none of the risk from private construction sector.
  4. They are bidding a project for interior fit-out of that building right now which will do just that. Converting part of the office space to residential.
  5. I-4 Ultimate to get $125 million bailout from state The Florida Department of Transportation will pay I-4 Mobility Partners, a consortium of construction and finance firms, an extra $125 million for a job priced originally at $2.3 billion. “FDOT remains committed to ensuring the project is completed safely and will continue to monitor the concessionaire to ensure accountability until the project is complete,” department secretary Kevin Thibault said in a press release. Still not publicly available is the agreement between the state and I-4 Mobility Partners that could shed light on why the state agreed to pay an additional $125 million and what conditions the state may have placed on the builder going forward. DOT spokeswoman Jessice Ottaviano said the agreement is not available yet because it has not been made final. Also unclear is where the $125 million would come from, as government budgets face increasing stress from COVID-19. That sum is larger than the cost of many major road projects, including the coming, $106 million reconstruction of the State Road 436 and Beachline interchange at Orlando International Airport. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/transportation/os-ne-interstate-4-125-million-bailout-20200402-kqiuijp6jff2thw6k2p6ykor3i-story.html
  6. Disney to furlough employees beginning April 19 https://seekingalpha.com/news/3558063-disney-to-furlough-employees-beginning-april-19 "Over the last few weeks, mandatory decrees from government officials have shut down a majority of our businesses," the company says in a statement. "Disney employees have received full pay and benefits during this time, and we've committed to paying them through April 18, for a total of five additional weeks of compensation. "However, with no clear indication of when we can restart our businesses, we're forced to make the difficult decision to take the next step and furlough employees whose jobs aren't necessary at this time," Disney says. The furlough period begins April 19; workers will remain employees, and will receive full healthcare, with the cost of employee and company premiums paid by Disney. Employees can also use available paid time off at the start of the furlough period, and once furloughed they can receive an extra $600/week in federal compensation through the stimulus bill and state unemployment, Disney says.
  7. You will only be able to see Radius. The hotel is screened. It is also going to be easier to see in between Fifth/Third (whatever they are calling that now) and Landmark 2 from across the lake.
  8. Looks like a 90s Rent-A-Center for sure.
  9. Workers were there this morning at United Trophy building that is undergoing facade renovations. This is one of the cooler small projects downtown with the new owner preserving the old look/feel of the building with new nickel arcade and facade elements/window frame with somewhat of an art deco design. They are keeping the neon signage as well. https://bungalower.com/2019/10/15/united-trophy-building-restoration-moves-forward/
  10. https://slate.com/business/2020/03/construction-coronavirus-building-developers.html
  11. SeaWorld furloughs more than 90% of its employees over coronavirus pandemic
  12. along with a secondary provision that it can't be as wide or more than it is tall.
  13. Yikes: Orlando’s Marriott Worldwide Vacations to furlough staff, shutter U.S. timeshares over coronavirus pandemic Timeshare giant Marriott Vacations Worldwide said Tuesday it will shut down operations and furlough its workers because of a massive drop in business related to coronavirus. Among seven properties and two corporate offices in Central Florida, Marriott Vacations Worldwide employs 3,300 people. All new hires, with the exception of mission-critical needs, have been frozen. It is deferring its employee 401(k) match. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-coronavirus-marriott-timeshare-furloughs-20200324-q3kbt7xdkjegnf325njvwk7xu4-story.html
  14. At a 2.75% interest rate, I would be seeking the longest term possible.
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