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  1. They are doing final structural including concrete pour in the main span and probably the rest of the cables this weekend overnight:
  2. I hear those seniors love their beer and tacos.
  3. dcluley98

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    Urban Target. Real pharmacy. Edit to add: Discount Grocery like Aldi or Lidl (I love Publix, but damn if I wouldn't like a cheaper option for staples) Other than that, tend to agree.
  4. Andy, they supposedly are approving the development zoning, but needs to go through ARB to get approved. Agenda has not been set for ARB meeting they will discuss this.
  5. dcluley98

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    I think I will make a trip to Carrowinds and Funtasticks next summer and maybe hop on the Lynx to stop by DT Charlotte. LOL. (see, if we just had a light rail circulator that would connect I-Drive/Universal/DT/Airport, we could all say that for Orlando with a straight face).
  6. dcluley98

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    Very much the same with other western European countries and South American countries. Especially Brazil.
  7. They had another round in MPB here is the link: http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2018/12/MPBStaffReport2018-12_ZON2018-10030.pdf "Planned Development (PD) rezoning request for a 327-unit multifamily development with a 676 space parking garage. Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report." "The site is located within the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area and is therefore subject to review by the Appearance Review Board. A courtesy review was conducted at the November 2018 meeting (ARB2018-10038) with a major review to follow at a later date. The early designs for the building need additional refinement and detailing, specifically to the ground level along N Orange Avenue and the parking garage façade along Robinson Street and State Lane." "The applicant is requesting relief from Section 62.505 (Street-Level Commercial Use) which requires the ground floor along N Orange Avenue to have allowable active commercial uses. This proposal consistent of tenant space along 50% of the front façade along N Orange Ave and the remain half of the façade will be utilized for amenity space for the multifamily residents. . . .The amenity space will be constructed with a minimum 40 ft. depth, 20 ft. width, and 16 ft. height to allow commercial activity uses to occupy the space once the demand for such uses exists."
  8. dcluley98

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    Uh, Memphis, NY, London, Chicago? Hell you could throw Atlanta in there for Hip Hop/R&B too, and probably Seattle for rock/grunge and N'awlins for jazz/blues/zydeco.
  9. dcluley98

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    More cultural amenities, more public transportation, more parks, less cars, more walkability, more corporate presence downtown, more full "live-work-play-buy-sell" experience downtown, more time.
  10. dcluley98

    Creative Village

    I really hope some of the other buildings to be developed around the central park add in some elements of the institutional skinny vertical window motif found on the lower floors of these two buildings. It would build some cohesion and make it feel pulled together as a campus designed to be a cohesive center of the Creative Village that is meant to be the foundation of the area for years. It could really influence the rest around it.
  11. Uplighting on the cables would be cool. Not sure if they are doing that.
  12. dcluley98

    Creative Village

    Great photo!
  13. Lights were on the pillar tower of the pedestrian bridge last night. They cycled through various colors such as green, yellow, orange, red, purple. Not sure what the plan is for the display, but it is capable of multi-colors. Railings are going on the main ramps up to the bridge as well. Tried to get a photo of the lights, but they are not on this evening.
  14. dcluley98

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    The Tampa Bay Partnership released their 2018 Regional Competitiveness report, comparing the region to other similar regions, of which Orlando is one. Some fascinating stuff in there from Tampa's perspective, but also with respect to Orlando/Central Florida. Of note, Orlando ranks highest in job growth and business starts among the compared regions, but dead last in wages and household net worth. https://www.tampabay.org/research/regional-competitiveness-report There is a ton of good stuff in this report!
  15. dcluley98

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    I am a national merit scholar. UCF recruited me hard to go there. I went to UF, but UCF was a top 5 candidate due to their heavy recruiting and offering great scholarships to boost their academics. In the end, the school was not as good as UF, so I went to UF. (GA-tech was 2nd choice, UNC 3rd choice). I wanted to stay in state for the tuition and scholarship money, so UCF and USF were also high up on the list still despite their lack of academic reputation at the time. In retrospect, UCF would not have been a bad choice. Cache does not matter as much as you would think unless you are going to an Ivy or top-top engineering school. I am happy I went to UF. I learned a lot, and had no debt when I graduated. UCF would have likely been fine too, though.