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  1. There is a forum for A2, Dtown, Grand Rapids, Flint, Kzoo, Lansing and Muskegan but can we please get one for Jacktown? (Jackson).
  2. My brother and aunt both work for Meijer store #55, which is on east Michigan avenue in Jackson MI. They both told me the store is approved for a complete remodel which involves a completely new front face and a complete layout overhaul. They don't know much else but apparently the design will look similar to the Ionia Meijer facade. My aunt says she will tell me when she hears more. I'll add that it REALLY needs it. I don't know if any of y'all have been in there lately but its a dump. It hadn't been remodeled since early 2000s which all they did was close off the original general merchandise entrance, cover all the windows and add a pharmacy drive up. Other than that its looked the same basically since I remember and its falling apart. The store is gross and the bathrooms are horrific. Its also really dated. It helped improve the design when they covered the windows and removed the recessed drop ceiling (making it more similar to a Walmart) but its still old and dated. Also, one last thing. Meijer on east Michigan ave is the only major grocery store on the east side of town and supporting the areas such as Michigan center and leoni (not counting dollar general or tree) because on April 7th the Kroger located only a couple blocks from east side meijer closed its doors after about 45 years in business. This gives meijer basically a monopoly over here right now.
  3. Sorry to bump but I wanted to add something. I work at Greenville's newer store (built 2001 to replace store #1 located across town). The managers were all told Meijer Corp now owns the former Meijer as of January of this year. They purchased back the property but won't say why. Currently the former meijer building is sectioned off into three spaces. The former 24 hour entrance opens into a thrift store, the old side entrance is for the pantry and the general merch entrance is for the BMX track. No idea why they own it again. Could Meijer have bought it to build a distribution center? Greenville isn't big enough to support two, which was why they closed the otherone down in may 2001 in the first place.
  4. I work at the greenville meijer. The store manager recently talked with corporate and the type c design is not being used. Greenville IS getting a new exterior design, but it is of a yet undisclosed "modernistic retro" design as he put it. Also, meijer now once again owns the former meijer building on Lafayette Street here in town that currently houses a bmx track and a thrift shop. The managers were all told that recently. No idea why meijer owns it. The location isn't very good, greenville isn't big enough for two meijers AND the building is in extremely bad condition. It's falling apart. I wouldn't be surprised if it got condemned in a year or so. Also, my cousins Angie and Logan work at the Jackson mi location on East Michigan avenue (I grew up with this meijer) and it's also getting a renovation inside and out according to their manager. Its sad the Greenville Meijer that opened in 2001 that replaced the old store will be redone, because it contains many left overs from the old store, like the E4 signs in the photo area.
  5. I've always loved the old design they used for the entrance pavilions. It was also my favorite when they would have the lit up entry signs. The Jackson MI east end Meijer was a near twin to the original Greenville location before the east end Meijer was heavily redone throughout the 90s and 2000's.
  6. I hate to bump this old photo, but I have a bit of a backstory and history of this Meijer store. It is from my hometown, built just right next to the city limits of Jackson, and it is either store #50 or #55 (Can't remember), but it was built in the early 80s. The store, however, used to be nearly identical to the abandoned store in Greenville, but eventually had major extensions and renovations of the years, including a huge overhaul and extension to the produce department. The first section I outlined in red never existed before the 90s. It was originally an outdoor garden center. The entrance areas looked just like the ones at the closed Greenville Meijer Store, and the current garden center never existed. This all happened in a 90s renovation of the store. (All of that information from family members who worked there). Now what I DO know first hand, was in 2005 a huge renovation project began starting with a new paved parking lot. Also, every window was covered in the building for some unknown reason, and the non 24 hour entrance was covered up in favor of the third entrance becoming a primary entrance. Around this time, the store also lost the original logo and the "Fresh" tagline, and got the new updated sign. Point is, this Meijer keeps expanding. A recent news article in the Jackson CitPat paper showed Meijer is planning to purchase property along Sheridan Rd (Right behind the store) and demolish them, so that the garden center can be expanded. Another funfact: This is one of two stores in Jackson. This store was built in the early 80s, while the other one, located by the Jackson Airport, was built in the early 90s. The Airport meijer had a drive up bank and a large hallway indoors with several shops. (like a mall), but both had been removed in the early 2000s renovation of that store.
  7. As I said in my introduction topic, I am heavily facinated by the original Meijer Store on Lafayette St, in Greenville. (Aka, Store #1) This store still stands and is used for many things. The far right is used as a food pantry and a thrift store. The majority of the middle is a BMX track and the far left is some unknown thing. (I believe it WAS a chaple). The building is in bad shape though. The roof is leaking terribly and the thrift store has many storage totes sitting under the leaks. (There are at least 30 of them, no joke. Its bad.) I have many photos of the building from last year: Some of the coolest things are that the Welcome Sign above the non 24 hour entrance is still partially lit up, and the building still appears to look like a Meijer. Anyone else have their own stories, photos, etc to share?
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