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  1. I agree with MLBrumby's comment. I've lived in Chicago now for 5 years, and as much as I love the height of some of the existing, under construction, and proposed buildings, they don't necessarily make for great neighborhoods. The loop, Streeterville, River North, etc. are great, but by far the best neighborhoods are Lincoln Park, Lakeview, West Loop , Wicker Park, etc. which are full of midrise buildings and lots of good urban density. The sidewalks are busy, there's ample street activity and businesses, and it feels the most lively, inviting, and walk-able. Though some new height would be great for Nashville, I LOVE how large the walk-able, urban area extends out from downtown. It makes for a much more interesting and lively city than having a handful of taller buildings in the core. Look at European cities... very few true skyscrapers compared to American cities, but they're often times much more "alive" and pedestrian friendly and memorable because of the density and street activity. I'm beyond thrilled that Nashville continues to add density and urbanity. Now if we can just get something other than boxy buildings...
  2. 5,000 people in one building isn't that crazy at all. I work in downtown Chicago and there are buildings here that have close to 30,000 people come and go each day. That's obviously a much larger scale than what we can expect to see at Nashville Yards, but putting all Amazon into one building is definitely feasible. We'd probably all agree that it will likely be spread across a few buildings, but it will be exciting to see how this develops, not to mention the residential high-rises to follow!
  3. There's a group of 8 people from my office in Chicago who are renting an AirBNB in Nashville to see the eclipse and then make a whole weekend out of it. They're paying an insane amount for the house! Definitely will be a great little end of summer boost to the economy!
  4. I can't get over the updated pictures of downtown posted here the last couple of days! I have to stop every time to be sure it's really a picture of Nashville! Certainly ain't the downtown Nashville I grew up with in the late 90's and early 2000's! I was just on a roadtrip with friends from Chicago to the Smoky Mountains, and we passed through Louisville and Indianapolis, which I used to consider peer cities. This new Nashville skyline is making really putting it on another level ahead of those cities. Loving it!
  5. Just for context, Bridgestone reached over 126 decibels in the last game in terms of crowd noise level. Thunder is about 120 decibels, and a military jet takeoff hits about 130 so basically Nashville during a Preds game is somewhere between being inside of a thunderstorm and sitting next to a runway during takeoff. Eardrums start to rupture at 150 decibels. I live in Chicago, and no one ever really knew anything about the Preds or that Nashville even had a team... They know now. The rowdiness of the fans in Nashville even make the news up here!
  6. Any new pictures of the progress here for us out-of-towners? Heading back to Nashville in 3 weeks and can't wait to see the progress on everything! I won't even know where to start!
  7. Thanks for the pictures! I don't think I realized how visible this would be from the river and the walking bridge. For some reason in my mind I had it placed on the other side of the Encore. Anyways, I was in Nashville for a quick weekend trip just this past weekend, and was amazed a the sea of cranes and construction everywhere! It's one thing to get on here and read about it, and another to actually drive around and see the progress and changes that are in store. It makes for quite a lively and energetic vibe when you see all the construction. Keep the pictures coming! Thanks guys!
  8. Any new pictures of the SoBro construction for those of us out-of-towners?
  9. I haven't posted to this site in years... but I'm an avid reader and thought it was high time to get back in. Anyways, I'm a native Nashvillian who has now lived in Chicago for several years. Believe it or not, new lights and buildings here get the same types of complaints as this bridge. They plan a new skyscraper and the neighbors complain about the shadows it would cast! The shadows!! You live in highrise yourself in downtown Chicago, what did you expect? Anyways, I think the bridge looks amazing! I don't get to come back to Nashville enough, so I rely on pictures and news from this site, and I'm loving this! I think people just don't like to see change within their neighborhoods once they get used to the environment. Will this change colors and light up for different events/holidays? Any other pictures of the new amphitheater?
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