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  1. I hope this jumpstarts the Westmoreland Road interchange.
  2. Here are some updated renderings from the neighborhood community report by Portman,
  3. I was looking for some info on Savona Mill and came across this on Portman Residential's site. This is the Sycamore site. https://portmanresidential.com/
  4. I don't recall seeing these conceptual site plans/renderings for the proposed grocery store at the corner of 36th & Tryon, but came across them in the flyer for the property that Amelie's was going to lease. https://astonprop.propertycapsule.com/property/output/document/view/id:1593?time=1,616,099,546,701
  5. Really exciting seeing those parcels on W Catawba finally being redeveloped. I worked in Planning for the Town in the late 2010's and I hated seeing that area decay.
  6. This is technically Biddleville, but more infill townhomes on W Trade St (near the new Five Points intersection enhancements) approved yesterday. 35.24323479701269, -80.85990868832687
  7. Stumbled upon this approval in Accela. This is a part of Marsh Properties' Sedgefield development (adjacent to the Waterman/HT). This was the strip center that had Ann Dao market in it.
  8. Accela says multi-family, up to 700 units in 2 phases potentially.
  9. Can't find anything in Accela for the site or adjacent parcels.
  10. Right?! Can't wait to see Market Street bustling with people.
  11. Okay, that makes me feel better. I've seen them installing the globes and then just the LED units along the line...There are a few posts by me that have no globes so wasn't sure if they were testing something out. So ready for them to flip the switch on the lights on Trade St west of 77!
  12. Someone please tell me why we are installing different bulbs on the light posts...drives me nuts!
  13. The brochure notes an 11th floor lobby and sky lounge!
  14. Has anyone noticed the LED lights with the blue-ish/purple-ish tint being installed all over the neighborhoods outside Uptown? I don't know why they bother me so much but they do :-)
  15. Really excited for true mid-rise density being developed around town...I do wish it offered affordable housing in the new multi-family portion of the site. Took some screenshots from the video.
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