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  1. Hattie Bs is a spin off from Bishop's Meat & three, The restaurant is named after three women in the Bishop family with the name Hattie therefore you get "Hattie Bs". So I don't know how that reeks fake unless you have some personal bias. You can argue that Prince's is the best just how Philadelphians argue over Pat's vs Gino's cheesestakes. "Hattie’s is a shout-out to Bishop’s great-grandmother, grandmother and daughter, all of whom had or have Hattie in their full names." https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/postcard-from-tom-four-nashville-restaurants-that-will-make-
  2. You know what stadium is 90% identical to Nissan and no one ever talks about... Gillette Stadium. It had the Architect firm (HOK Sports) and broke ground a year after Nissan was opened. Gillette has done some upgrading since opening to include the Optum Field Lounge in the south End zone and the Encore Boston Harbor Terrace (Union Point in video) in the 300 section South end zone. In video forward to the 1:18 min mark. https://footballstadiumdigest.com/2017/03/gillette-stadium-upgrades-taking-shape/ https://www.patriots.com/video/2019-gillette-stadium-improvements
  3. NFL is trending towards renovations and not new Stadiums. Nissan will stay where its at. Now its whether the Titans want to lose their parking lot for a Baseball stadium. https://footballstadiumdigest.com/2019/03/next-wave-in-nfl-stadium-renovations/
  4. Someone may have already answered this. But what is the Hermitage Hotel afraid of? Why the resistance? Didn't seem they cared about the parks up keep before.
  5. Interesting video of Lime and Bird John Stossel: War on Electric Scooters https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2379537758726241&id=46675576620&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2FJohnStossel%2Fvideos%2F2379537758726241%2F&_rdr
  6. Tampa Bay Rays game tonight! Nashville Sounds pulls in a better crowed during the week than this place.
  7. Viewed strictly through the prism of 1999, it is shocking that Fenway Park not only is still standing, but restored with more than $285 million of new renovations. https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2012/04/06/saving-fenway/8HGlzAxzVSoo8zNvfIgkxL/story.html
  8. How self-driving cars will reshape cities https://www.wired.com/story/self-driving-cars-cities/
  9. I found this video interesting on how Seattle's Building Codes may be one of the reason for the housing prices to skyrocket. I know we gripe on this site about building height but i'm not sure how strict Nashville metro building codes are since constructions site don't have to put up covered sidewalks! This is an interesting perspective.
  10. The York Row building interiors had been stripped of everything except for one fireplace mantle and could not be restored. P&A Associates would instead preserve the front facade of the houses, back to the roof ridge line Preservationists were critical of how the York Row houses were preserved. Calling them "facadectomies", vice president of the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia J. Randall Cotton felt that saving the facades did not preserve the essence of the buildings, but that it was better than nothing.
  11. The St James in Philly has the exact same foot print as the Church st Park. I have been in the St James and parking is not an issue unless you have a Suburban then it gets difficult to park in there. I had a Buick Enclave and I felt I was going to scrape the sides when making the turns. The St James is the tallest Residential Building in Philly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_St._James
  12. I grew up in Boston. The subway was funded and run privately by West End Railway until 1947 when the MBTA (F.K.A. Metro Transit Authority) took over. Mostly all northeast Mass transits started privately until the local governments took them over in the 40's/50's.
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