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  1. Interesting how none of the people caterwauling could name which projects were downsized or affected otherwise by the city. This is because as stated the city doesn't do it. This is fascinating because there are posters who for over a decade have been caterwauling and natering that lie. It's all meme posting. Say the same thing over and over no matter how asinine it is and the guppy school will tag along and repeat it without thought.
  2. Cooper did it! Nashville..... "They"...saved us. The Gulch and SoBro crowds are crying in their craft beer.
  3. "They".....sent Cooper here to be mayor. He won the election. muahahahahahaha! It won't get built.
  4. Yeah we should just give 10 acres of land to a billionaire so he can build a "mixed-use" development. After all he can't possibly afford to purchase it. What are the benefits? It's not like he has succesfully enacted policies that have created jobs for millions of Americans.
  5. Think about what? What are you trying to say?
  6. This is why the folks behind Broadwest, The Moore, and One22One decided not to wait for tenants in order to begin construction.
  7. The irony is that 24 years ago the public actually forced a referendum vote on the NFL welfare giveaway. Now things have degenerated so much that a Major League Soccer stadium faced little to no opposition. Too busy with their cravings for craft beer.
  8. Hopefully "They" sent Cooper to stop all of this.
  9. I'm just stating facts against all of the nonstop catatonic caterwauling about glass. My posting history isn't replete with nattering about glass and crowns. Quit projecting.
  10. A cornicopia of caterwauling catatonia. This is pit..tee...full. Glass box. Glass box. Glass box. Sniffle, sniffle, sniffle. Glass buildings are everywhere on the planet. Get over it.
  11. Balderdash. This forum would be filled with moaning and caterwauling if there were old brick buildings everywhere.
  12. Apparently they are having trouble with financing. If it doesn't get started in '20 then it probably won't get built. Most projects get built within three years after the release of a rendering.
  13. Miami is averaging 10k+ a game. Nashville will probably pull 5-10k alone in conventioneers and tourists per game.
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