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  1. Ingram

    Soccer in Nashville

    Wow. Such vitriol just because of the use of the word foreigner. However what is interesting by just casual observation of this thread is how much outright hate there seems to be for the hardworking citizens of this city who do not agree with their taxpayer dollars being used to fund a sports stadium. There is an ample number of derogatory dehumanizing insults aimed at them. And no one including yourself has gotten upset about it. Yet the use of the word foreigner with regards to non-citizen soccer players drives you into a rage? That's quite astonishing. I am glad I am on the "Right" side.
  2. Ingram

    Soccer in Nashville

    And I'm sure the billionaire is enjoying his 7 or 8 figure government handout. He preferred that over spending his own money.
  3. Ingram

    Soccer in Nashville

    What do you mean free market? The city gave a multi-million dollar handout to a billionaire just so a bunch of craft beer drinkers can go bang on a drum while watching foreigners kick a ball.
  4. It's called meme posting. Someone (usually a lemon sucker) sets a meme and the rest of the guppies swim with it to ingratiate themselves with the rest of the school.
  5. Well then Nashville will look out of wack just like Oklahoma City.
  6. I guess you're starting to notice this forum is rather nutty.
  7. If one goes by the scale on that image then it's going to make Nashville look extremely out of proportion just like Oklahoma City. Maybe he'll reduce it by 50 or 60 feet.
  8. Ingram

    The Bad News Report

    Exactly, I have no idea why someone would want to soccer mom another forum.
  9. No insults to the people in this area unlike the ones thrown at the Fairgrounds people. Puzzling. Not really. I guess it matters what perceived class people belong to.
  10. Nashville is premium real estate so unless it's really financially unfeasible, most developers will not abandon their developments. The only non-tourist developments that have been cancelled as far as I can remember are: The Crescendo, The Crescent, and The Buckingham. The tourism announcements should be taken with a grain of salt since none of them come to fruition. The Skyspire and Polarcoaster towers. The Disney resort tower. The House of Blues tower. The August Moon dome. The resort in South Nashville.
  11. Your wrote the post not me. You said that Nashville went from AAA to Major League just because Amazon selected Nashville to put its Center of Excellence. I on the other hand replied that Nashville was already Major League because of a slew of recent corporate headquarter relocations. If you don't want anyone to analyze what you type then don't type it.