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  1. Highwoods is a very prominent development company. They shouldn't have problems getting financing or tenants. It wouldn't surprise me if they already have tenants.
  2. Briley lost. "Cooper" won. "They"..........saved us.
  3. The easiest way to find a building is to type the building name along with loopnet and for some buildings include nashville into a search engine.
  4. For each building they have a date created and last update above the spaces available section. They are in small print.
  5. loopnet.com. They have information on floors available in a lot of buildings. The Moore, One22One, One KVB, Broadwest, Gulch Union, Peabody Plaza, Fifth & Broadway.
  6. Interesting rumors about One KVB "if" true. 1. They paid 9.4 million dollars for the land to build it on. 2. It looks like they have some floors pre-leased. 3. The land is a very odd shaped that only seems like a fit for the building they want to build. 4. The land is hemmed in by 7th Ave, KVB, and Lafayette as well as a police station and the 6th & Peabody complex. If they want to sell the land, would there be any takers for such odd parcels? It looks like only an L or V shaped building will go there. If they don't sell the land, it seems unlikely for any business to just eat 9.4 million dollars. Would they change over from office to residential or hotel? Who knows.
  7. The Gulch and SoBro crowd can pay for the bridge themselves. They simply need to cut back on the millions they spend on craft beer, smoothies, and gourmet coffee.
  8. If they relocate a team here then it needs to be a better one than Baltimore. They can't even sniff the playoffs. At least Tampa Bay competes for the playoffs.
  9. It will happen sooner than that if they have a privately funded stadium that is a part of yet another billion dollar mixed use development. They actually have said that is what they plan on doing. MLB wants to be in Nashville and what Nashville can do for its profile.
  10. They did not not choose Memphis because of a name. That's bushwa. How do you know their effort will not be taken seriously?
  11. I think the same thing when people caterwaul and moan about old buildings being removed. If they don't like an old building brought down that no one cares to even look at, then they should leave.
  12. Yep, the mudsill better learn to be subservient to the smoothie drinker, craft beer crowd. They better shut up and swear allegiance and give everything they own to the dog parkers in the "coooooooorrrrrrrreeee" as well as expect nothing in return for their tax dollars.
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