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  1. This is a good one of the parking garage across from Not Just Coffee. There wasn't room for everyone at Bearden park...
  2. Amazing (yet strangely psychologically-fitting in our culture) that there was no coverage of the Womens' March in Charlotte today, save for one Observer writer, and one online Charlotte blog (Charlotte Stores of all things). This had far more people than the height of the demonstrations over Keith Scott. I hope aerial or someone's condo tower patio photos come from this. The crowd was so big it took ages for the group to move as one.
  3. Well, there is a certain obvious logic in having a place where every bus can meet up with the city's two rail lines. Though, it would also make sense to make CTC and Gateway have equal bus connections.
  4. Triangle/Triad NC fans HOP on Amtrak, HOP off at Gateway, HOP on the Gold line, HOP off at Kings/Charlottetown, easy walk to Memorial/MLS stadium. Transit nerd's Soccer wet dream.
  5. Am I seeing that overhead rendering right that there won't be an obvious ped connection from Tryon to Church?
  6. That's a good point. Some people are blind to the existing reality because they want to see the potential future reality. That's why I kinda see where the manufacturer is coming from. Though having a light industrial mix in an urban transit-oriented neighborhood is pretty awesome still. Kind of the distinction of someone who moves into an old rundown neighborhood because their house is brand new, and then expect their next door neighbor to suddenly get rid of their chain link fence and landscape their yard.
  7. Hah! That's how I feel about every sports subsidy ever. This one feels a bit different because... I guess because the land use is already a sports stadium? Also, idk, it'll round out our pro sports landscape (other than the 'Canes for Hockey, but that's also not a southern-friendly sport, per se, what with climate)
  8. The N Davidson St corridor has... at least three apartment projects that have been fully approved but not one ounce of dirt has been turned... shortage of labor makes sense. We'll see.
  9. She always asks if I'm interested... but alas I am shallow.
  10. I'd say not past Eastway. The little nook of old neighborhood on Commonwealth Ave (that stubs out at Independence Blvd) and has one road that exits onto Eastway, is still a really cute area and has nice houses/bones. The other side of Central as well (near Merry Oaks) is cute and still somewhat connected to Country Club Heights, etc.
  11. Burson, Denny, and those other original quad buildings DESERVE renovations.
  12. Hm... that feels a little ironic. While I'm lukewarm on seeing neighborhood characters leaving, the silver lining for me would be a building that would go right up to the street. But now there's still a surface lot, and for a long time for sure. Eh...
  13. Are you certain there will be? Asking because I could never get a straight answer.
  14. That's the newer (1990s?) subdivision of "Crestdale Crossing". It branches off from the Crestdale community, Matthews' original African-American neighborhood (formerly known in the slang as "Tank Town" because all the homes had septic tanks), segregated from Matthews proper and anexxed by Matthews in the 60s or 70s, I believe. Some of my friends as a kid at Matthews Elementary lived there. It was eye opening to my sheltered suburban self how such a disparity of economic situations could exist so close to each other in this age. Crestdale Crossing has road stubs that will likely eventually connect into Matthews' future master planned "Entertainment District", the TOD district they want to make with the Silver Line. Edit: Here's the entrance to that subdivision. Turn around and it goes toward the original Crestdale neighborhood.
  15. It makes perfect sense for our customer base: drop their junked car off at a North Tryon St junk yard, hop on the train, hop off and hop in their new car from our machines! Get hoppin'!!"