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  1. How much political clout does the Levine family truly have? Let's quantify it...
  2. Lol yes. Though I have noticed over the last 7 years or so that the insecurity that comes from those specific homeowners is what makes neighborhood meetings progressively more onerous to get through: Suddenly these folks are defending every home builder's "property rights," not wanting the neighborhood group to do anything that might inhibit what builders can do (this is hyper-specific to single-family home builders). It's like they move into a place on a lark, and have zero self-awareness once they actually have a say in matters. Entitled obstructionism at its best.
  3. Amaze NoDa Apartments by Maxus Properties: On Craighead (pic #1), then looking down Philemon (pic #2). They look pretty neat. It is such a shame they are completely cut off from NoDa proper. If either Craighead or Philemon were open, it would be a complete 180-difference. Also a very uncomfortable walk for most to the Sugar Creek Station. No parking deck will keep rents cheaper (and it is an Opportunity Zone project), so that will definitely be a draw, but still.
  4. Yes, there will always be some excuse to build Greenfield in perpetuity. Then the interested parties PR things so any thoughtful, moderate-minded person is swayed into thinking it is for the best; or, at least, that it is "inevitable." That's for both the citizenry and the elected officials.
  5. Not about a casino: Question: who has been to the Catawba Nation lands? What is there to do that would patronize businesses for them (aside from any casino)? I see the Catawba Nation Cultural Center, but I'm not sure if they actually sell anything to make money there, or anywhere else.
  6. My guess is it would eventually be on the former intermodal yard land (the vacant land running along N Brevard St) aka, not any of the actual rail areas. But probably a LONG time.
  7. It works the same way with Multifamily in general; generally if you want to increase occupancy, raise rates (though obviously there are many other factors, as well) It all started with the Novare original owners, I think CBRE has just gone along with the current in that way.
  8. I need to say, in defense of Skyhouse as a building(s), at least in my experiences they are really nicely designed buildings in the ways that people appreciate: engineered hardwoods (not processed/vinyl/laminate), true floor-to-ceiling windows in every single room, rooftop amenities (which many high rises still have not done), a legit HUGE dog park and ground floor retail! But every time I meet a former employee they are always glad to be out of there. I feel like their downfall has been in not enforcing AirBnB'ing. I have met SO many people that have complained about a daily/weekly revolving door of neighboring tenants, and the fact that they abuse the amenity areas. They say management never seems to evict the leaseholders - I think they are afraid of occupancy (hardly ever has Skyhouse crested 90%, widely considered the bare minimum of acceptable occupancy). And the thing is, everything said about Skyhouse being the cheapest uptown high rise for people to still have all of the high rise perks is ALSO true about Catalyst (except everything of theirs is even older), yet Catalyst stays fully occupied with no exceptional issues aside from the youthful rambunctiousness of it's residents. I think it comes down to the AirBnB issue, period. Sad, too, because I think Skyhouse will eventually shift to be one of the better options in Uptown due to location and amenities, if only they don't burn themselves to the ground first. But also, the South Tower is twice as nice as North. 2¢
  9. Charlotte Agenda comments is what I saw, mostly citing the affordable housing crisis, and education.
  10. Facebook comments are filled with people lamenting this being prioritized over other initiatives that could use $100m.
  11. Even if a person was to get some kind of payment agreement to tack it onto their HOA fees, that's still... * * ... like $517/month for a year? Dang.
  12. Y'all... what is this? Just what the h*ll is this??? (Taken from the Johnston YMCA parking lot today)
  13. IDK which tower this was in, but I am just waiting for the day that South and North tower are bought by different owners (read: South has far better finishes/gym, North also has the 21st floor contracted to Lyric hospitality - aka: corporately-run AirBnB)
  14. Jazz Club in 2nd Ward set to open very soon (with a $25k grand piano)
  15. After much utilization, I feel the Parkwood Station should have been at 16th St. Beyond the Optimist Hall issue, the gap running from 9th St to 16th St would be bad enough, but to Parkwood (which is essentially 20th St) is all that much worse.
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