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  1. SgtCampsalot

    I-485 Development (Prosperity Village, Riverbend, Crosswind, etc)

    Steele Creek: (I couldn't find a topic for it) I have a colleague who has a chance to work at a new garden apartment community on Arrowood, off S Tryon St, behind the Wal-Mart and Publix area (Whitehall). It is next to "Moody Lake", across from a couple nice looking subdivisions with decent values, adjacent to existing Whitehall Parc apartments. My question: Is that area considered a "booming" suburb? I can't tell if it's part of "Steele Creek", or off in the hinterlands, or what. Do you think a brand new community would do well there? I know certain suburbs are considered "sure things" right now... Whitehall Parc seems to have high rents, so... But one never knows how the market will shift. Also, "Olde Whitehall" I guess is an old farming community? #suburbanization
  2. SgtCampsalot

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    Careful, those are known to bring our the people who take moral issue with completely the wrong part of that sign.
  3. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I frequently see at most 1 stag and 2 doe at a time along the Greenway around OP/Belmont/Seigle Point!
  4. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Idk... there are certain ways builders build with freight vibration in mind. I can't speak for these, but CapRock, thr developer, said at the initial public meetings they were using high quality materials to that end. I can say, living one block from that train, that you get used to it after a month. And there are at least a dozen houses right along it (more if you count Chantilly, etc) so I don't know. As long as the structures don't deteriorate due to the noise I think it's reasonable... Then, considering Belmont Ave will grow as a main street with a convenient bus running through to Uptown, these townhomes are in a great location... again, as long as the structures are built sufficiently.
  5. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Also might I suggest we remove "revitalization" from this thread's title?
  6. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Pics #1-3: New townhomes breaking ground at Harrill/ Van Every/ Seigle. They will have great views of the skyline. Thankfully they don't own that corner, so that cool old brick retaining wall and staircase will remain for now. Pics #4-5: Right across Seigle from the townhomes: these two awesome bunker buildings' lots are for sale. Who wants to wager whether a new buyer will reno the structures (like the buildings at Harrill/Belmont), or razed for more townhomes?
  7. I keep forgetting this Northwood Ravin tower isn't at Tryon & Stonewall; its such a killer spectacle of a tower!
  8. SgtCampsalot

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Pics 1-3: Highland Mill townhomes phase 1 on the Brevard St side. Pic 4: An exceedingly ugly single-family home right across the street on Brevard.
  9. SgtCampsalot

    Charlotte Coliseum Massive Development - City Park

    I agree. The area where the new townhomes are is ripe for a "town center" development with retail and multifamily. It's unfortunate this new place half-a-mile away didn't have that foresight. Hopefully the empty parcels around it treat it with more attention than they did.
  10. SgtCampsalot

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Probably the only stretch of the Rail Trail this close to Uptown that is kinda dead and lifeless (in terms of buildings, not through-traffic). But once you get on a couple blocks it's vibrant again.
  11. SgtCampsalot

    Charlotte Coliseum Massive Development - City Park

    I met someone today who works at Sycamore at Tyvola, a brand new gated garden apartment complex, about 0.5-1.0 miles away from the City Park "blocks", next to Meck county's Renaissance Park. The leasing-up there seems to have been abysmal. It seems they had discussed putting in nature trails for recreation, but determined gating the property was the best course of action, and instead implemented what this employee referred to as "sidewalk trails" placed within the property area. In this market, the only thing this "City Park" market is seen to have is the potential of a town center type feel alongside these townhomes. But locating this off a Garden Highway Boulevard strip of a road, and cutting it off from everything around it (current, or future), clearly doomed this project.
  12. SgtCampsalot

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    Whomever Levine sells to, it would be nice if they didn't over-deliver parking spaces. Aside from the Levine deck-bacle, First Ward is the most viable area in Uptown for true car-free living. First Ward is more connected in its street grid, has less highway-style streets, is right on the Blue Line (at-grade, no less!), and will have so many basic amenities within a couple block radius that any company would be cruel to build more than minimum-required parking.
  13. SgtCampsalot

    The Good News Report

    I just rode the Fury coaster, the newer TALL, TALL, TALL coaster, and oh my goodness it is amazing.
  14. SgtCampsalot

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Been waiting on this left turn for almost 10 minutes at McCullough