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  1. Lucky's has DDR? Thank you, that changes everything. In my mind that puts it in another league as the (horrific) Blind Pig. I was the biggest video game fanatic growing up, and I was pumped for Abari, but after half a dozen attempts I'm always bored in there. I just can't get into these simple games that were made for kids (well, NBA Jam is pretty sweet).
  2. Cuz it's fun n OT
  3. I was on Elmhurst Rd for some years. Best, most reasonably priced place I've ever lived, ever. It's always sad to see places like this go. But you're right about Marsh.
  4. Posting here because I can't find the "Downtown Charlotte" thread.
  5. Where are we in this shot? What's an orientation?
  6. Da, structure bold like steed; Strong like man raised on beets.
  7. And here I'd been hoping they'd call it Hercules Park. A strong name if ever there was one.
  8. I love the view and the general location of Waterbean Coffee. N Tryon has a great share of old buildings.
  9. I met someone from Maryland yesterday and we had about a two minute Abbott Costello routine where I thought they were from "Merlin," the state.
  10. Literally 1 hr 8 mins later this article in the CBJ talked about this. Can anyone w a subscription see if there are any renderings or good info?
  11. I work around Concord Mills area. Too many new garden apartments, too many new subdivisions, and far too many new strip mall centers. Wonderful yet ironic that downtown Concord is on the up-and-up.
  12. I went to the roof of the Epicentre for the first time last weekend at night. I was really impressed by how the hotel feels close-up. What materials are it made out of? I've never been a fan of the Epicentre, but as I climbed its levels the other night it dawned on me how similarly it is designed to a castle or keep, with its courtyard square for crowds to gather and several levels of ascendant living as you climb. The hotel perhaps being the castle's tower (Tower of Power)?
  13. "Peridoe" on the Greenway townhouse under construction. Made a little bit of a face at the developer's plates
  14. I've been conditioned to inquire as to the materials used on this very nice architecture...
  15. That is nice. That'll be good for that block, too. I gotta say though, I cry a little on the inside every time we lose an old red brick building. Whether it's the Virginia Paper Mill, the old South End Common Market site, or this un-used, awkwardly located building, it's always a loss in my book.