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  1. One argument is that the metros effectively "steal" all the economic activity.
  2. It's the place that has always been a purple-ish/charcoal color. With French balconies on the second floor windows, no?
  3. Intriguing progress at Solstice...
  4. Levy Way and Commonwealth Ave (which I call West because of Indy splitting it).
  5. Can we all at least agree that they are better visually than the moderna modernist homes off W Commonwealth?
  6. I really feel like car sharing is the last missing link to Charlotte's "living carless" trajectory. I hope they are able to expand in the future.
  7. I don't know... if they orient themselves to its streets properly, it could be cool. Even though I've seen these in many municipalities in the region (some well executed, some not... it's usually up to their street orientation), it's a breath of fresh air to have something other than modernism.
  8. So what's the story with the removal of fence and bushes on 33rd St? Prep for townhouse construction, or just landscaping?
  9. Get used to your future, Autobot.
  10. I'm more just saying a chunk of the leadership doesn't represent the population and most of the community knows it.
  11. Without making this all gossip and hearsay, I have heard from more than a few that the folks who run the political avenues of our local scene are often more interested in optics and politics than progressive growth. These LGBT orgs in Charlotte/NC are run by gay white men who seem to show little interest in being inclusive even within their own community. The HRC for example is a boy's club, snubbing women and people of color. So, in true irony, their own privilege blinds them to their own discrimination, saying nothing of this whole Trump Float thing.
  12. I couldn't get the shot early enough for the full view, but you can see the sail from Central Ave when you're going toward uptown as you continue left at the five points intersection at Central, Louise, and 10th. Preety sweet! (Squint your eyes)
  13. Weren't they marketing that parcel for sale a few months ago?
  14. Alleyways are like hidden gems on Charlotte if you look for them hard enough. So many people have built fences in them out of either ignorance or apathy. The rest are so grown over you'd never know. But look for the curb cuts!!