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  1. Holy crap, that half of Chadbourne mill is officially gone. Although the whole thing is generally so monotonous I'm having trouble remember what used to be there
  2. So it looks like the NC DOT is working with municipal transit agencies to allow a Piedmont Amtrak pass to work on any connecting local transit upon one's arrival. You simply inform the conductor you want to do so. This is great. NC DOT offering public transportation pass for rail passengers
  3. That is weird... it must be because of the line's proximity to their downtown. Although Harrisburg's is difficult in earning that name when Concord's is the comparison.
  4. Does anyone have any reason to believe that the Monroe stretch of 74 that will be bypassed (what'll it be called, btw?) will be adapted to be less highway-oriented? Or would that be entirely pointless since it's existing landscape is so auto oriented?
  5. Article about food insecurity and food deserts in Charlotte, and how the current method of "grocery store wars" doesn't do anything for communities who need grocers.
  6. When you say Whiskey Room, do you mean Whiskey Wine Room in NoDa?
  7. ^Best post in a long time...
  8. Hall House is vacant? Why isn't Charlotte Housing Authority using it?
  9. It's tough to get excited these days about highway projects/expansions, but traffic on Independence outside of 485 is ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. My brother moved out to Hemby Bridge past Indian Trail w his fam and I about slapped him across the face. I'm hoping this bypass will allow that stretch of 74 (or old 74 soon, I guess) to be more modestly congested.
  10. 36th St will be open to thru traffic. Not that bad a walk from these apts.
  11. Sigh, I work near that general area. I know it is the momentum of our auto age that's still going, but it kills me how Concord is squeezing every last ounce of retail, subdivision, and garden apartment around Concord Mills. Especially since they have such a lovely old downtown area. Eh, c'est la vie.
  12. Nice. Also, I didn't know that those two apartment buildings two parcels down were owned by a Land Trust. Interesting.
  13. To me it's like the new Truliant building on South Blvd: as long as it gets us a good quality and scale of building now, it's a boon in the future whenever the primary tenant leaves.
  14. I know this is anathema for some, but does anyone know of any local alcohol-free beers? And while I'm at it, any local gluten-free beers? These are two huge markets I'm surprised the brewery scene hasn't tapped.
  15. This is great. I can't believe this is being built. It's so refreshing in its scale. Why the difference from this project and every other one? Like in NoDa a decade ago we got all of those small-block mixed use projects.