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  1. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I suppose the Duke employees alone merits all the parking lot space... I just cannot wait until the day White Pace sells/develops those lots.
  2. SgtCampsalot

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Greystar employees who actually work at Stonewall and NoDa say it like the other English words: "Novel," like a book, or a "novel" idea.
  3. If the retail spaces in Savoy and 550 can be filled, Stonewall has a chance of feeling truly "Uptown" in the city-sense of the word
  4. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    It is to avoid having to run streetcar tracks over the CSX freight tracks on Central Ave; it would not be allowed. So going down Hawthorne means it would to under the tracks bridge, then around, through Barnhardt and Clement Ave, back onto Central
  5. SgtCampsalot

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Well said! Well, I work with people who are constantly calling the Novel properties, the employees always say "Naw-Vul" like the book/adjective, but these co-workers still say "No-vawl" etc. I still don't get that That seems arbitrary but I'll just lol
  6. SgtCampsalot

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Has anyone else noticed this? I am involved with a lot of residential activity Uptown, and I have not heard ANYONE, aside from the community staff, pronounce "Novel" Stonewall properly. On regular rotation, I will hear: No - Vell No - Vawl Naw - Vell The english language literally has two (2) words that pronounce "Novel" exactly the same way; a noun (fictitious prose at book length), and an adjective (new, unusual, interesting). Why is this so difficult?
  7. SgtCampsalot

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Much like pro poker players, their sunglasses are meant to hide their extremely trustworthy eyes. The ultimate sign of humility.
  8. SgtCampsalot

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Wow! I keep thinking that the boom is making adaptive re-use is dead in Charlotte, and then stuff like this keeps coming down the pipe. I swear, everything on the SE side of N Tryon is set to become a whole other world in the next decade (or two, depending on the how the greenway portion of this area goes).
  9. SgtCampsalot

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    The microphone is more of a sno-cone/ice cream cone to me...
  10. SgtCampsalot

    Unified Development Ordinance

    Do we think any of these could ever be applied to bus transit routes in appropriate spots? I am thinking Central Ave in PM, Belmont Ave, and FreeMoreWest in general. I imagine that would be entirely up to the case the developer makes versus the community push-back?
  11. SgtCampsalot

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Eventually... actually I can't find any timeline on that... Hmm... Craighead, yeah no ped bridge. So these will certainly be N.I.M.O (NoDa in Name Only) until that Philemon connection is made. Although they'll have great access to the Flywheel/Sugar Creek projects via Greensboro/Raleigh St! On the bright side, these having no parking garage may actually be cheaper.
  12. SgtCampsalot

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Hmmm... it is a lot nice, of course, but oh my goodness that street presence is death. After all the effort that Cresent/ Hotel/ Uptown 550/ Camden townhomes are making on the South Blvd bridge, this building's frontage is still a dead zone.
  13. SgtCampsalot

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    ^And those apartments behind here put their retail in a back parking lot, take tsk. This building looks great!
  14. SgtCampsalot

    Carolina Place Mall

    That's a real shame. These things paint an entire area inaccurately. I remember when Northlake had a shooting and the area in no way is "on the decline."
  15. SgtCampsalot

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    Those two little brick/concrete block buildings on Seigle Ave, right before the RR tracks underpass, have a Now Leasing sign out front for "Retail/Office" and some concept art. I'm glad to see these getting rehabbed (figures since it's definitely got soil contamination) though the modernistic touches in the concept are so gratuitous on these humbly modest yet already-attractive structures.