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  1. EVERYONE says that. I once saw a shirt with it on it and its pic. It was like "UNCC Home of the Giant Hypodermic Needle"
  2. I haven't follow this thread in a week. I'm so confused. Is this thing going next to Panthers stadium? Isn't this the University City BLE parking deck?
  3. "$35M Coliseum Crossing Replacing Notorious Charlotte Eyesore" Can we all give a resounding eye-roll?
  4. Before ever reading your post I was going to say a year, max. I have nothing but respect for small businesses, having been involved in them, but this concept seems like it belongs in South End, where residents seem to want it to be a college party every night of the week.
  5. A hard "seconded" Also, great article. Nice to see the gap between nerdy wonk and layman reader bridged very well.
  6. In that case, the two companies will have to work it out when the time comes...
  7. Surely it would involve an agreement between the two. Is this new one run by the school? I doubt either of them want actual competition; the school just wants control over their own. UNCC and B-Cycle would work something out.
  8. Roasting company??
  9. That's rich. Like the Panthers practice field has done wonders for the land around it.
  10. Salisbury: aftet thr buzz and subsequent failure of Google Fiber, this is one of the most interesting things to happen in our region. "Fibrant" is a fiber network set up by the town of Salisbury, capable of up to 100GB speeds (making it the fastest in the country). The company is not meeting their projections (town council says because they chose to go completely retail in their marketing rather than targeting schools and businesses), so the town is voting on how to address the shortfall. This is huge in my mind. Salisbury already had one of the most coherent town cultures anf downtown street/building networks, this could end up being a great investment once they get the kinks worked out. What so y'all think?
  11. N. Davidson St needs a bare bones produce and packaged meats spot. More of an Earl's Grocery, except actually taking produce seriously. It doesn't need to be a big place to be what the neighborhood needs. Besides, this area should never have any large chain grocer.
  12. Blegh. I've always loved how our towers aren't littered with company logos.
  13. Bingo. I'm just coming back to this post. Yes with the implication that the culture is either "sterile", or detached and distant from the real problems of the world, making it, in the minds of many who value reality, undesirable and destitute.
  14. Non-stop new stuff in Matthews. I'll never forget the only thing to do here as a kid was the library (a bunker if a building), the KFC, and AAA Collectibles trading card store. Brakeman's Coffee & Supplies across from Moe's BBQ, next to 105 Cigars and Seaboard Taproom in the second old strip of buildings on Trade St across the tracks. The entire interior and exterior is one of the most incredible coffee shops I've seen in our region. Not one room is wasted. Also, Pizza Peel is going into the old Kaldi's Coffee/Dilworth Coffee spot. I love that they're expanding the patio into the lot!
  15. NoDa’s former Salvador Deli will open as Stu’s Barrel House in September