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  1. SgtCampsalot

    The Vue

    I had a conversation just a few weeks ago where I learned that that specific banner cost somewhere around $30k.
  2. Clearly the most exciting thing happening right now: What is this pole that was just installed outside The VUE at 5th and Pine? Mini cell/data tower? First of several traffic light poles?
  3. @tarhoosier: Would you kindly be able to describe where in this map the cemetery is? Based on the article it is off the current Phillips Rd, so is it somewhere between that and WT Harris? ...unless of course you would rather we all trek around on our own to find it
  4. I know I am coming in half-cocked and half-way into the above posts about immigrant/productivity comments, but it needs to be said how obscene it is that our society constantly ends up in a place of discourse where that relationship needs to be noted. People in any country anywhere have exactly the same needs and goals in life, and making the case for "productivity," a misplaced value in our flawed modern system, seeks to validate a human's existence by reducing it to an arbitrary, dehumanizing metric. The conversation that should be had with immigration involves asking what made the migration necessary in the first place, and how our society is complicit in those factors... Then figure out how to change that. But doing that would upend too much about how our system operates, so we end up needing to convince people these folks' lives have value by saying how good of a cog they can be in our machine, which is only set up in the first place to extract as much labor and life out of people as possible to increase the wealth of a few.
  5. The first time I went to SMG on a Friday night and had to go through the very crowded loud Mez... Disaster. A theater at the epicenter is truly great, but that catacomb/labyrinthian vibe they've created... Disaster.
  6. My mind's eye feels like a stadium would need to utilize every empty lot in First Ward Proper, including the train stations, in order to fit just barely.
  7. IMO, you know how the adage for driving/speeding/street safety goes? "If you need to rely on enforcement, then you have designed the street wrong." That, but for our economic/housing system.
  8. Of course, thanks! What are the odds they'll hit that Summer 2020 open date? I don't see any movement yet.
  9. What is the deal with the old fire station on 5th St (next to The Vue)? Someone posted something a month or so ago... It's the one a former NFL player had been involved with?
  10. I can state from knowledge that the occupancies in the OP/Villa Heights/NoDa are not exactly as high as what everyone wants to see right now, but that is very clearly the result of so many coming online SIMULTANEOUSLY. It is still very clear that, at least spread out a little bit, there are enough people to fill all of these apartments.
  11. This project, and Alta Warp + Weft, is Wood Partners heavily banking on the future LSC Greenway extension... which is a great idea, except for the fact that W+W was already burned by the City with the 25th St bridge (2017 completion date?). Who knows how long until this funded greenway project finally happens...?
  12. From the comments made I was under the impression the DOT wanted to add a vehicular lane, but perhaps I was just assuming.
  13. KJ made me google "CityFair Charlotte NC" and I barely got any photos but for these couple from a Twitter post: https://twitter.com/CLTdevelopment/status/1136676945419231238
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