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  1. I know it takes time to work out the roasting of one's own beans, but Smelly Cat is my favorite due to ambience and patio, not not not because of their coffee whatsoever.
  2. All I ever wanted for Amelie's in years past was for it to be closer to a Blue line station, and to not be surrounded by an ugly and difficult to navigate parking lot. This is a win-win-win in my book.
  3. Toz, thank you! Hm, does the 74-Caldwell alignment explain this little elbow of Caldwell just outside 277 today?
  4. The Duke color looks almost like Hornets Teal from here
  5. Heyyyy, maybe NS was waiting for the new TOD rules so they could sell it to a developer for our first Super Skyscraper (like a Super Shredder, but will last longer)
  6. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Many would say that the existence of those homes helped individuals gain equity and then be able to sell it for a profit. Many others would say that how things are done are designed to disenfranchise those very homeowners because the environment that has been created is resulting in buyers who under pay and seek out the most vulnerable of those homeowners. It is one thing to sell a home that is being passed on to another person with intentions of living there and/or maintaining a long-term relationship with the building and the neighborhood. It is an entirely other thing for homes to be bought by developers or flippers Now the "developer" class has more variety to it (like people trying to build incrementally and contextually) while flippers are simply switching out a lower income homeowner for a higher income homeowner. No net improvement. This is all way more complicated than my two small paragraphs, but yeah.
  7. So there's D9 Brewing next to Birdsong, and...?
  8. Now here is another question for the room: when will we have the next street-level retail from any new project along the OP/NoDa corridor? How many years has Optimist Hall pushed that back?
  9. For me it's the older ones; pics that will never happen again!
  10. That's just the thing. Amazingly beautiful structure, but it is just miserable to get in and out of. The construction on all sides is obviously temporary but terrible to endure on a hot day. Then the only "main" entrance, as you say, is on the side patio (which is also the only ADA/stroller ramp!). They can't sell off those parking lots for infill soon enough. The entire area feels like a suburban shopping mall. What are the odds the parking lot space DIRECTLY next to the mill (part of the same block) would ever be infilled? The other two lots are bad enough, but that one is right up on it. I'm guessing it's the last to go. The most important lots to get infilled in order IMO:
  11. *Alta Purl, by Wood Partners Edit: Another textile-related term, like "Warp and Weft"
  12. I am looking at the fold-up kind, so it becomes like rolling luggage. I have love/hate feelings with these guys. They drive by my home all the time.
  13. Maybe you ATLovers can give me some perspective. I am from CLT, and have been to Atlanta several times over the last decade, but only once was to the downtown (courthouse area... we've got that in common, @Ric0_0 !) and the others to random suburban areas. The downtown blocks I was in were cute, but admittedly I was too young to take much notice. The suburban areas were a nightmare I had never experienced in even the worst of the South Charlotte/metro areas here. Never before has a drive been so nerve-wracking; at least in my visits to family in NYC/New Jersey it was all in the context of a "mega-city," whereas in ATL I felt lost in a suburban dystopia. However I have since seen some of the most amazing photos and Google Street views of urban areas in Atlanta that feel like a page taken right out of the 1920s in New York. Amazing old buildings, historic stone office towers, and storefronts that would make Hillsborough St in Raleigh blush. So I suppose the dichotomy of Atlanta's built-environment makes it hard to really take it in for all that it is; the noise of suburban sprawl is very loud. There should have been a question in there somewhere, but I think I've needed to voice this to someone who actually understands ATL so I can get the four-one-one!
  14. I can say that the four new places around N Davidson St that just opened have made all of their leasing efforts tough. There were three traditional apartment communities in the area previously (not counting boutique styles or condos), so it nearly doubled this Summer. I can't imagine what it's like all over South End. The difference being there is more retail and services, so it is an all-around draw.
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