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  1. There has never been a time like right now to get a 2 bedroom apt at The VUE for under $2,500. I'd recommend checking in with them (and checking back the next week if no luck)
  2. So when are they installing the balconies? I've been meaning to post that for like 6 months.
  3. In all things I don't ever blame the individual, I blame the system. Edit: Well, in SOME things I blame the individual
  4. Everyone's right, we need County Commissioners to squash this quickly. Politicians sway with the current right in front of them. The longer this sits out there, the more entrenched they'll become. Here is the list of County Commissioners to call and email: https://www.mecknc.gov/CountyManagersOffice/BOCC/Pages/Home.aspx Here's a map to know which district you live in:
  5. Now that you mention it, Sunshine Daydreams had a TON of art, decor, clothing, etc, whereas High Life has a huge assortment of paraphernalia and just product generally involved with consumption. I wonder how much that made a difference.
  6. That's because we would always slither in when nobody was looking This is sad news, but purely on principle rather
  7. High-up shot of the airport and some mountains from Uptown
  8. SgtCampsalot

    The Vue

    I had a conversation just a few weeks ago where I learned that that specific banner cost somewhere around $30k.
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