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  1. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Yknow I was just thinking today, this project would be considered a pretty solid New Urbanist development. The rub being that these days all "New Urbanist"/ "Congress of New Urbanism" people acknowledge that the early wave of innovative NU projects were pretty dang suburban in nature and only had true urban value in the one strip of frontage that gave a walkable form/aesthetic. So, this project is only a decade or two behind its time.
  2. I'd assumed Market st was ped only this whole time. Damn
  3. Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Caribou was bought from its original owners by JAB (funny enough, right after their much-promoted 25th Anniversary), and closed a cool one-third of there stores. The three that remained were Founders Hall, Foxcroft (in South Charlotte), and the one in the CMC hospital campus around Morehead/East Blvd (pretty sure that last one was a private franchise). I was intimately aware of that process as I was laid off as a result
  4. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    This is dumb but today I was just loving staring at these window washers on the glass Boa tower (from Google Fiber Space corner). No platform or anything. It really let's you soak in the scale of a building.
  5. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Great points. Also, today at Seigle Point/Vista 707 on the corner of 10th and 12th st. I'm most intrigued by the patterns it shows in our behavior
  6. I'll miss that skate park, but luckily Oso Skate Park just opened up in the old Kellogg Factory on Louise Ave.
  7. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Council approved an expansion of B-Cycle last night. Here's the agenda item. I can't figure out whether this was a good idea or not... I love local stuff, but the new companies seem so affordable and accessible...??
  8. Remind me was that a by-right project like at Caldwell/Belmont Ave? Or was there rezoning?
  9. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I took a walk around Seigle Point/ Alexander Street Park/ LSC Greenway (north) and I saw a ton of Lime Bikes being used by teenagers and even more sitting around the apartment grounds. So much more exciting and accessible than docked bikes, and I love seeing things that help youths get around
  10. Idk, but that building would he BEAUTIFUL if used for retail/restaurant and office still upstairs. Those big barn style doors would be great for patio seating. The parking lot can be the infill.
  11. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Yeah, CharlotteFive had an article about it last year. It is one of the biggest bummers of all. However, it would truly be exponentially worse if the Company Store or Davidson St Public House buildings went away; they have far more nuanced street presence and pocket-level character than the big house. Although it's tragic that last year Smelly Cat has just finished making the best interior and exterior improvements to their seating/patio area that I could have imagined. The Co. Store bldg is owned by Paul and Ruth Sires (one of the original artist couples who made "North Charlotte" a gallery destination). I'm glad they're sticking to their guns. I foeget and can't get onto Polaris GIS to see the Public House lot owner.
  12. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    Right, so in terms of physical quality, this is an improvement, correct?
  13. Crescent Stonewall Station

    In property management, office staff always have regional or visiting executive managers who fear that any form of unique decor from balconies will harm the appeal to both renters and current/prospective lenders. Whether it's flags, xmas lights, or bug nets in the summer. I call hogwash, but I'm not the one in charge.
  14. UNCC Students & Center City

    Yep. I was so broke I didn't want to see the truth.
  15. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    This is the unspoken problem of our time. If federal projects could focus more on these un-sexy things cities and towns could take a huge sigh of relief.