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  1. I'm sure people will figure out their favorites. When birdsong and Noda brewing were right next to each other I quickly learned I preferred birdsong. Noda fans learned their fave as well. I major competition it seemed like.
  2. Sign me up.
  3. Isn't Raleigh's 440 loop way bigger than Charlotte's 277? I'm pretty sure Raleigh's "downtown" encompasses a similar square mileage as Charlotte's entire "inner ring" neighborhoods, no? 277 is pretty small, so it has probably helped Charlotte's "downtown" grow in a completely detached way from its other neighborhoods, allowing for more firm identities to be carved out for each, something that is hard to easily notice in Raleigh. Edit: This is a pretty awesome tool to help in this inquiry... Looks like Raleigh's inside-440 area is roughly 25.7 sq miles, and Charlotte's neighborhoods' area (that I feel is reasonably able to be developed in the near future for urban-style development) is roughly 23.4 sq miles. Admittedly, I don't know Raleigh very well, so there be may areas outside the loop that are great urban centers, and areas inside the loop that aren't, but clearly the size of these two cities' urban loops affected how they grew...
  4. It's got to be a confident political move in order to get everyone on board with existing/new taxes. Not a bluff so much as a seduction.
  5. I love how it considers the future where cities are abandoned and left to nature.
  6. Blog about Common Market's newest location in Oakhurst, with an interview w one of the owners, including a retrospective on the last two locations. Really nice piece. Posting this here because: I don't want to create a new thread for Oakhurst, I'm not a fan of the name "MORA" (no hard feelings), and Common Market is blending the names Oakhurst and Cotswold into "Oakwold" for their newest location. KINDA WEIRD, but there ya go.
  7. I have no taste for cornhole. It is for children; it is boring af for adults. Sorry for iconoclasting.
  8. Nice! There were a few cool shots that explain the geography better than we've been able to see. Also, I know this shot has the rail walls casting a shadow, but in the BLE's preliminary "Bicycle Infrastructure Vision Plan" they had renderings of a multi-use trail running parallel from Sugar Creek to Old Concord station on the west side. Does anybody know if that is still happening? Not surprising but sad if not. Lost opportunity. Sugar Creek station and NCDOT bridge: En Route to Eastway (enough space for a trail?): The new apartments near Tom Hunter station... nice scale! Rocky River Rd West station... so much land on the east side to be developed. Further up on the right is where those apartments are going:
  9. While I was thinking what JBS said, as a fan of all libraries I'm down for this re-do if it makes the library more heavily used in general. Make it a ltitle more grandiose in the process. I'm glad it's there for those who need it, but it seems so dead all the time. Really a shame for a civic institution in such an old city. Double shame they tore down the other old one. I hope they go classical with this.
  10. Sheet, I gotta get me some of those shoes
  11. fascinating. It does kind of make me feel like I'm at the Apple store in SoHo, or a new novelty bakery in Brooklyn.
  12. Anyone know what these people are waiting out in the cold morning air for? They're outside Social Status? I don't see any events or announcements on their Facebook pages...
  13. Agrees. I had always hoped Charlotte's skyline would stay/grow that way before DEC. I still love it now, but now it's more important than ever to keep DEC and BoA as the two tallest. If we can, then we're cultivating what I call the "Soccer Goal" Skyline... two peak points on either end, with tapering towers on either side of them.
  14. Oh right...
  15. Agreed... now the question is are you a Vi Lyles or a Joel Ford camper?