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  1. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Completed new patio outside Matthews' new Pizza Peel location (formerly Dilworth Coffee, formerly Kaldi's Coffee) complete with new brick tree wells. That patio space used to be parking spots, y'all!
  2. Learning from Other Places

    Were we even looking at the same buildings (not the single story, but the two story buildings)? But regardless...
  3. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Nothing better than seeing the skyline from 277 after being away.
  4. Independence Corridor

    Indy has always needed to be either a highway, or a giant super urban Boulevard with bananas ped/bike facilities. The only hope for the future is in 50-75 years the state will allow Charlotte to do the latter while taking advantage of the existing expressway and beidges. Though realistically, we just need to turn development inward toward the neighborhoods and run Greenway parallel to Indy.
  5. Agreed, Dunkin's donuts are cardboard. But those dang Yankees are obsessed with it!!!
  6. Can't tell if Dunking will succeed or fail.
  7. Campus works: Central and Hawthorne. Is this retail space or not? I forget. Dope! So nice to see that building remain. And right across from the Sushi Guru building.
  8. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Also most neighborhoods just outside those inner ring neighborhoods, post-WWII developments, will gradually gentrify. Hopefully compact development follows instead of merely market prices rising.
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I know what you're saying, but no I think they'll continue to tilt upward in market demand. Walkable environments are in high demand, whether people understand the nuts-and-bolts of what makes a good Place or not, and people are going to want to be in them. Folks are doing their best to create walkable Places in non-urban areas, but it'll take time.
  10. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    I think that is a nice argument, and the project has some sound logic. Now where does the cash come from to build it and maintain it over time? Where is the tough decision of setting a priority? It's absent, and the TIGER program only exacerbates the notion that we don't have to make those hard decisions, that we can have it all -- a nasty highway through the middle of our city AND a nice pretty pedestrian walkway over it. Charlotte, like most cities, is insolvent. We need projects that don't result in more long term liabilities for which we don't have a method to guarantee funding In the next generation.
  11. The River District

    I'm the same unless there is a clear plan for rail transit
  12. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    I can't get over the fact that the Kings/Central bridge could easily accommodate a comfortable trail on the sidewalk, and the money from a TIGER grant for the 74 bridge could go toward a more urgently needed project. The city has been working to connect the east side of the Kings/Central bridge to the greenway at Alexander Street Park/Little Sugar Creek Greenway in Belmont.
  13. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Novel Stonewall Station: 1 Bedrooms: $1,375/mo 2 Bedrooms: $3,500/mo Penthouse 1: $8,500/mo Penthouse 2: $15,000/mo
  14. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    //staring at my watch waiting for the hipsters to flee the yuppies into some new neighborhood