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  1. This area of West Nashville is known as The Nations. It is named after the Chickasaw Nations of Native Americans that lived here in the eighteenth century and traded with early settlers. The Chickasaw leader Piomingo and his tribe allied with white settlers in 1780. http://wikimapia.org/8041412/The-Nations#:~:text=This area of West Nashville,with white settlers in 1780. https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/pithinthewind/why-is-the-nations-called-the-nations/article_883ac784-76a9-54ec-aec5-cc205aa32ec3.html
  2. Any idea of the selling price? Their website didn't seem to offer the sale price.
  3. Anyone know what is going at the old Shell Station on the Corner of 51st and Charlotte? They have fencing put up and a digger on site.
  4. May be the least creative design of all time, I understand its an improvement of what was there, but a little bit of creativity could have made an impact here.
  5. What a great spot for an MLB team/stadium... One can only dream....
  6. I really like this building, its unique and different and a nice addition to the sylvan park row of restaurants/bars on Murphy Ave.
  7. Space between new parking garages, between the terminal (right) and where the hotel will be (left). Shot taken from the sixth floor of parking lot 1.
  8. Space in between the new BNA parking garages, facing the terminals, is this where the hotel is supposed to go?
  9. Love that the twitter handle is back up and running!
  10. but helps raise property value for homeowners in the neighborhood, so I'm not going to complain...
  11. You are correct, just ripped up the concrete and laid down some grass.
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