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  1. happy this building is getting re-purposed, it is such an eye sore. Hopefully they 'church' it up some... (pun intended)
  2. From the 15th floor of the Hutton Hotel on West End From Bourbon Steak House - 34th floor of the JW Marriott
  3. The transformation of Charlotte Ave is still something that makes me very happy, its come a long way but still has so much more potential of being an amazing corridor for West Nashville in to downtown.
  4. HCA Building three progress Mixed Use Building - Apartments and ground level store front at the corner of Centennial and 54th Ave in the Nations. Concrete being poured
  5. well now I'm even more interested ha, thanks for looking!
  6. No Clue, but that have done incremental work on that place for the past four years.
  7. Exactly - the optics of a for profit healthcare company spending money on frivolous things and not patient care is a bad look. Additionally, as an HCA employee at headquarters, I can tell you that the interior of these buildings are unmatched to any office building I have ever been in around the country. The new building (4) in particular at the top of the hill on Park Plaza has daily visitors from companies all over the world touring it to get inspiration for their buildings. The logistic issues that come with having four separate buildings is mitigated by a bus shuttle service, we have four buses running a loop non stop, stopping at each building from 6:30am - 6:30pm M-F.
  8. My two cents - When will an opportunity to buy ~800 acres of land within a 10 mile radius of downtown for under 10 million dollars present itself again? In the immediate future, not a great look given the budget issues the city has but sometimes you cant pass up a good opportunity when it comes.
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