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  1. Story not behind a pay wall
  2. I agree - plus anything is an upgrade from that wast land that was there before.
  3. Is there any news around dates?
  4. Andrew_3289

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    from the roof
  5. Since the new ordinance has been passed that if you build a new house you have to build a sidewalk with it, there's a bunch of random 20 foot long sidewalk in front of new house in the Nations. I'm happy that they are doing this but it would have been a game changer if this ordinance was put in to place 5 years ago when the neighborhood started to turn around.
  6. article behind the paywall...
  7. You are correct, more surface parking for the Centennial Hospital employees. That is where they are parking and being shuttled over while the new garage is being built next to the hospital.
  8. Renovation on Building 3 of the HCA Corporate Campus to Begin October 1. The next phase in the multi-year project to update the HCA corporate campus (Park Plaza) continues with the renovation of Building 3 beginning October 1st. As with Buildings 1, 2, and 4, the renovation of Building 3 will refresh the look and functionality of work and meeting spaces. Modifications to the exterior will add more windows along Park Plaza and the east side of the building, allowing increased natural light inside the building. The main east side entrance will be updated to include a new canopy for coverage while awaiting shuttle pick up. The changes to the building exterior will require the removal of existing trees and shrubs along Park Plaza. New plantings will be added when construction is complete. HCA FacilitiGroup - Corporate Facility Management