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  1. The temporary tent on the north parcel of The plaza is a good illustration of how thoughtful development on the lot can enhance the overall site plan as was originally intended.
  2. I’ll assume that these trivial details are thrown in opposition to this particular person’s view of what a downtown should be. There is a growing lack of tolerance for opposing viewpoints on this site, if only those loud voices had something of merit to share. I’m willing to hear it. It shouldn’t be a surprise really.
  3. Agree with most of the points in this article. Bringing this back to Orlando, with an opportunity to create a world class “underline” beneath I-4 through downtown, I’ve seen nothing but mediocre ideas about how this area can be used.
  4. If it’s not a fully connected Sunrail ticket, it’s not going to work.
  5. I don’t see how that makes a Sunrail stop at the airport obsolete. That would assume someone would need to get on a Virgin train at meadow woods right?
  6. Can you explain this idea more? How would a direct connection to an airport be obsolete?
  7. This is one of the better looking developments in South Eola and a big improvement from the original vision.
  8. More like speeding one-way down Orange Ave. And who is walking there unless there is an event? The master plan was to create a fully immersive pedestrian area. IMHO, the architect got it right with the master plan and the city got it wrong by stating this will remain all open space.
  9. Even if left as open space for the most part it would be nice to have kiosks of some sort for cafe / lounge perhaps on the Orange Ave side. That would help to wall things in a bit and also provide a reason to use the space outside events.
  10. DPAC looks unfinished because the master plan was also to have a colonnade of buildings at its front lawn. Another unpopular view here, but I think it would look much more dynamic if these parcels are built on.
  11. Hockey has gained in popularity across the entire country, MLB has been in decline. Not to continue on the Boston references, however the Bruins are now the most popular franchise in the city and that occurred in less than a decade. While the Red Sox continually sell out Fenway Park, it’s largely because it’s so engrained into the culture of the city and the generations where that was passed down. Meanwhile, Brady abandoned the Patriots and I am more than happy to see him go to Tampa especially in a year where he can’t play. :p
  12. When I was in college in a Boston, a developer but a hotel in Kenmore Square that was so ugly and center stage that the city did force them to redo the facade. I would Orlando can do the same if approved plans aren’t followed but we’ve never seen them do that.
  13. These two units, while a part of the development, were always intended to front Central and had a different design. This is a rendering floating around but I can’t find it now. It was more craftsman in nature if I recall, and blue/white I think.
  14. I prefer what was there before. This seems really oddly scaled.
  15. I sure hope those colors aren’t the end product.
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