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  1. Agreed! Orlando is doing pretty well in regard to eliminating surface lots in comparison to most other Florida downtowns.
  2. Really great to see the vision for Neocity coming together.
  3. The charm of WP (in my opinion) has always been that its uniquely not Floridian. Seems lately that WP is reversing that by going full-on Florida. This rendering of the hotel could be dropped into any city from Miami to JAX.
  4. It looks to be more conceptual than a realistic depiction of the final design.
  5. I wish Tampa could do something about the 618. It cuts through downtown much the way that 93 had cut through Boston prior to the Big Dig.
  6. Shades of the Jaymont block revisited? I think its pretty cool.
  7. And a pink chihuahua! “Terror on Robinson because the line wraps around” was taken.
  8. What did it give you? Which decade are you referring to?
  9. I’m not sure you could - you’ve tried. Its a shame really. We will let this debate play out in other cities.
  10. I’ll continue to be perplexed why having the opinion that it would have been better to preserve the Jaymont block than demolish it is so controversial. Orlando lost a great example of streamline modernism in the process. Apparently we are supposed to be thankful that we got a cigar shop as a consolation. As you’ve mentioned, at least the leaders and community advocates in other southern cities went in another direction. Sad - what a beautiful facade that could have not only been preserved but also enhanced - see Miami Beach.
  11. I've seen a Bentley at Taco Bell.
  12. Rollins doesn’t need to “grow” per say to gain stature in the liberal arts colleges lane — see Williams, Amherst, Bowdoin, the Pomona colleges. They are a well regarded regional college that seems well connected locally. I always thought Stetson was well positioned to grow and expand, although they seem to be pretty context to also remain a regional player.
  13. I seem to recall the opposite - there is significant foot traffic downtown before/after events at Amway,Orlando Lions games, events at CWS, shows at DPAC. Why advocate to relocate a venue to a non-walkable location in the burbs? I would also point to the fact that these venues are also not solely for tourists.
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