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  1. Generally satisfied with the renderings and think this could be a meaningful impact on the street wall. The smaller tower in phase 2 is the more visually appealing, IMO -- I do hope this is built out in both phases.
  2. Was the glass from Radius and 409 M planned together? It’s a nice nod to each other at the intersection.
  3. I’m sure I have some assless chaps hanging around somewhere to complete that look :p
  4. As the DeVos family’s dear ally once said, “you’re going to get tired of all this winning!”
  5. Bring back the garage and it’s ground floor tenants. At least it wasn’t disrupting the streetscape.
  6. 7/11 is a tenant of the building along with a few other small businesses. I agree with those who fear that demolishing the streetscape will give us just another inactive lot downtown. Lets wait until there is really a plan here.
  7. You summed up my view precisely. Don’t demolish a building that will create an eyesore while we “anticipate” an expanded park.
  8. I admit it was my comment that sparked this admittedly odd debate when all I was concerned about (pondering as such) is an awkward demoed building at a key intersection downtown for possibly decades to come. The park is an invaluable asset. My original comment remains the same as well.
  9. What’s great about Lake Eola is that it doesn’t need the 50 million tourists a year to thrive, like Church Street Station. It organically exists within the framework of an overall thriving part of downtown Orlando.
  10. If Lake Eola isn’t a valuable asset than why is it the most popular attraction downtown? My statement regarding the corner lot is that it would sit in isolation not that the park shouldn’t be expanded if possible.
  11. I’m on the fence about this — it’s not really connected to Lake Eola and would be a quasi-pocket park at a busy corner. It displaces several small businesses and what is left behind is likely to end up being a grassy area at a busy corner with that ugly wall facing it on the eastern edge. Let’s hope the city does something interesting with the space so it doesn’t turn into a dog park and/or a homeless hangout.
  12. Baltimore’s Penn Station redevelopment: https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2021/03/18/penn-station-redevelopment-cost-500m-begin-soon.html
  13. It’s not a disadvantage— it’s a hugely upgraded space if you compare to the Yard. Also, it likely limits the amount of non-residents coming in to use the pool area from coming through the building. Also, Lakehouse has another amenity floor at the top that overlooks downtown.
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