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  1. prahaboheme

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Someone at architectural digest must really have a thing for Frank Gehry. The Walt Disney Concert Hall the best in CA? That’s not even the best in DTLA (not to mention the number of historic and active theatres in Hollywood). Heck, the Hollywood Bowl, an amphitheater, outdoes the Disney concert hall on almost all levels. Not surprising the LA Phil spend much of their season there.
  2. Any ideas on a potential rename? Nice to see the roundabout at Michigan / Division.
  3. prahaboheme

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    This is a long overdue realignment.
  4. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    My favorite park design in the South in the last 25 years is Waterfront Park in Charleston SC. It incorporates pretty much everything you’ve described above. Heres some info about it: Something like this would have played off the more traditional design for the UCF academic commons and could also have used the water features of Lake Dot as a focal point.
  5. From this (limited) view, the new color scheme of 55W doesn't look half bad. The cooler blue tones actually mesh decently with the façade of Church Street Plaza.
  6. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    What all this efficiency isn't translating into is an inspired design for the park.
  7. And, according to Mr. Olmstead himself, his greatest professional achievement: Prospect Park
  8. prahaboheme

    Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    The design guidelines that Kissimmee instituted for the Neocity zoning district are starting to come into effect. This includes an area adjacent to Neocity (generally speaking, the Valencia College / Osceola Heritage Park sections of 192) not just the master plan for Neocity itself. It will be interesting to see how this area transforms in the years ahead.
  9. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    I guess what I don’t understand is why Ustler is developing the public common. Shouldn’t the city be doing this? Is the public common actually a private development?
  10. prahaboheme

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Polk has always maintained its own identity (culturally, politically, economically) and seems to exist outside either metro (even if the census tries to pull them in one direction or the other). Of course all of that changes as the metros sprawl toward each other. Random side note: in my “slightly” younger years I played the Florida tennis circuit. Polk has a significant USTA sanctioned tennis presence in Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter Haven, and at Greenleaf (one of the few remaining grass courts in the US). The Polk youth circuit was linked to the Orlando metro, whereas Tampa was linked to the Gulf (such as the Bolliteri Academy).
  11. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    Perhaps. I also recall that some rebutted that Stern’s design for the academic commons isn’t bland and sterile, rather classic. Alternatively, those “pie in the sky” Baker Barrios renderings of Creative Village seem really dated to me looking back on them a decade later. Maybe that’s because Solaire and Dynetech (whatever it’s called now) are essentially that style. We already have it and no one considers them Orlando’s finest. I don’t excuse Ustler for his lazy park plan, however, I also place the blame here on the city if they allow this to proceed.
  12. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    The worst thing about the Creative Village lawn is the palm tree lined promenade. Who is going to enjoy this on a August summer day? I don’t even care that the park design is largely uninspired (and, it is), but there are very basic things that need to be taken into account when designing park space. Are there any successful parks in the south that do not have adequate tree cover?
  13. prahaboheme

    Creative Village

    I’ll embrace the curve if the enter street is covered in a brise soliel canopy.
  14. prahaboheme

    Olive Townhomes in South Eola

    Let’s just hope all this demolition actually yields construction of the Olive. It wouldn’t be the first time the neighborhood was bulldozed only to have those lots sit empty.
  15. Good looking glass! So this is about half way up at this point?