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  1. prahaboheme

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    May also explain why they are expanding France (the Rat ride, Beauty & the Beast show) and a rumored Mary Poppins ride in UK (both near the Skyliner station rather than choosing to put a ride deeper into the world showcase).
  2. prahaboheme

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Disneyland aside, SW:GE will likely totally overwhelm DHS (a park with far too few things to do to dispense the crowds appropriately). While SW:GE is an expansion of Disneyland Park (with its 50+ rides / attractions), it is a replacement at DHS (currently down to 6 rides / attractions). I would be far more concerned on opening day at DHS.
  3. prahaboheme

    The Brightline

    Spenser, I dont take issue with most of what you’ve said. It seems like you are making the point for me by stating: “At the same time, it’s crucial to remember that Disney has very few interests in the City of Orlando while Universal does. All those things play a role.”
  4. prahaboheme

    The Brightline

    We agree on more than you realize Universal is postering itself as a major player in the future development of South Orlando. Lets get this going as quickly as possible because Disney’s strongman attitude to Orlando no longer serves anyone outside Reedy Creek.
  5. prahaboheme

    The Brightline

    If the goal behind Brightline is indeed real estate development, then this alignment does make sense. I wonder if the Brightline folks have been targeting the Xentury City parcels.
  6. Silver Spurs shouldn’t be impacted. The rodeo moved into the arena (it was once outside) when the heritage park was redeveloped and the fair is on the lawn fronting H192. The sports complex is on the north side of the property.
  7. prahaboheme

    The Brightline

    I'm leaning toward a stop at I-Drive / Convention Center / Universal over Disney for a few reasons: - the demographics (convention goers, people staying in I-Drive hotels and the area) may better support a train service than say, a family going to Disney for a few days - Disney's track record of keeping Orlando "out" of its gates doesn't exactly yield itself to an interconnected rail service, especially if they are making demands to not have additional stops in Orlando - Universal has shown a willingness to build a much more urban theme park resort, which again, would better support a rail station stop - a stop at I-Drive could eventually link to future light-rail, if Orlando ever does dust off those old plans
  8. prahaboheme

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    A few things about this post: - The demolition of Penn Station is universally lambasted. Pinning oneself on the side of its preservation, to argue that others lack the foresight to protect it, seems a bit strange in the context of Virginia Ave (a cute street but hardly Main Street USA). - College Parker’s have every right to speak out against development. If they took a less NIMBY-stance to literally everything, they may actually help to improve the quality of new development rather than just try to obstruct it. They could take a note from Winter Park or Winter Garden. Not sure what democracy has to do with this (unless of course this eludes to trend that wealthy multi-generational CPers more often than not get their way politically and economically in our Republic). - Jane Jacobs tied herself to a tree in the Village to protect NYC from an east-west downtown expressway running through Greenwich Village — one of the most urbane sections of America and the world. No doubt her lessons should be carried forward to a new generation. And on that note, it would be wonderful to see a continuous street wall on Virgina, with a completely pedestrian friendly stretch of restaurants, retail, and additional residential units to support them. Lake Ivanhoe is not about to turn into Buckhead; I guess that is what Millenia and Lake Nona are for.
  9. Well putting it another way, the city basically needs to decide what to do with those parcels because it tends to create an inhospitable environment with Orlando’s overly oppressive long summers. If the decision is to reject the master plan and maintain it as as public space, by all means at least do something more with it than throw down sod.
  10. prahaboheme

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Growth is going to happen — how’s its managed will enhance or “mess with” its character. Change is coming either way.
  11. prahaboheme

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    It’s an endcap for now, but one that encroaches already on the neighborhood. I agree with sunshine that this street has huge potential and should go taller.
  12. So what does this have, around 13 floors to go?
  13. I hope the original master plan to develop those two parcels adjacent to DPAC plaza is realized. The colonnade element to the master plan was the part I was looking forward to the most, and done right, it could activate a great public space in a section of CBD lacking one right now.
  14. For the same reason that some in the area complain about the size and scope of Ivanhoe Place - fear of density. Gotta love College Park residents speaking out against development outside their own neighborhood. This design still needs a lot of work. I do like the addition of the cafe at ground level.
  15. prahaboheme

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Virginia has been a highly underdeveloped street with tons of potential. This development should help to bookend the western edges of Virginia and hopefully push infill eastward.