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  1. Neither of which are defined by their high rise buildings at a pedestrian level (although still some of the most interesting high rise buildings anywhere).
  2. I don’t think that’s weird at all. In fact, some of the most impressive urban cities in the world don’t have major high rise clusters - a few being Mexico City, Paris, Barcelona..
  3. I want this project to move forward for none other reason than that it incorporates elements of streamline modernism, an underutilized architectural form that I think looks so good in Orlando.
  4. Hopefully not - you’ve helped to keep me updated on what’s current.
  5. I don’t disagree with you regarding the price. I am curious to know who these locals are that you speak of.
  6. The difference I see between Chicago and Orlando is that Chicago has the building density to have ugly buildings that don’t significantly alter its skyline. In Orlando, even mid-rise buildings such as this change the overall composition of the skyline. IMO, Orlando’s best skyline shot is coming in from I-4 east with the Suntrust cluster. This certainly changes all that.
  7. Let’s be clear though that having an opinion about this building continues to elicit the response that it’s better than a parking lot because of x-y-z. I am quite thrilled to see another lot downtown developed. I also don’t feel the need to defend value engineered crap.
  8. I guess I’m just not in the “pre-cast concrete as art” phenomenon. To each her own.
  9. It’s really just quite ugly. I think we can all admit it. This is no brutalist masterpiece (brutalist was a movement - not sure how we can even think about this building in the context of the public library).
  10. Really hope this whole thing pans out for Tampa. It could finally be the type of project to turn the tide.
  11. That article has a glaring issue - Chicago, LA, and NYC metros did not decline in population year over year. The biggest challenge these cities have is that housing units are so often renovated and lowered in per person density, thus driving up demand in these cities. I agree, though, comparing Orlando to Chicago or LA (perhaps less the latter) is probably not helpful. But the lessons learned are (for worse or better). At the end of the day, what typically makes an urban city thrive generally comes down to higher density, pedestrian friendly zones. Orlando does pretty decent with this downtown. Tampa is about as old as Chicago - maybe that’s a better comparison.
  12. Citrus Bowl is not equipped to host the Super Bowl. It’s unlikely Orlando would ever get it.
  13. That would seem incredibly expensive to save while they demolish the remainder of the property. That said, a glimmer of good news if that is a part of the plan.
  14. Go back pages ago - I asked this same question. Why build a mid-rise knowing that a phase 2 is imminent when the project could have been taller from the start.
  15. Alright I’ll say it - the justification for bulldozing the ballroom for another “twin” to this ugly building is eventually going to encroach in Church Street and I’m already seeing people here justifying it or creating a rationale for why it can / should happen. The ballroom has been in Orlando for a bit less time than I lived there and doesn’t seem at all out of place to me. What will be incredibly disappointing is if it’s bulldozed for another awkward glass midrise that may also take the Cheyenne and forever alter the ambiance of CSS.
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