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  1. The Lunch Basket is a loss — little buildings and establishments like that push way above their weight in the character department. While they bulldoze these in the city center, they then pop up as imitations in lifestyle centers around town. A sad irony…
  2. It's already fully legalized in 19 of 50 states, and decriminalized in another 10 states. It is neither decriminalized or fully legal in Florida. That has nothing to do with "big pharma - follow the money" catch phrases. Its a social issue like every other state where the voters took it to ballot.
  3. Baker Barrios has just designed their best tower in decades (complete with a visor) — for St. Pete: https://stpeterising.com/home/2022/9/21/local-developers-propose-33-story-mixed-use-apartment-building-in-downtown-st-petersburg
  4. I wouldn’t mind it if they dust off Tony Baxters Discovery Bay project.
  5. It would seem silly for Disney not to capitalize on their extremely popular recent animated motion pictures in the theme parks. The MK “Western expansion” has been floated for decades, with some very concrete plans drafted in the era of Marc Davis. MK is in desperate need of the additional capacity. And if the Avatar sequels do as well as is expected, don’t count out an announcement for a 3rd ride on the Pandora expansion parcel.
  6. And more importantly a glaring absence of teal.
  7. A sneak peak inside Kansas City’s new airport terminal (sleek!): https://thepointsguy.com/news/kansas-city-new-terminal/?utm_term=Editorial&utm_campaign=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=8DE3E8AE-39B5-11ED-B1BE-CB5D16F31EAE&fbclid=IwAR1YcpTfl4J7Pj6hcwyR19qohQprTnLdptiTdyE47_4yAR49yEAlTN7neQA
  8. Herzog & de Meuron and Piet Oudolf team for Philadelphia’s forthcoming Calder Gardens https://www.archpaper.com/2022/09/herzog-de-meuron-piet-oudolf-team-philadelphia-forthcoming-calder-gardens/ I would love to see the City of Orlando collaborate with a local institution to design a garden and sculpture park like this. Doesn't Orlando have a bolus of old neon signs sitting in storage collecting dust? How about Orlando team with the venerable OMA to create a new cultural attraction on a similarly sized piece of underutilized land (the Calder Gardens is only 1.8 acres) in the Orlando core. I can think of at least a half dozen city owned parcels around downtown that are not attractive to private development.
  9. Say what you will about Sanctuary but it remains the best example after TPC of creating successful mixed uses to the area (residential, restaurant, retail, theater).
  10. Not to mention that a slightly higher Star tower would have commanding views of Lake Eola, CBD, and SODO. Anything in south Eola only blocks from the expressway should be given a variance — there is nothing (from a neighborhood perspective) that would detract from height there. I’m skeptical of the “step down skyline” approach taken where buildings are taller in the CBD and step down to Thornton Park. At this point, S.Eola is an urban extension of downtown and should allow height. Thornton Park would not be impacted by it aside from more people to patron their fledgling businesses.
  11. Wow — really bad showing for DW while they continue to prop up DL ( the greatest theme park possibly the world over with DisneySea a distant second). Let’s see what Epic Universe brings to the table.
  12. And will be even more valuable in about 3 years time. I’d wager the owner is sitting on that for now.
  13. Appears that the land will be almost entirely developed at once — leaving room for expansion plots in the theme park and a few other parcels for future expansion.
  14. It’s not hard to see why some circles are concerned about the future of UK monarchy without her.
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