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  1. So, as anticipated, Mary's is getting pushed out of Church Street. Hopefully they do not just shutdown operations altogether and find another building to relocate (it's never that easy for small business owners).
  2. Actually, OIA was designed to handle passenger service well into the future and to that point, it has successfully done so. That doesn't mean it doesn't have some flaws and/or some design choices such as the security lines (as mentioned above) have become outdated over time. I would be interested in seeing proposals for how that bottleneck could be remedied with an update, if possible at all.
  3. Will this always be the case though for MCO? As ridership increases, both domestic and international, wouldn't more connections be needed? I agree though, I've never "connected" through Orlando -- it has always been the origin or destination of my travel. I still find the design of the airport a bit perplexing. Despite having more land for use than most major cities, MCO has managed to design an airport that causes major bottlenecks at the security gates.
  4. I was in Miami last week and walked over to the downtown terminal. It was an absolute ghost town. I am assuming it was time of day (and a Saturday). It makes Lynx Central station look like Grand Central by comparison. Is ridership for this meeting expectations, or, as some have suggested, is this train more about real estate development than train service?
  5. Very refreshing to bolder architecture proposals for Orlando as of late.
  6. Kissimmee 2.0 Will north I-Drive be the next Florida Project? I’d bet on it. Meanwhile, the former has regrouped and moved on.
  7. ^I suppose when you actually post an “on” relevant image you’ll have a stake in the game.
  8. prahaboheme


    That is good news indeed. On my last venture to the TP location I also noticed a dip in the service I remembered growing up and the menu was not updated with current trends. It seemed to rely a bit too much on nostalgia.
  9. Here’s the ARB report from March which I believe is still the most updated rendering: http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2019/03/ARB2019-10007report.pdf And don’t stop posting because a few forumers speak louder than the rest.
  10. The resurgence of retail in Savannah did not happen by accident. A decade ago, Broughton Street looked pretty pathetic retail-wise. What changed? The city actively partnered with developers to bring to Savannah the type of retail it desired and the result is what we see today. As the article indicates, doing business in Savannah requires a certain type of developer due to major regulation on new construction and for historic preservation purposes. The citizenry is actively engaged in the process as well. Orlando may not have the building stock of Savannah (most cities don’t) but that doesn’t mean lessons can’t be drawn from it, starting with not tearing down buildings in Orlando that give it its unique flavor, rather adapting them to modern uses.
  11. ^The Kessler Collection based out of Orlando and the force behind the Bohemian hotel brand, are very bullish on Savannah with two existing boutique hotels (including a Bohemian) as well as two more on the way in Savannah (including the Plant power plant Riverside redevelopment). I wonder what it would take for Kessler to continue to expand their presence in downtown Orlando.
  12. The Charm and Challenge of Savannah: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/08/06/business/savannah-georgia-development.amp.html
  13. ^I like this look for Orlando much more so than the white washed towers popping up all over downtown. I think this will age my gracefully against Orlando's oak and cypress trees over the Florida beach-style towers that seem to be all the rage right now.
  14. Why? It’s certainly nothing special and would replace nothing special. It’s also an intersection that has not seen any development in 2 decades.
  15. That makes a lot of sense as the consistency across the franchise is sketchy at best. I’ve noticed major differences depending on location — I’ve only been to Orlando, Tampa, and WeHo. They all certainly have their own identity.
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