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  1. No it’s reduced to the 2 tower design you see in the renderings now.
  2. Loch Haven is an underutilized and under appreciated asset in Orlando. Why not build out the museum there? As for the “real” city comment: LA forces you to endure interstate hell through the 405 to a parking lot. Then you walk a bit to a gondola. Then you are at the Getty. Im not saying that I agree to it but I think most agree that LA is a “real” city. The Getty isn’t downtown. LACMA isn’t either. It’s in the Miracle Mile. Although they will be getting that purple line extension soon. Point being: what’s a real city?
  3. But this is about JAX. Saving that block is arguably more critical to JAX than saving some of the demolished Orlando structures over the years (and you know where I sit on the issue). JAX has an architectural legacy disappearing so I really find this encouraging. With you there it sounds like things are moving!
  4. I hope JAX actually pulls through this time and rehabs this block once and for all. If they don’t succeed it would be hard to imagine this not falling into further disrepair and being leveled all together like much for JAX over the last half century.
  5. Is the sunshine state the best location for a Chihuly rooftop garden?
  6. And people think the city of Orlando cares even slightly about one “iconic” tree on a lot downtown when they are willing to take down an entire street of maturing trees?
  7. I haven’t seen this rendering before. I must say that I think this height variation may have offered better scale with BOA.
  8. The arches on Miami's new signature bridge are taking shape: https://www.thenextmiami.com/spider-like-arches-of-downtown-miamis-signature-bridge-begin-their-rise/ Orlando: you could have done this!
  9. Given how horizontal this thing is from N/S, the entire skyline might disappear from certain angles.
  10. While palms are nice to look at, they do nothing to address the issues with climate and weather in central Florida. If it needs to be decorative I’m partial to cypress trees.
  11. A great infill addition to Eola Heights.
  12. That second tower is critical to creating some density and balance. I worry that the phase I does not warrant the construction of phase 2 if the units don’t lease or ground floor retail.
  13. My main gripe with CSP1 is the overabundance of patterns, materials, styles. From certain angles it seems like the architect couldn't decide on an overarching theme and so just went with them all. This kind of seems to be happening again with CSP2.
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