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  1. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Gainesville is really firing on all cylinders lately. It's great to see the city embracing "big city" scale development. So many university towns tend to shun it in favor of maintaining the small town charm.
  2. I think we are also seeing what looks like the grill on the upper floors of the garage (Central Ave side) as it appears in this rendering. Let's hope!
  3. It also looks like they are going with the better of the two renderings that were floating around. I was worried the base was going to have that overly stylized white & blue facade. Looks like they opted for the glass paneling over the garage area instead.
  4. Perhaps you need to take another look then. You may have been reading this forum for a few weeks. Some of us have been here for more than a decade.
  5. I now understand fully the concept of the looking-glass self!
  6. This doesn't address your initial comment that the underpass parks are stupid, despite examples provided to you to the contrary. Is this statement a way to change the subject?
  7. Yes, I am suggesting this. There are many barriers between Parramore and downtown, some are physical like I-4, some of economic, others are social, cultural, and historical. Anyway, I think what you said was that the highway underpass parks were "stupid" because you just don't like them. You're entitled to an opinion.
  8. Highway barriers actually do stop cities from reaching their greater potential. It's why so many have either submerged them (like Boston), eliminated some of them completely (like San Fran and D.C.), or looked for creative solutions to lessen their impact (like the examples Spenser shared). I don't understand why this would be considered stupid.
  9. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    Snap a pic
  10. Those overhead wires at Orange and Gore are a total mess. They really do need to be buried to improve the pedestrian experience.
  11. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    Winter Garden could easily host a small theater in the downtown area. It is the perfect community by demographics to sustain one. Unfortunately, those are rarely built anymore. The last attempt I remember (which failed) was in Celebration. How is the building adjacent to the Plant Street Market coming along?
  12. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Above ground! Can we change the title of the thread to under construction?
  13. Lake Nona - Medical City

    All the more reason why I'd love to see a Tavistock development downtown. They attach their reputation to everything they do.
  14. I hate to point this out but the elderly and elevators over 70 floors sounds like a catastrophe.
  15. Those interior renders look like the futuristic elderly home in the Black Mirror episode San Junipero.