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  1. prahaboheme

    A Fond Farewell!

    I'd like to take an opportunity to express my gratitude to so many of you who I have come to know quite well in this online community over the last 14 years. I joined Urbanplanet in 2004, as a college student, living in Boston but who had grown up in the Orlando area and wanted to remain involved in downtown Orlando urban development. Back then, I remember the energy and excitement of the recently completed Thornton Park Central development, a truly transformative project for Orlando (and beyond, I remember it was featured in many articles around the country at the time as a landmark infill development). Since then, we've seen a sleepy downtown, still trying to recover from the post-Church Street Station glory days, become the heart and soul of the region once again. Over the years, I've moved around the country (and back to Orlando for a while) and this forum has always been a great source of information sharing and civil debate from people of different backgrounds and perspectives. In my opinion, this has always been the Orlando forum's greatest strength, leading it to dozens of members and a heavily trafficked section of Urbanplanet. Lately, the enjoyment I experienced for over a decade has totally dissipated. If history is any lesson, it doesn't take more than one person to ruin it for everyone. After much consideration, I've decided to discontinue my participation here. I'll be on the sidelines and look forward to all that lies ahead for downtown and the entire region. I have no doubt that Orlando's best days are yet to come!
  2. prahaboheme

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    It's truly a shame. I sent the moderator a private email requesting that this be handled. I did not receive a response. Perhaps it is time for those of us with an investment in Orlando, a fondness for it, and in interest in civil discourse, to finally create our own metrojackonsville and leave this behind. I remember when the founder of metrojacksonville was banned from this site - he was then and continues to be one of the most knowledgeable forumers on Florida across the web. His contributions to metrojacksonville, many of which are dedicated to Orlando, continue to impress me today.
  3. prahaboheme

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    I find this comparison especially ironic. LA is a city vastly underserved by public park space per its population density. And no, fellow forumer who I wish to not name, do not casually throw out there that Griffith Park and Runyon Canyon serve the residents of LA - it doesn't do anymore for LA than Moss Park and Wekiva Springs do for Orlando. In fact, residents of the Hollywood Hills have been very successful in making it even more difficult to access these areas with the recent closure of the Beachwood Canyon access point . There are well documented socioeconomic issues in LA that have created major issues with large parts of LA getting to any acceptable park space. Any "google" search on the subject would have helped to educate him. Further, the LA River project is moving at a snails pace. The money the Feds are "throwing in" is for the 6th Street bridge replacement and necessary infrastructure repairs. It'll be a concrete hell for years to come (but hey, its still pretty cool to look at).
  4. Is $257M really a big price tag? The way rail transit is reported and vilified in this country, while highway expansion goes entirely unquestioned, boggles my small mind. Parts of I-4 Ultimate will need maintenance and repairing before it's even finished.
  5. prahaboheme

    The Brightline

    I mentioned this somewhere years ago, somewhere on the forum. If fully realized, the only comparison I can draw would be Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.
  6. prahaboheme

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    Someone with Growthspotter access may have more details... Growthspotter reports that FDOT is preparing the take 40 acres adjacent to I-4 on Palm Parkway for an extensive retention pond. What this means is that the "Otown West" development is dead in the water, despite it being under contract. One has to wonder if the power of FDOT over cities and counties is doing more harm than good.
  7. They take all of your concerns into account where I live, in LA, and it takes double the time and money to get anything done.
  8. How would a smarter person deliver it?
  9. prahaboheme

    Kudos - Orlando area folks we're proud of

    Well, in this version of “Orlando folks we ARE NOT proud of”, Orlando was represented quite well on this season of the Bachelorette. Notably, Chris, a Sales Trainer from Orlando, had a total meltdown on national television:
  10. Hopefully the city does an appropriate level of street and landscaping around the pedestrian overpass to help further beautify this stretch of Colonial. Between on/off ramps, train tracks, and just a general lack of maintanence, this area tends to evoke chaos. Some minor improvements can go a long way to humanize things.
  11. prahaboheme


    "“It’s almost like a faux train,” said Broward County Commissioner Tim Ryan, who serves on transportation planning boards. The idea is in its earliest stages, slowly gaining momentum as officials seek a replacement for the proposed Wave streetcar system. That system would have run from six blocks north of Broward Boulevard to 17 blocks south of it, mostly along Andrews and Third avenues. The project, more than 16 years in the making, was nixed in April."
  12. prahaboheme


    Not on Las Olas, I hope? Thank you for the detailed description. I think 2-way streets tend to work well when it is 2 lane street (1 lane in each direction) such as Park Ave or Central Ave. I would say that these are two of our best examples of truly "complete streets" in the Orlando area. Park Ave has been this way for decades, with improvements over the years, while Central has evolved into one with a legitimate street wall in the last 15 years. I would hope that Orange and Magnolia are both reduced to 2-way streets (1 lane in each direction) to promote a more intimate, neighborhood and "cozy" feel, as you suggest. I don't think this would have a major impact on traffic patterns, as Orange Ave is already a 2-way street through Lake Ivanhoe and all the way to Winter Park.
  13. prahaboheme


    Two-way avenue conversion & 'complete streets' to be studied for North Quarter I cannot access this article but as the title suggests, there is a study underway to assess conversion of North Quarter Orange Ave to a two-way street. This sounds like a fantastic idea, IMO, in order humanize this stretch for Orange Ave and promote pedestrian uses. Maybe someone else can access the article and provide more details.
  14. prahaboheme

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I had envisioned this as a "transfer" parcel between the current Universal resort and the newly acquired property. If they are to utilize an alternative mode of transportation to bridge the gap between these areas, such as say monorail or people mover, imagine the opportunities to develop a major hotel/retail/restaurant area at Universal/I-Drive with a stop directly at this location. Of course, it is all speculation as to what the future holds as Universal has been tight lipped on any details.
  15. prahaboheme


    Meadow Woods Sunrail Station (southern expansion) - courtesy of Sunrail Twitter page: