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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    To encourage pedestrian activity and the use of Sunrail. There isn't a need for a garage and Orlando City fans have more than shown a willingness to pre-game downtown and walk to the stadium.
  2. Winter Park & Maitland

    Nice tour. I've noticed over the years that metronacksonville has taken an interest in Orlando urban development and has highlighted the changing nature some areas like Ivanhoe row. I enjoy seeing their comments; a reminder of the progress the city has made from an outsiders view.
  3. Is the Mayor and city really requiring a developer to spend half a million on the artwork? Or did the developer just go overboard? Either way, I am glad that the city has learned from past mistakes like the Solair and 55w garages (the latter being an even bigger eyesore).
  4. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    I'm not sure there would have been a better location for the Poinciana station than Poinciana Blvd / OBT. At that spot, it'll at least be somewhat convenient for the folks coming from Polk and, of course, Poinciana. I actually think this station will get a pretty decent ridership count for the reasons already stated (it's just so difficult to get out of that part of Osceola).
  5. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    Downtown Kissimmee Sunrail station progress (courtesy Sunrail):
  6. Winter Park & Maitland

    I like it. I think it helps to give the property a layered appearance with the setbacks.
  7. Economic Development

    Can you do us a favor and move your commentary to the coffeehouse, where we can choose to be involved or not in these discussions? Go ahead and setup a thread for your interest in this topic. You can go in circles over there all day.
  8. Economic Development

    Pretty sure you just argued yourself out of your own argument. And I am okay with that.
  9. Economic Development

    Most of us on this board are well aware that EA Sports has a presence in Orlando. It's been discussed at length on this forum for many, many years. Glad you are catching speed. There was, at one point, talk of them moving to downtown Orlando but that never materialized. Considering their west coast office is in Venice (specifically playa vista aka "Silicon Beach") rather than DTLA, one cannot suggest this has to do with the (lack of) strength of DTO but rather the culture of a company and how certain industries have a tendency to cluster.
  10. Economic Development

    Let's just be clear that what you are passing off as fact is subjective. For someone who is claiming I lack perspective, you seem to be the one with a narrow view on what constitutes a successful downtown.
  11. Economic Development

    I was working in Seattle just last week. That Amazon building you reference is completely closed off to the public. There may be creative thought going on inside, but the exterior is just another blockbuster Amazon building in Seattle that promotes nothing positive for non-Amazon workers. The Apple building is nice, but is in a suburb. Comcast and Salesforce are indeed great additions to both cities (2 of the oldest in the US with a critical mass to support such buildings). None of this negates the positive impact that the Yard and the Church St tower will have in Orlando.
  12. This project, along with the Yard, are two of the more interesting and ambitious developments to hit downtown in many years. It'll be fun to watch them both come together over the same timeframe.
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I remember about 5 years ago when I would regularly cross Eola at Central that it was very difficult to assess how fast cars were traveling east on Central through that intersection. I'd have to creep a bit into the intersection just to get a full view. Definitely needed!
  14. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Did Skyhouse also paint their stucco gray? i don't recall if it was always that dark.
  15. Other Metro Area Projects

    They really could utilize the lackfront here by building a boardwalk style development that includes lakefront restaurant & retail space, something that doesn't really exist right now on the butler lakes.