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  1. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    Progress on the Kissimmee SunRail station. In the background is the recently completed station parking garage. In the foreground (Not pictured) is the recently completed Lynx central bus station. This brings Lynx, Amtrak, Greyhound, and SunRail all to a single intermodal station in DTK.
  2. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    What exactly is your point? An interesting, thought provoking discussion was occurring here and you soiled it (in ways that you no doubt do not recognize). And what you cannot recognize as a result, is that this forum just became entirely less informative and interesting. But hey, you'll get your updates easier, I guess.
  3. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    This is not going to the burbs.
  4. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    I'm rooting for this project - I'm also worried it's a bit of a block buster. Looking forward to seeing how the apartments soften the presence of the garage. i cannot say I've seen it in nearly 10 months so your updates are much appreciated!
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Is the art mural a nod to Body Wars? If so, approve this immediately!
  6. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Now that Orlando has confirmed a bid is in the works, I would love to hear more about what people think are desirable and competitive locations for an Amazon HQ in Orlando.
  7. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Kissimmee will have the connection pretty soon and seems to be taking the right steps upfront to ensure that Kissimmee Station is a successful SunRail stop. I do think a western Orange SunRail branch should be prioritized as the next expansion. There are many cities along those old rails that could benefit from SunRail and looking at the WG example already for their revitalization (Ocooe comes to mind).
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Totally beating a dead horse but I'll say it again - there is also no correlation between skyline and a pedestrian friendly city. Downtown Orlando, St Pete, and Miami Beach are all good examples of this.
  9. Publix

    Whole Foods 365 Market opened near my apt (in SantaMonica). I finally went and thought about how well this concept would work in downtown Orlando to give Publix some healthy competition. Given Amazon's expansion into Orlando with the fulfillment center in Lake Nona, perhaps they are positioning themselves to also expand the 365 concept. 365 is essentially WF answer to Trader Joe's. Trader Joes has seemed less bullish in their Orlando expansion, focusing on the wealthy suburbs (for now). Perhaps 365 could fill this gap downtown. If the rumors are true that CVS is looking at downtown location due to Walgreens, it's only a matter of time before another grocer moves in on Publix in the core (I'm not considering Earthfare - Lucerne the core). As we've discussed here before, retail tends to follows retail.
  10. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    I like them too aside from those absurd prices. It will be interesting to see how these sell in WG.
  11. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Mexico City should not be overlooked.
  12. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I suspect, given recent events, that Bezos will seek out a purple state for expansion while still setting roots somewhere that favors the corporate culture of Amazon. Seems like a pretty good fit.
  13. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I think Baltimore edges out Jacksonville in almost every category and is rumored to be pushing through a bid. Moreover, they already have an example with Under Armour of how business can positivity impact the surrounding community.
  14. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Amazon specifically addresses a desire for an urban campus. Creative Village or Parramore come to mind as potential locations. Amazon is no stranger to moving into less desirable areas and therefore any bid by Orlando needs to include the urban element. Lake Nona would be a dead-in-the-water proposal. Anyway, has there been any word from Orlando's leaders that a proposal is in the works? They say "timing is everything" and as the rest of Florida's major cities who would be in contention for this are preoccupied by Irma, Orlando could push through a proposal. Let's remember, Amazon is giving six short weeks for cities to produce a bid.
  15. Creative Village [Proposed]

    I assume (assume the operative word) that we can get taller as we get west of the airport. I'll have to dig deeper. Would be great to see a new tallest in Parramore.