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  1. This should be a transformative development for a city that continues to push the mark. Well done Winter Garden!
  2. A light rail extension along this route would make a lot of sense over a commuter rail.
  3. https://devengroup.us/portfolio-item/fairmont-orlando/ From this article, it clarifies that it is at World Gateway so that would indeed be north of the Gaylord Palms.
  4. If it is at the Southeast corner of World Drive and I-4, isn’t that at Celebration?
  5. It’s certainly an improvement over the abysmal Central Station next door which almost immediately showed its age. I agree that the proposals continually downsized (some in height and others in ambition) since the Pizzuti proposal years ago. What could make this project exciting bought be an announcement of a major retailer.
  6. I think the idea is that a building with such a massive floor plate, twice to three times as large as Orlando’s “skyscrapers” will have a negative impact on the appearance of the skyline being a mid rise plotted down at such a visible location. A floor here or there likely isn’t going to make a difference in that appearance so I think the net loss of residential units is a negative for achieving critical mass to support downtown retail.
  7. Update on NeoCity: https://www.aroundosceola.com/news/desantis-comes-neocity-awards-97-million-two-local-programs
  8. I agree —Maxines is a step above the rest.
  9. I hope they are paying you! Just kidding — it’s always good to be excited about something in your backyard.
  10. Polk was the larger County population wise pre-Disney I believe? Osceola was largely rural — cattle communities. Lakeland, Haines City, Auburndale, etc well established at the time. In a sense I can see why the two counties have grown outward in different ways. The identity of Osceola has long been linked to Orlando’s primary industry whereas Polk seemed to exist outside the Orlando ether at least until the expansion of Four Corners and Davenport.
  11. I was really underwhelmed by Russell’s.
  12. More sprawl in Osceola on a massive scale. The only positive element to this is that the planning that is going into it is nothing like the disastrous sprawl of the last 50 years.
  13. Is the Wave Hotel now open and if so, does anyone have first impressions?
  14. What’s behind the paywall for those of us who don’t subscribe?
  15. The irony is not lost on me that Orlando's best amphitheater is actually designed after the Hollywood Bowl.
  16. https://www.growthspotter.com/news/osceola-county-developments/gs-news-beaumont-skyview-20211217-tp4kgeaf7ja4jgwayobaiv4w3a-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~gs-top-stories~feed-driven flex feature~automated~gs-lead-story~TP4KGEAF7JA4JGWAYOBAIV4W3A~1~1~1~6~art yes Another +300 units to be built on downtown Kissimmee. With the currently u/c Mosaic development at Lake Toho this brings over 500 residential units coming to the center within the next 2-3 years. Good news for the sustainability of small businesses downtown.
  17. And an ode to our brutalism Orlando Public Library! Always happy to have another fan of brutalism on the forum!
  18. I won’t hold my breath on a skyscraper at Neocity. Certainly they’ll be looking to Lake Nona for some inspiration (although hopefully not too much). Maybe they’ll get something the height of that new Wave Lake Nona resort.
  19. Osceola seals the deal with Korean developer for $1B NeoCity town center Korean billionaire Young-hwa Song has signed the purchase agreement for 25 acres in NeoCity and pledges to build a smart city center with condos, shopping, restaurants, offices, a hotel and a performing arts center. Highlights include: -3.4 million square feet of new construction - 55% residential - 45% commercial, commercial office tower - 23,200 sq feet of cafes/restaurants - urban farm component - dining / retail w/ a movie theatre - conference hotel w/ 100,000 sq feet convention space - 700 seat performing arts center including outdoor plaza and amphitheatre (Osceola Cty to build likely to replace the outdated Osceola Center for the Arts)
  20. While I appreciate the density, there is t much that is TOD about this project.
  21. I still hold out hope that one day Orlando will dust off the OSCAR plans and move forward with light rail and streetcar options. It still bothers me to this day that one vote killed Orlando’s light rail proposal. We can only wonder just how different the city would have grown if it were 20 years and running (I guess we can look to Charlotte for that).
  22. Here in DC, there is a fight about the future of the RFK stadium site (former home of the Redskins ala the Washington Football Team). The District is pushing to take control of the land, which is marked Federal and controlled by the national park service. Potentially the biggest infill development opportunity that remainsin DC. Let’s hope the locals win the fight for their city! Point being — most of DC doesn’t seem to mind that the team went elsewhere. But that land is a gold rush.
  23. Are you really equating a single event in Eatonville (sketchy example mind you) to an entire movement by Republicans to steal elections?
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