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  1. Further proof that the majority of these charter amendment ballot initiatives are brought with bad faith motives. The “pledging to the charter” one was clearly brought as an engine for dumb lawsuits by dumb combinations of cynical astrofturfers, dishonest politicians and scared reactionaries, also known here as Save Our Fairgrounds.....
  2. Bigger than bias, almost the entirety of this piece is factually incorrect. Publishing intentional dishonesty like this can give it the aura of legitimacy and can be really dangerous....
  3. Since the news media always seems to only cover the legislation before it is acted on, like it is certain to pass, Glover's ordinance was indefinitely deferred by roll call vote, effectively killing it for at least this session. See at 1:38:00 for the vote: The non-binding Resolution by Glover asking to stop any work while the Save Our Fairgrounds lawsuit is pending was also deferred for one meeting.
  4. The London and Miami Beach Editions are great properties. Each has pretty distinctive design elements, several levels above anything here now.
  5. Delete developers, contractors and exclude honky tonk owners from the blue ribbon panel and you actually might make some progress....
  6. So would this be a separate project from the mixed use project Hysmith has set for the adjacent Hagan and Merritt parcels (i.e. the Truck Center Inc. site) ?
  7. I have noticed several glaring examples in new construction recently where it seems the meters are being placed in very visible locations right on the street, on "slabs" like that. It seems to almost be some new policy/directive...
  8. Kinda rude IMHO for Chik-Fil-a to show up on 8th Avenue when Hattie B’s was already there serving up mediocre chicken and long lines....
  9. I've been hearing they could be open within a few weeks. Looks like their beer permit was granted, their FB page is set up here: https://www.facebook.com/nevernevernashville/
  10. This is a false construct being advanced by the SoF crowd, there is no issue with the the buildings blocking the track entrance. It it is another attempt to relitigate the fight they’ve already lost. The only encroachment problem is SMI leaked out a rendering that encroaches on a road, the new expo buildings and Fair Park. In any event, why should they leave a “buffer”? Local level racing is all that is appropriate on the site, just like MLB isn’t coming to First Tennessee Park. NASCAR left 35 years ago and now races on 1000 acre parcels in the exurbs, which is where they should be.
  11. The articles mention that there is money in the MLS/Fairgrounds package sitting and waiting to be used for some race track upgrades. Metro waited to do the track upgrades because SMI popped up very late in the MLS discussions to express vague interest in doing something maybe. And it looks like that's where things remain- vague. The last couple Tennessean stories have mentioned how there is not the same funding mechanism (sales tax redirect for bond payments) available for racetracks under state law and the pending legislation to do so is not moving. Even with that, the number the Tennessean provided was like $500k per year, which doesn't get close to the $50M figure, unless SMI is planning to race like 25 times a year, which is a non-starter. And even when SMI bid for the racing contract a couple years ago, their bid specifically said Metro would have to pay for $50-60 Million in upgrades, with no dollars coming from SMI. So looks like SMI has never come to the table with money or guarantees for funding. Pretty far cry from what Ingram has committed to. There is racing at the racetrack now. Always has been.
  12. A couple things don't make sense in that rendering. First, the Wedgewood Avenue extension will run between the north end of track and the new expo buildings over to Craighead, so that rendering with new buildings effectively in the middle of the new Wedgewood doesn't work. Second, those bleachers running around the southwest corner would have to eliminate the new athletic fields right there, so could happen, but there is not room for both things as the rendering suggests.
  13. Here's a rundown of the financing and what was changed at the end: https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/08/16/nashville-mls-private-development-fairgrounds/1006970002/ When SMI bid for the racing contract a few years ago, they proposed upgrades of around $20 Million, not including desired upgrades for the grandstand and concessions and other operations buildings, which they provided no estimate for. Their bid called for Metro to pay for 100% of all upgrades and construction.
  14. FYI, my understanding is the NFL will be using the parking lots here for event logistics and equipment for the next few weeks...
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