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  1. Yeah, I know that Bongo is still the owner and is on the finish out permit, but they had listed it for lease several months ago and Village posted on their Instagram on 12/19 that it was leased, so looks like it is indeed a tenant, non-Bongo concept:
  2. Some sort of restaurant appears to be moving forward at 1249 Martin Street, the commercial space located in the northern corner of the Six10 Merritt building, next to Diskin Cider. This space had been listed for lease by its owner through Village Commercial Real Estate, looks like Village announced on social media that it was leased a few weeks ago. Not much detail or information at the moment in the building permit (pasted below), maybe some of our journalist friends can help out.... MASTER PERMIT 2015-19587. SHELL PERMIT 2015-52119 THIS PERMIT TO FINISH OUT APPROXE 1968 SQFT FOR CRAFT...RESTAURANT... …………
  3. Melrose

    Greer Stadium site redevelopment

    Good points, sadly. A key difference here is a really big chunk of the neighborhood actually supports the Cloud Hill proposal. The "Friends of Ft. Negley" group is not part of the actual neighborhood and is drumming up "opposition" and outrage on the back end.
  4. Melrose

    Greer Stadium site redevelopment

    The "Friends of Ft. Negley" group did not participate in the proposal process at all, including sitting by silently at the community meetings last year where hundreds of people identified what they wanted to see, which was to have predominantly strategic, useful open space (i.e. not just one open field) AND some additional components (like a bit of affordable housing, activity space, retail, etc.). Now that the Cloud Hill proposal has won the proposal process, with exactly what the community meetings asked for, "Friends of Ft. Negley" have come forward and are being less than accurate about what happened in this year-long process and they are also misconstruing the details of what is actually in the Cloud Hill proposal. It is really a shame that this group is acting this way because much larger amount of the neighborhood supports the proposal.
  5. Melrose

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Actually, this is located at the very dead end of Fairfax, right next to I-440 and set back about 150 ft from West End Ave. (there is a small sidewalk path connecting West End to Fairfax here), so lots of folks will get a look at the new ski lodge.
  6. Heard an interesting rumor about the Outpost development at 4th and Chestnut. Was told Alamo Drafthouse is a prospect for the commercial space in this project. Anyone else heard this? If so, would be a pretty massive and transformational presence for that part of the neighborhood.
  7. Melrose

    Nashville International Airport

    I think some folks on this site are getting things a little out of proportion and just need to lower their expectations for what are obviously going to be smaller news items. BNA is promoting these small announcements on their Facebook page. Who really cares about a Facebook post and who really expects that to lead to something huge? Any real big news, like an international route, would be promoted in the actual media and teased through the Tennesseean, NBJ, etc. There would be TV news coverage, there would be a press conference called and promoted where the Mayor, Governor, probably executives from companies with international ties to the destination and others would be announced as the guests. It would not be teased just by a Facebook post.
  8. Melrose

    Nashville International Airport

    The hype for an international route, like London, would have been much much bigger. There would have been a huge media push, lots of officials at local, state and federal levels, at a big splashy event. Just a simple Facebook post a few days in advance was really not that big a deal.....
  9. Melrose

    The Westin Music City - 27 Floors/320', 452 Rooms

    Interesting. I guess I had never really thought about cranes adding segments during construction. How does that work?
  10. Freeman continues (as he did on the campaign) to reference Oklahoma City's Fairgrounds, where they discontinued auto racing about 5 years ago. If only they would do that here. The comparison to the Amphitheater is frankly bizarre because the Amphitheater is downtown and not located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The Fairgrounds is terribly located to be a commercial venue with any increased attendance. Instead any development should be done to activate the space for the surrounding neighborhood's use so that it does not sit like an unused blighted mess for 300 days a year.
  11. Melrose

    The Westin Music City - 27 Floors/320', 452 Rooms

    Agreed, agreed, agreed. Nashville needs to become an "grown up" city in this regard. The closing of sidewalks and multiple lanes of traffic around projects is out of hand, and beyond anything I ever see in other, larger cities. It almost seems that contractors are free to do whatever they please in this regard. Besides the obvious examples downtown, check out the residential projectin Hillsboro Village, over at 19th and Belcourt. For months, they basically took over the entire streets surrounding that project. A times I saw cherry pickers parked in the middle of Belcourt Ave. over night. But back on topic, kudos to the Westin builders. They seem to be a professional outfit all around.
  12. Melrose

    The Gulch Projects

    Longtime reader, first time poster. I was compelled to post because of the mention (though now appears to be false hope) of the Edition brand. I have visited the Edition South Beach and it is tremendous, I love that property and their style. Bummer that it doesn't seem to be in the offing, but I'm encouraged that Bloom was even having conversations with a group like that.