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  1. No clue. Went there a couple of times. Looked like a very expensive interior, and the menu had prices to match. Lasted about maybe a month or so. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/05/30/new-uptown-restaurant-closes-abruptly.html
  2. Hopefully they have a little longer run than Suki Akor did in the Embassy Suites.
  3. Crane over 550 got much taller yesterday. Plus a random pic of Savoy
  4. Amen. I love First Ward Park. I pick one child up at FUMC daycare, and a second child up at Lab School. We often stop at FWP before the train ride home. Please. . .Shut off 8th between College and Brevard. I’ve spoken to the city about this, and their position is that they have signs up, that’s enough! Closing this street would be a huge win for families using First Ward Park.
  5. Exactly. This time is very different imho. My two cents: Massive numbers of pricey apartments, very few places to actually buy. Go on Zillow and look for 3+ bedrooms for sale uptown (28202). From personal experience, if you’re looking for a 3/4 bedroom condo in uptown or very close-in, you have single digits to choose from, and those are often far, far above $1mm. I’ve been here since 2002, but if I was looking to move here now, with a family, and live uptown? Very difficult. Before the crash, there were more choices. Still expensive, but they were there - Vue, Element, and a few others. Now, there are a few small complexes that are very expensive. If I wanted to move here and take a job in Charlotte, live downtown, and bring my family, it would be tough.
  6. My bad, it looked like they were starting on the 14th floor when counting from the downhill/ left side of the pic. Exciting that they still have so many more floors to go!
  7. Counting from the bottom left... up to 14th floor. The original crane was taken down yesterday. Hard to picture the crane there now being tall enough for 8 more floors.
  8. That street in the middle of the playground areas is terrible. We go to that parks with our kids frequently and I cannot understand why there is a road there. It could at least be blocked off except for special times. Is there any chance of that changing? I'm not even sure who to speak with about this, does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. This is a big, big, big deal for parents. Part of the reason we moved here is we wanted uptown but a good school district. Luckily my oldest won a lottery and is in an awesome charter school. But schools will def make a difference to those who started uptown, and want to continue here with their families.
  10. They’ve actually been busy, seven days a week and frequent all night concrete pours.
  11. Two new pics from a couple of days ago, lots of movement! Both sites had those giant silver pipes delivered, what exactly is their purpose? Some type of drainage?
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