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  1. Great find! Seems like something that would be built in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Very urban. Love it! I don’t know how financial feasible a tower like this would be in Richmond due to lower land costs but it looks great and I’d love to see towers like this pop up all over Monroe ward and the cbd.
  2. The land that chesterfield purchased will never be anything industrial. As someone who grew up in he area close to this land, if something like a large manufacturing facility was proposed there, the amount of nimbyism would make the NIMBYs in the city look like weak. The powhite extension is a complete waste of money, as induced demand will only spur more single family residential development and add further gridlock to roads like Hull street and Midlothian turnpike and will make traffic on the powhite worse than it already is. Would have loved to see this money go towards building a light rail line down Midlothian turnpike to the village, where they just passed a plan to allow for higher densities and the creation of a street grid, but chesterfield is still the most backward thinking major county in the Richmond area.
  3. Henrico may be able to get the arena built but it will most likely turn into another bad suburban arena similar to the palace at auburn hills or pnc arena in Raleigh. No way are they gonna be able to find tenants for 2 million square feet of office space, especially now with the amount of office space being leased across the country expected to decline. While I wish that it was located along the pulse line in or directly adjacent to downtown, Brent brings up a very good point in that a lot of people who use the arena would probably eat at restaurants in the city, shop in Cary town and along broad, and visit the cities parks and museums. While I would love an arena in the city, the city will probably end up benefiting from this just as much as henrico, without any of the risk involved in financing the project, if this project even is built at all.
  4. blopp1234

    Shockoe Bottom

    Another lot in Shockoe along Main Street was just sold. Hopefully we get something of decent height since they paid 3 times it’s market value. https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/11/19/half-acre-shockoe-bottom-lot-sells-to-mystery-buyer-for-1-9m/
  5. https://www.railpassengers.org/site/assets/files/16610/september_23_-_new_corridors.pdf A blueprint from the RPA about expanding Amtrak’s regional rail network. Lots of potential in the southeast. They didn’t show a Charlottesville to RVA connection which is alittle confusing seeing how that seems like the next new route in Virginia, however, a network like this could open up so many new travel opportunities south of Richmond that could boost ridership like crazy. I think it said in the article that the systems projected ridership at buildout would be in the 30m range, which is about as many riders take Amtrak’s entire network currently. With the DC2RVA project bringing 18 round trips before the end of this decade, makes me wonder if we could be looking at electrification by 2040, if Va stays ambitious. Hopefully congress gets off their butts and actually takes rail expansion seriously coming out of the pandemic and sees it for the economic booster that it is.
  6. Those lots will be filled in within the next 20 years. As the riverfront fills up, development will head inland and start to fill up a lot of those surface parking lots. Can’t wait to look at Manchester in day 20 years and see all the lots that will be filled. Also, loving the slope that Manchester’s skylines starting to have. Would love to see 3+ Story development trickle down Semmes and hull street towards belt boulevard and forest hill.
  7. Height of the project makes sense as I’m sure residents of the apartment building directly behind it would have a fit if it blocked their views of the river, making it almost impossible for the project to pass. Not a huge fan of the architecture but love the density in that area.
  8. Huge news. With the states owning the line, this could make electrification a breeze in the future. With 2.6 million additional riders projected per year between Richmond and dc, I wonder how much a similar level of service from Richmond to Raleigh could attract in passenger numbers.
  9. Definently a great idea that could create a one of a kind space. Like y’all said, I hope they do this right and consult leaders in the African American community. Hopefully with Main Street station servicing 30+ trains per day under the DC2RVA plan that that could draw some increased tourism to the site and really help it become a hub for tourism in the city. It will be interesting to see how the city balances this with The need for land in order to expand Main Street station to accommodate future passenger rail service though.
  10. Exactly, sunbelt cities have a completely different “bone structure” than Richmond, which is layed out like the previously mentioned northern cities. Richmknd shouldn’t focus on trying to become a sunbelt city in terms of planning because most sunbelt cities are planned quite poorly. Richmond has the “bones” to have one of the best transportation networks in the country with BRT, commuter and light rail branching out to every corner of the city. Richmond could have all these if city and state leaders showed the ambition and didn’t let NIMBY’s stop every ambitious project that could help Richmond reach new heights.
  11. That rendering of the boulevard is straight up sexy.
  12. Thanks for the pic! The skyline looks really good from this location and if more people used 895, maybe there would be more pictures like this. The density shown is incredible and the Dominion building fills in the former hole near the fed very well.
  13. By these estimates, it seems like we could pass Norfolk city by in population within the next decade. Cool news
  14. Are you saying that you don’t want large events to Richmond (this is not meant to come off as being a smart a**, seriously wondering)? As for calling navy hill tacky, I’m not sure it would be any more tacky than navy yards in DC, which happens to be a thriving neighborhood with lots of street activity. Having similar looking architecture isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you have implied and I highly doubt it would look anything like west broad village as you have suggested. The most important part of the navy hill plan in my opinion was the housing component, which would have created street life in an area wheat there currently is none. Navy Hill also would have given developers more confidence to build in the area as time and time again, city governments can spur private development in areas through capital works projects (ex: Kansas City streetcar, Sacramento Golden One Center, Raleigh Union Station, Detroit Little Caesar’s Arena). While I agree that we are transitioning away from large office buildings as more people work at home , that puts more emphasis on building large amounts of residential units in downtowns (which is what Navy Hill tried to do!!), to prevent businesses in central business districts from closing when teleworking becomes the norm. Cities should be encouraging residential development in their cbd’s in order to keep and attract new businesses, instead of just saying that cbd’s don’t need to have constant activity. Also, New York is a completely different situation than RVA, as New York City draws millions of tourists a year, unlike RVA. There is more street activity in lower Manhattan at 1 in the morning than any point in RVA at peak times.
  15. A lot of the lack of height in Richmond has to do with property values downtown. The higher land values are, the more residential units and office space developers will have to build on each lot in order to make up for the cost of the lot. Land values in the CBD will have to increase, otherwise it won’t make sense for developers to build tall (unless they want to make a statement).
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