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  1. VCU Developments

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for he info. Maybe they could be planning 2 towers at the same time!
  2. Richmond Developments

    They said in the RTD article that it could be placed on any land that is currently or was once owned by the Paumunkey. I have no idea how much they once controlled but it could lead to it being closer to I-64. Although, even if it stays on the reservation, it could be huge in spurring growth.
  3. Manchester Development

    It’s the block behind where the proposed office portion would stand
  4. Richmond off-topic postings

    Hopefully NOVA!
  5. Richmond off-topic postings

    Speaking of the James center, the massive planned renovation has begun and will eventually lead to a redesigned lobby. As far as the calm before the storm, I think it will be a big spring. I think VCU and the Squirrels will finally end the ballpark debate once and for all and announce plans to build a stadium at the old ABC warehouse. The Farrell proposal will probably be released in the coming weeks. There will also probably be a few more projects proposed, which could be very interesting, in terms of size and scope. I guess we will have to wait and find out what happens, but it feels like something big is going to happen in the coming weeks.
  6. Richmond Developments

    Awesome new development. This will hopefully add density to that intersection and turn that into a hub for development and revitalization. Thanks for the info!
  7. Richmond International Airport

    Hopefully. Both the NYC airports are overloaded with traffic and most likely don’t have room to accommodate the hub for another airline. The upstate New York cities don’t pose a threat. Really we would only have to worry about other VA airports.
  8. The Tri-Cities Area

    The first bridge is gonna be quite the gateway to the whole region for all travelers coming from the south. Hope to see Petersburg recover and prosper, it could help the region as a whole in a number of ways.
  9. New Richmond Arena

    This seemed pretty obvious. Not many private developers would get into a project on this scope in a city of this size, when they would have competition from a group of local investors. I think the city had been planning to go with the task forces proposal all along, and with the short deadline and numerous requirements, it seemed highly unlikely another developer would have stepped in alone. Anyway, glad that this is moving through because it appears the Ferrell’s group has huge plans for the site. Can’t wait to see the full proposal and possible renderings.
  10. Richmond Developments

    I think it is probably the war memorial expansion. Anyway great to see things really moving along!
  11. Richmond Developments

    Is this a new project we haven’t heard about?
  12. Richmond Developments

    I’d love to see this project extend the farmers market all the way from Main to Broad.
  13. New Richmond Arena

    Same here. This is a very exciting project for development junkies as these projects only come around once every few decades. I wanna see how big these developers are thinking!
  14. The Locks at 321

    Tell you the truth, the more I look at this tower, the more it grows upon me. This tower is gonna really boost street presence in downtown. It has a lot of residences and has great street presence, plus it’s gonna add to the canal walk. It may not be the best looking building, but I think it could really impact downtown.
  15. Richmond off-topic postings

    I think our best option is mixed use, with say 10 floors office, ground floor retail, a 4 story podium parking garage, a 10 story hotel and 15 stories residential. That could produce a huge tower and it is usually a guaranteed success for developers as the don’t bank solely on a single market to attract. I believe that this could be what we start seeing more of in the case no more major companies decide to move large operations downtown and we continue to see smaller companies moving in.