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  1. Wilmington transportation

    This is huge for Wilmington. Hopefully these flights do well and more are added to future destinations.
  2. Rockett's Landing

    It seems like if more people decided to build large amounts of residential downtown..... Cough cough.... Fountainhead..... Cough cough...., then maybe we would see retail become more successful downtown.
  3. Richmond International Airport

    RIC just recorded the busiest month on record. Let's hope this growth keeps up!
  4. The Locks at 321

    Sadly I have to agree. For some cities, height just isn't their thing. I think Richmond will turn out to become one of those cities (as much as I don't want it to). Richmond could very easily resemble a more European city with American architecture. I would definently be willing to give up height if we could get density and transit that has plagued most US cities. Let's just hope that which ever path the city takes, it builds transit capable of sustaining this growth.
  5. The Locks at 321

    They just need to change the facade in my opinion. The height isn't bad and it added canal presence, but the facade of the building is flat out ugly, kinda like the old Richmond Plaza building.
  6. The Locks at 321

    Sad about the height reduction and new design of the tower, but from the description, it should help engage the street front and canal front much more. I just can't get over the design of the building.
  7. Richmond Region Transportation

    Personally, I like trench option, where the tracks would be covered in a trench by possibly an extension of the station, and a park. It would be cheaper than building tunnels and there wouldn't be anywhere close to the amount of backlash from the town. It would be similar to decking a sunken expressway.
  8. Richmond Developments

    The news about VA Beach is not coincidental at all. The city was waiting to unveil news on this until they knew for certain that the VA Beach deal was going to fall through. This means that this will most likely include a 17-18,000 seat arena like the bizsense article mentioned. Huge news for the city and the whole region as this could possibly draw... Dare I say... A pro sports team. The sky is the limit for this proposal so hopefully Stoney is ambitious in his proposal and timetable for the project!
  9. I'm positive Dominion said there would be retail along Cary street. I think it was 5,000 feet but don't quote me on it. I can't find an article about it but I would check the project site on either Pickard Chilton or Clayco to find out for sure.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    So according to Co-stars CEO, Richmond actually has a shot at landing this. Who knows. I would guess that if someone who knows Bezos personally and is the CEO of a company that specializes in real estate analytics, their word would mean something. While it would throw the housing market into a frenzy, this would bring so many benefits and could be a real feather in Richmonds cap on a business standpoint. Personally, I am torn between Tree Hill and the Boulevard property as Tree Hill could help with development in the east end and would lead to more transportation options for a part of the region that is very underdeveloped compared to right across the river. As for the boulevard, it is right near the Pulse, has the possibility for a high speed rail station and is in a more urban environment. Either site would be perfect for Amazon as they both have infrastructure that could handle a lot of amazons traffic or could be improved to do so. Very exciting times!
  11. Richmond International Airport

    The 6-8 gate expansion of concourse A that has been proposed for awhile looks like it is finally going to happen. YAY!!!
  12. This thing is gonna be tall for the amount of floors. I know this has been said before but just watching it rise. It's closing in on their current building and they still have 6 more floors to go!
  13. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. New Richmond Arena

    No, I was thinking of the ice district in Edmonton. That includes the new Rogers Place arena. Here's a link to an article on it:
  15. Proposed: The Belvidere

    That's dissapointed get cus I love the design of that building. Maybe Uphoff will trade the former hess property for his current property.