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  1. blopp1234

    Richmond International Airport

    Well, Norfolk beat richmond to the punch in west coast flights. Dissapointing that RIC missed out on this opportunity.
  2. blopp1234

    Scott's Addition Development

    I’m pretty sure it’s orange plank, so I don’t think there is any brick issues to worry about. As far as overall appearance, I’ll agree, it isn’t the prettiest building in the neighborhood, but it’s buildings that aren’t always as pretty that really add character to neighborhoods. I think this is a great infill development and could lead to more height in Scott’s addition on broad. Glad to see these sort of developments popping up, really shows the demand for apartments in the city!
  3. blopp1234

    Richmond International Airport

    Yet another all time monthly passenger record broken by RIC!
  4. blopp1234

    Richmond Developments

    Residential demand is still pretty high downtown, so I’m guessing they could get away with developing a mixed use tower, including residential and the hotel, as well as possible office space. I could definently see them building up on some lot downtown(possibly the pencil lot), which could sprout a very tall building depending on the scope of the development. Maybe this loss will open up a new possibility for the developer to build something much more significant for RVA.
  5. blopp1234

    Wilmington Port News

    As a Richmonder, I can relate the feeling that you have missed out on opportunities that could have changed the city. For us, it was a what if we hadn’t lost our banks to charlotte, or if we hadn’t let the possibility of being a hub slip through our fingers. I get the same sort of vibe from Wilmington, which could have been on a level much higher than it currently is if certain decisions were made. However, I think Wilmington will begin to explode(in terms of development). As cities such as Charleston and Savannah become more and more expensive, Wilmington will be seen as a sort of hidden treasure, offering lots of things that Charleston and Savannah offer, just at a lower price. While there will need to be major improvements in infrastructure, such as rail service, a possible new port or new interstates, I think Wilmington can do it. Wilmington is poised for success based on its geography, and leaders in NC need to take advantage of it. They have the opportunity to create their own unique southern port city and I think that within 20-30 years, with the right decision making, it could compete with cities such as Charleston and Savannah easily. Rebuilding the port in Southport or on the western side of the cape fear would be a great start, along with increasing infrastructural connections with he NC urban crescent, which would see Wilmington as a much more viable option for shipping goods out of country than other ports in the southeast. Wilmington has loads of potential and charm that many other cities don’t have and it needs to exploit this an lose its 20th century ideals that are holding it back, only then, it will be able to shine at the levels of other southeastern cities.
  6. blopp1234

    Richmond Developments

    Excellent visibility from I-195! This will be a fun project to watch rise. The Pulse has to have contributed to this in some way, meaning it’s gotta be somewhat successful in attracting new residents(major +). Hopefully, more development like this can replace the mass public housing complexes in union hill and Gilpin court.
  7. blopp1234

    Richmond Developments

    Never hurts having more people downtown. Great news, let’s hope the flow of apartments keep coming to the city, especially the CBD.
  8. blopp1234

    Richmond in Pictures III

    According to the many hours I’ve spent on google maps looking at the entire RVA metro, my memory tells me that you would be flying directly over 288 near the commonwealth Centre/Hull street exit.
  9. blopp1234

    RVA growth 1950 to today

    I don’t think it could ever happen, when Henrico was smaller, it could have worked in the 60s, but they and the suburban residents would never want to join with the city as they associate it with poor schools and services that could hurt their housing values.
  10. blopp1234

    Parks and Rec

    Awesome progress! Wish they would have extended the plaza all the way from Main to Broad though.
  11. blopp1234

    New Richmond Arena

    Welcome to the forum! Luckily, other than the Ballpark debate(the ultimate RVA fiasco), we usually have a good history in not letting developments stall! I think that this arena wouldn’t be as underused as some say. There are plenty of acts that go to areas such as Charlottesville that may not be as big as acts like Beyoncé, but they still draw a good crowd. Plus, I don’t think a new RVA arena would be completely overlooked by every major act as it would also draw from some other areas that don’t want to make the dangerous trek to DC.
  12. blopp1234

    Wilmington Port News

    Awesome news! I think that Wilmington and other ports on the Cape Fear really need to do everything they can to expand and gain more cargo traffic. I’m surprised that the state hasn’t attempted to seriously invest in Wilmington’s port in order to take advantage of the Panamax expansion.
  13. blopp1234

    Water Street Development

    Thanks. Having people in Wilmington who can better keep up with these development is really helpful. Hopefully downtown can start seeing even more developments such as this spring up and add density to the skyline.
  14. blopp1234

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Can we at least have a date that this good news will be revealed?!?!
  15. blopp1234

    Richmond off-topic postings

    With the success that Innsbruck’s pavilion and the classic amphitheater have in drawing crowds and smaller acts, I think an amphitheater could be successful. However, there really is only one location that I could see it and it would be on or near the boulevard(if and when that gets developed). The Classic amphitheater’s location isn’t very central and is far removed from interstates that would be used to access it. Plus, the area isn’t amazing and there isn’t much to do around it. At a boulevard location, it could be incorporated into a mixed use development or incorporated into a new baseball stadium development. I just don’t see the Classic amphitheater as a viable option in attracting those from the burbs, who tend to have a large attendance at these concerts.