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  1. blopp1234

    New Richmond Arena

    The damn city council members need to grow a pair of balls and help propel the city to another level. Letting a project like this slip through our finger tips could prevent RVA from keeping development momentum going. I feel that this development is far more important than just replacing the coliseum, this will determine the fate of developents that seek to transform the city for years to come. If this development is approved and succeeds, it could open the door for more developments of the scale and magnitude by showing private companies that the old, stagnant Richmond is gone and that the new Richmond can handle and will support developments such as this. Also, wasn’t that what they hired the Chicago based firm to do, check if it was financially sound for the city? So if hey did, why would they want to do another check? Doesn’t make sense and seems like some people on city council haven’t moved on from what RVA used to be. Please don’t let city council pass on this!!!!!
  2. blopp1234

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I would imagine they could put in some smaller apartment buildings, townhomes and/or row homes as an extension of the neighborhood. A nice looking development would be a huge improvement to the entrance of the city from 64, which currently doesn’t look all that great.
  3. blopp1234

    Tobacco Row Developments

    My bad, haven’t heard about that tower in forever so I guess I just forgot about it and confused it with the 10 story tower on the neighboring lot. Sorry about that!
  4. blopp1234

    Tobacco Row Developments

    Nope, this is a whole new site. That site could still be developed as a 13 story tower. This site is next door to that across Pear Street.
  5. blopp1234

    Richmond Sports

    I don’t get this whole, Richmond isn’t big enough argument. OKC got a team when they were smaller than RVA, we are approaching Milwaukee and they have an NBA team, and we are bigger than Louisville and they are most likely going to get an NBA team soon. Add to this the 1.7 million from the Hampton Roads area who would much rather drive only 2 hours to RVA as opposed to close to 5 hours to a DC game. Plus with the people who could come from Roanoke/Lynchburg/Charlottesville that would also have a 4+ hour drive to DC, you would be looking at a market of about 3.5 million, which is definently large enough to support a pro sports team. As for the argument that the wizards would block a team, they have a surprisingly small presence outside on NOVA. Introducing an official Virginia team would not do much to impact the wizards consumer base and would really just give the NBA an in, to a large, untapped, basketball friendly market.
  6. blopp1234

    Richmond Sports

    While I do agree that it most likely won’t happen without some sort of miracle. The population argument and the DC proximity argument are invalid. Louisville, which is considered by the NBA as the next destination after Seattle, has a smaller metro population than either RVA or HR, much less the 2 combined, and are in close proximity to Indy(just as close as RVA is to DC), which has the Pacers, yet they are very much in the running to get an NBA team. I do agree this is a long shot, but it isn’t laughable, and certainly isn’t impossible, as many claim.
  7. blopp1234

    Richmond Sports

    Cool article from the firm doing the financial report for the coliseum deal. They have Richmond ranked 4th on a list of potential sports markets, behind Austin, Louisville and Hampton Roads. If you look at the NBA, they most likely will add an expansion team in Seattle, but then after that is a mystery. Austin doesn’t have an arena and is pretty much Spurs country. Louisville is a definent Lansing spot, with the KFC YUM Center. Hampton Roads can’t get an arena deal together, leaving Richmond as most likely the second or third option for expansion for the NBA. Not saying it will happen for sure, but it is possible, especially if we get this arena built, RVA could become a gold mine for the NBA(strong millennial population, growing city identity, Growing population, brand new 17,500 seat arena, underserved market with the potential to draw over 3 million peoples day proven love for basketball, which are all things the NBA says they want in a potential market.) Richmond or Hampton Roads also ranked top 5 in most likely markets to land an NFL expansion team, or an MLB expansion team. Here is the study linked in the article.
  8. blopp1234

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    17,000 square feet taken from the James Center that will add 75 new jobs. Not bad!
  9. blopp1234

    New Richmond Arena

    I love ALMOST everything about this proposal. The resoration of the street grid, the focus on mixed use and walkable development, the sheer scale of the project and the use of renewable energy, plus the fact that it’s a privately financed development. However, there are a few things I think they could improve on, such as the design inside the arena and the height and design of the buildings. The buildings, other than the hotel, seem to be 5-6 stories with very little variation in the heights. Adding a few taller buildings that maybe are around 10+ stories in the mix could really help the look of the development from the air. From what I can see in the rendering, the buildings all appear to look bland and plain, as well as all of them looking the exact same. Changing the design or hiring multiple different architects to design the different blocks could add some diversity and character to the area. Other than those two concerns, I love every aspect of this development and hope to see more final renderings soon and news on it.
  10. blopp1234

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    The floating buildings truly are a masterpiece. Maybe if the New Dominion Tower ends up floating like in this pic, it will be taller than the Westin in Va Beach! Really does do a great job though of showing how the proposed buildings will impact the skyline in terms of density. Thanks RVA-Is-The-Best for making this masterpiece.
  11. If they had added a residential component, it could have really given it some height. That spot was one of the last spots fronting kanawha plaza that could have residential and maybe engage the plaza a little. Shame that such as squatty, office only building was built on such an iconic site. Maybe the parking garage on the lot behind it could be demolished and give way to a y’all, sleek and slender mixed use tower that is over 30 stories.
  12. blopp1234

    Richmond Sports

    Good for Fredericksburg. However, who knows if this will be shot down or not because it was just proposed and Fredericksburg is about as bad as RVA when it comes to NIMBYs so we will see what happens with this. Hopefully with VCU involved, the baseball debate will be solved, once and for all.
  13. blopp1234

    New Richmond Arena

    That’s exactly what Richmond needs, Ambitious. For years, we haven’t gotten any thing huge in terms of development. While we have had developments such as the new Dominion tower and the locks developments, which are really nice and definently make a difference in the cityscape In terms of height and density, but I don’t think that we have every seen a development this ambitious that could have such a big impact on the city. This development(if done right) could change the cityscape forever and bulk up the skyline as well as downtown as a whole, in a way that haven’t been seen in the history of Richmond. I really look forward to this development and if done right, without NIMBYS getting in the way, it could be a game changer for downtown and propel Richmond past most of its rivals.
  14. blopp1234

    The Locks at 321

    Anyone know if there is a construction camera?!?!?!
  15. blopp1234

    New Richmond Arena

    So what their saying now is that there will be a 17,500 seat arena, 500 room hotel and 2,800 residential units as well as parking structures and a GRTC transfer station on in what is now 6 blocks? If this is true(hopefully it is!) then we r gonna see a development that has never been done before in Richmond. This could be a massive development that could transform Richmond forever and take its downtown onto a whole new level! Hopefully details soon!